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White City

White City Greyhound Stadium, Old Trafford, Manchester operated between 1928 - 1958 off and on and more off, than on.
Courtesy of Graham Gleave

M/C White City Poster
Opening Day
Courtesy of Graham Gleave



Courtesy of Graham Gleave

Arthur Franklyn
John Says: "A" Franklyn is probably Arthur Franklyn.  I am surprised that one of the pictures shown above says he is A Franklyn (Newcastle).  I am surprised as I did not know Arthur had turned out for my local team Newcastle.  If you can set me straight on this, please email me John
Another Pic of
A Franklyn
This is A Franklyn of Durham being presented with the Manchester Evening News Dirt Track Trophy on the right and the Hart Trophy on the left

Manchester has always been a top centre for speedway.  White City laid the foundation and the Belle Vue Zoological Gardens track took the Aces on to unimaginable heights the envy of the speedway world.

Action From
White City

Match Reports
Courtesy of Graham Gleave

Very Much A Defunct Venue!
Courtesy of George Carrswell
John says: I don't know when this picture was taken.  I would have expected the local council to have decreed the frontage as a listed structure.  White City ceased speedway in 1958 and the site now has a shopping precinct behind where this Grecian / Art Deco frontage was.  Shame on you Manchester City Council.
But Look At Me Now!
Jack Babrovskie says: The webpage shows the rather grand columns and arches that used to front the place and the text suggests that it was all pulled down when the track was removed, and it’s true that the picture shows it in a right mess. However, as you will see from the recent attached Google Earth photo, [Now shown above] someone did in fact save the arches before they could be removed completely. Thanks go to whoever made the decision to preserve that bit of speedway Manchester.
John says: So there you have it Manchester citizens.  Can you say who saved White City Entrance?  Was it the council, a company or an individual?  Anyway well done whomever you were/are and why is that lampost bent!

1928 White City
Dirt Track Racing
Courtesy of Graham Gleave
Courtesy of Graham Gleave

Ernest Greenall

Courtesy of Graham Gleave

White City 1929
Programme Cover
Courtesy of George Carrswell

Jervis Beats Sprouts Elder
Courtesy of Graham Gleave

Clem Beckett
Courtesy of Graham Gleave

Broadside /Squib Burton
Courtesy of Stuart Whittaker
I think the above picture shows Squib Burton left and possibly Frank Varey right but would like confirmation please.  Also was Squib also known as "Broadside" Burton? John
Paul Wild says: Hi John, In your photo; Broadside Burton is the guy on the left holding the cup, He'd just won the "Hat Trick" at Manchester White City, winning the "Evening Chronicle" Cup outright, the Golden Gauntlet, and the Handicap, I'm not sure but the other chap might be Billy Dallison who was one of the Belle Vue riders.  I don't know if 'Squib' and 'Broadside' Burton are the same person.
John says: Colin Greenwell tells me Squib and Broadside Burton is the same person, Col found this (see cig card below) on my "Cigarette Cards set 3" page of this site.  Thank you Col for gentle reminder that my website actually had the answer all along.  Col also says: that he doesn't think the other rider in the above picture is Frank Varey so we still need to know who he is. John
Another Picture Of Squib Burton
Courtesy of Paul Wild

Syd Newiss
Syd's Pits Passport from 9th September 1930

1929 Crash
A spectacular picture from 1929.  I believe Syd Newiss is the rider escaping the accident.  I don't know who the airborne rider was, hopefully he wasn't hurt!

White City Track
Courtesy of Rod Pashley
Rod Pashley (Son of rider Charlie Pashley) says: Manchester White City. Only the entrance gates remain now, they are part of a shopping precinct) My dad, Charlie is driving the tractor, which had cast iron wheels.

