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Tour of Argentina 1929-30
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Long term helper with the website: Graham Gleave has turned up a photograph album of GB riders whom toured Argentina in 1929/30, I understand the album was the property of old time rider Syd Newiss, the photos from the album are displayed below: -
Graham says:  Hi John. Thanks for your letter, I got back home in Manchester ok from our meeting at Brough about 21/2 hrs.  It took about 4 coming up but I was only doing 40-50 no hurry  .Glad to see you have started the Argentina page which will be a long job.  Well I actually found the Syd Newiss site on the Chethams library site when I was looking into the Marshall collection of things of Belle Vue's trip to Leningrad in 1967.  I have made several visit's to the library & explained to the person I have been dealing with that the speedway stuff would surprise many people as there isn't to much known about the trips to Argentina in the early days although it is known that Belle Vue riders used to go for several years.  The library let me copy what I wanted & I was also given a memory stick of the photo album of Syd Newiss an old time rider who raced at Salford, BV, M/C W/C & Blackpool amongst other tracks.  These are his photo's of the 1st Argentina tour out there in 28/29,  I am sure many people will enjoy these not just speedway it seems the riders also went in road races as well.  There are also photo's of them at the baths & at the river with their wives etc,  He also has an autograph album which can be opened, if anyone wants more info. they can go to Chethams library, collections/bv,collections/newis collection is the 1st one.  Hope some of your readers will research into the site.
Graham. March 2017

Syd Newiss
Our thanks to Syd for taking a camera along with him on the trip and for putting the photos he had taken into a photograph album way back in 1929/30.  Syd's pictures follow below: -

Arthur Franklyn
Arthur's Douglas has been fitted with engine covers to keep the moving parts clean and prevent expensive damage in the event of a fall.
Arthur Franklyn on an AJS.  I believe AJS stood for Albert Jack Stevens ?  It looks like this AJS was a sloper engine if not an early lay down machine.  The bike had gears as you can tell from the lever attached to the fuel tank.
Arthur Franklyn with a customised Douglas Dirt Track Machine.  Note the "Skinny" tyres from that era and the huge rear sprocket.

Frank Varey
Frank was very popular in Argentina the Argentines called Frank "El Diablo Rojo" which translates into English as The Red Devil.  He road a Scott motorcycle with red paintwork and wore a red jersey as shown below: -
Above Picture Courtesy of John Spoor - Not In Syd Newiss' Photo Album
Frank is sitting on a Rudge not his usual mount in 1929/30.  He raced a Scott then, (see the black n white photo shown above the pic with Red Devil Varey in a red jumper)  The Scott was the only 500cc Two Stroke machine ever used on a speedway track.  Two stroke engines are usually smaller than Franks 500cc Scott engine and make a noise like a 150cc scooter engine popping and roaring with an unsteady rhythm.  Imagine the Scott's 500cc engine popping, roaring and howling louder than any scooter you may have heard !  It would have made Frank stand out from the other riders in the GB party whom all rode 4 stroke machines which were loud also but with a completely different noise to the 2 stroke Scott used by Frank.
Frank Varey In Hospital Bed
Frank in Buenos Aires hospital

Frank Back On A Bike, His Scott

Practice At "Moron"
 Road Race Venue
I believe Moron in Argentinian means "Hummock" a Hill or Knoll!  Moron means something entirely different this side of the Atlantic!  The 4 following pictures were not speedway but featured our speedway riders in the GB touring party.
Frank Varey and Eric Langton having a laugh in Argentina.
Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun!  The Brits are all sitting in the shade avoiding the scorching heat
Moron's track! I believe the racing was classed as road racing, not speedway, which just shows how versatile early riders were.

Eric Langton
Eric sprawled across a Scott Motorcycle which probably belonged to his good friend Frank Varey.  Eric is braving the sun's rays whilst his tour mates sit in the shade.
Eric in the middle, Arthur Franklyn left and Frank Varey right.  Eric is on a Scott, no doubt borrowed from his mate Frank Varey, a well known rider of the 500cc water-cooled 2 stroke.  Frank and Arthur appear to be on AJS machines in the above photo.
Frank Varey astride his chosen mount, a Scott, a really complex machine for this late 1920s era

Buzz Hibberd
Australian Buzz Hibberd

George Corney

Club Atlético Huracán 1930
This Argentinian program cover from early 1930 shows riders taking part: - Frank Varey, Sprouts Elder, Buzz Hibberd, and George Corney amongst others who numbered a few Argentinian riders and a couple of guys from Uruguay.  Speedway was becoming global.

GB Riders In Argentina
The GB party spent most of their time in and around Buenos Aires, pictured above A mighty city in 1929 and a whole lot bigger now in 2017

Dusty Haigh

Frank Varey & Others

Track Action Argentina
Apparently 5 riders in this race and the early camera did not  capture the riders very well due to them speeding around the track but the speed blurs enhance the photo in my opinion.

Holidaying In The Argentine
If you can name any of the guys not already named, featured on this page, please email me John  Does the guy on the right know his fly's are undone!
No names for the men in the photos above apart from "Steamboat Jervis" for the guy in the black swimwear so if you can name anyone please email me John

Aboard The Ship In Argentina
Swimming pool on the ship
Syd Newiss says playing "Deck Golf" but the players seem to be holding croquet malletts?
Left: Dusty Haigh messing around in eastern dress, according to Syd Newiss and right the Langton brothers Oliver and Eric

Jack Harris & Frank "The Red Devil" Varey

More Of The GB Tourists In The Argentine
Syd Newiss Photo Album says: Here we have Dank Ewen, Steamboat Jervis and Arthur Franklyn

Side Cars In Argentina

Oliver Langton & Arthur Franklyn

Quilmes Argentina
Dank Ewen & Syd Newiss
Quilmes is a district of Greater Buenos Aires.

Oliver Langton & Syd Newiss

Almirante Brown
Almirante Brown is a "partido" of the Buenos Aires Province in Argentina, located at the south of the Gran Buenos Aires urban area.  The partido is named after Irish born General William Brown who led the Argentine navy in the Argentine War of Independence and helped Argentina gain her independence from the Spanish Empire.
Bob Cornering Beside The Pits
At Almirante Brown
Road Race
Syd Newiss's album does not have names for all photos or second names in some cases.  He says the above is "Bob"  I am guessing that is Belle Vue rider Bob Harrison who was, I believe, a winner of an Almirante Brown Road Race 1929.

Unknown rider aboard a Raleigh
Another Raleigh

Eva Asquith In Argentina

Unknown Rider With A Harley Davidson

Eric Langton
Eric Langton a passenger in this sports car

Eric At Speed
The caption in Syd Newiss's Album says "Eric At Speed".  My guess is Eric Langton.  The bike appears to be a Scott.

Munich Cafe In Argentina

USA's Sprouts Elder in Argentina

Above left: Sprouts Elder with camera & Arthur Franklyn and above right Eric Langton the shadow is not of an alien as UFO's did not exist in 1929!

Frank Doing His Stuff! 
Syd Newiss's album has the caption "Frank Doing His Stuff" Not sure which Frank but could be Frank Varey.  God knows what he is up to! 

Arthur Franklyn & Frank Varey 
Arthur and Frank with a "Dirt Track Rudge" sporting new tyres 

A Rudge In Argentina
This 1929/30 machine is an example of how close the Rudge factory came to producing the blueprint for the new sport speedway!  My only criticism of Rudge was to have the exhaust outlet on the left, meaning the exhaust pipe had to be on the left too causing problems when a rider had a fall.

Frank Varey & Eric Langton

Oliver Langton

Frank Varey Washing His Bike

Bob Harrison

Unknown Rider On A Raleigh
This may be Bob Harrison too.  Whomever it was, he was coming into the pits with a flat tyre

Unknown in Argentina 1929
I don't recognise the guy, maybe he was an Argentinian?

Almirante Brown Road Race
Bob Harrison crossing the finish line in 1hour 38mins & 7seconds.  Although this was called a road race I suspect it was mostly loose dirt making the conditions excellent for Bob
Bob After His Victory
Bob's trusty Raleigh machine kept going for nearly 2 hours in the dry and dusty Argentine countryside.  A bit of difference between speedway races of 80 or 90 odd seconds in 1929 and an Argentinian road race of nearly 2 hours

Eric Langton

Frank Duckett
Frank is sitting on a bike that looks like a Harley Davidson

Oliver Langton
Eric & Oliver Langton
The Langton's coming around to the start line, both mounted on Rudges.

Dank Ewen

Steamboat Jervis

Ivor Creek

Argentine Riders
Juan Salatino
Juan is an Argentinian and he rode Britain's best bike in 1929 the Douglas.
Roberto Sigrand
Another Argentinian making a name for himself
Sigrand & Pino

"Arturo" Jervis

Frank Varey Sprouts Elder & Arturo Jervis

Max Grosskruetz

Portraits of the Riders Touring Argentina 1929/30
Above left: Dank Ewen & Bob Harrison and above right: Jack Harris & Max Grosskruetz
Above left: Buzz Hibberd & Ivor Creek and above right: George Corney & Dusty Haigh
Above left: Eric Langton & Tug McCallum and above right Sprouts Elder & Aubrey Iles

More Pictures From Argentina 1929/30
Graham Gleave has supplied more prints from Argentina 1929/30. Featuring the same GB touring party.
Line Up Behind Frank's Scott Machine
Arthur Franklyn, Frank Varey, Sprouts Elder, Max Grosskruetz, and Arthur Jervis

Almirante Brown Road Race


Argentine Newspaper November 1929

Tourists In Argentina
Back Row: Buzz Hibberd, Sprouts Elder, Dank Ewen, Arthur Franklyn & Frank Ducket
Middle Row: Oliver Langton, Max Grosskruetz, Eric Langton, Hubert Jervis, Arthur Jervis, George Corney, Unknown & Unknown
Front Row: Syd Newiss, Frank Varey & Bob Harrison

Buenos Aires Airship
In the 1920s airships were made by Great Britain, the United States and Germany.  The above picture is, I believe, a facsimile of the real thing and I do not recognise the 3 faces superimposed onto this airship.  I also wonder why it was included in Syd Newiss's photograph album but I thought it was a great picture so I am including it on the website.  It is a good way of signing off this webpage. 

Syd Newiss had the photo album and Images from it found their way to Graham Gleave and then from him to me, hence the pictures appearing on my Defunct Speedway Website.  The album has, at the end, a number of pictures that Graham thinks were taken at the Blackpool UK track.  If you are interested visit my A-Z  then B page and click on the Blackpool link.

The contents of the site are © and should not be reproduced elsewhere for financial gain. The contributors to this site gave the pictures and information on that understanding.  If anyone has any issue or objections to any items on the site please e-mail and I will amend or remove the item.  Where possible credit has been given to the owner of each item.

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