Trevor James' Photographs
White City
Old Trafford

Paddy Dean
White City Sidecars 1930
John says: My thanks to Trevor James and Graham Gleave for the 5 photos shown above. The sidecar picture is actually of 2 combinations with one almost completely hidden by the other

Jack Owen

Courtesy of Stuart Whittaker


The two bikes in this photo are Douglas's which would date the photo at around 1929/1930

This is John (Jack) Owen a member of the Manchester White City Team, I am looking for info on him for his daughter who knows very little about his days as a rider.  If you can help with any info his daughter Gillian would be very grateful.
John/Jack Owen

Courtesy of Stuart Whittaker

White City Team
A fine team photo from Jack Owens daughter Gillian, It has to be pre war as the bikes look like Douglasses, I like the style of the guy at far right wearing the baggy plus fours.  Can anyone supply anything at all about these pictures, if so, email me here please John 
Colin Greenwell says: On the bikes, left to right, Les Wotton, John or Jack Owen, H. Gresty, Arthur Jervis, Skid Skinner and Billy Dallison.  Back row......If I have got this correct....guy in the very centre leaning on two riders is Wally Hull.  There seems to be a ghost in the back row as well..!!!
John Skinner (Defunct Speedway webmaster) says: I have heard of my namesake Skid Skinner before but thought someone was taking the "p", but there he is, Skid Skinner looking mean and moody on his Douglas back in 1929.  He is no relation to me but I am pleased nethertheless! Thank you Colin for identifying Mr Skid Skinner, maybe I should change my forename from John to Skid by deed poll eh :-)  Yes there is a gremlin in the back row. His Blurry face must have meant he moved when the pic was taken? or maybe he is really a ghost! 1929 is too early for Ken Le Breton the White Ghost who rode for Newcastle in 1947/48 so its not The White Ghost. Our blurry faced person will likely be unknown forever unless you know better!
Nigel Bird says: Hi John, Defunct Tracks, rider identification. The photo you have is of the White City Manchester team, 1929 English Dirt Track league, not to be confused with the White City London  track. Riders on bikes from the far left, Les Wooton, John (Jack) Owen, Bunny Wilcox, Arthur Jervis, Skid Skinner, Billy Dallison. standing behind in the middle is Wally Hull.     Hope this helps,  Regards Nigel.
Jack (John) Owen
Courtesy of Gillian Schuler-Owen
Gillian says: It’s not easy for me to do a tribute to my Dad John (Jack Owen) as I truly know really nothing about his speedway days. I do know that he came home from one meeting with a broken nose, only to be told by my grandfather that he couldn’t race again for a while. Dad did, of course, and won, which softened up his Dad. I wish I could tell you more. He married my mother, Sybil Pfisterer (later Fisher). My Mum rode a motor bike at 17 and I have some terrific photos of her in various cars. Her Dad, my Grandpa, had a garage in Northwich, Cheshire. My brother was not allowed to have a motorbike (too dangerous said Dad) but he polished up a Model T Ford. His (Chris’) son was allowed a motorbike (obviously) but was killed in a crash when he was only 18. My husband and I are also a bit car crazy, too. If you think I can add anything about my dad, please let me know.
John says: can anyone name the riders in the above team photo and supply any info about Jack/John Owen? John

Skid Skinner
Colin Greenwell sent the cigarette card scans. Col goes on to say: Skid died in 1944 after a shooting accident whilst out rabbiting on a farm near Gainsborough. He was 39 (Info from the book...Roar of the Tigers...70 Years of Sheffield Speedway ).
John Skinner says: I am told that Skid Skinners actual name was Hector Skinner, and no, he wasn't me dad!.
After reading the above reverse of the card, I can only wonder what "his strange riding position" was?
The name Skid reminds me of a novel I read in my childhood (early 1960s).  The book was "Skid Wild-Speedway Rider" don't know who the author was.  I just wonder did anyone else read that book?  If so email me here  John

Arthur Franklyn
Courtesy of Graham Gleave


White City Stadium

No Speedway, Just Stock Cars In Later Years
If you can supply any stories, scan any pictures, programmes or badges send me an email John

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