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Jimmy Gooch     Original Newcastle Diamonds Race Jacket Red n White   Jim_Henry's_Photographs

The Veteran Speedway Riders Association (VSRA) is active within the Speedway Museum and on invitation some of them will put demonstration races on at any current speedway track.  Our senior riders are still doing their bit to promote the sport.  I hope to receive items to display on this page of their activities and of any VSRA reunions, so if you have any photos please consider emailing them to me for inclusion in this section.


1979 VSRA
at Poole

Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Can you help with names please   John
Reg Fearman says: Back Row. Peter Jarman, Ron Hoare, Mike Wood, Jimmy Squibb, ?,?,?, Les Wotten, Reg Fearman, Bill Gilbert,  ?.?.?.?. Dickie Howard, Tiger Stevenson, ?.Front Row. Charlie May, ?,?,?,?,  Lew Coffin, Maury Mattingly, Vic Butcher, Roy Craighead, ?,  Norman Strachan, ?.
Chris Roper says: Can add one to the VRSA at Poole Front Row 3rd from the left - Alby Golden
Ian Cox Says: I happened to recognise one of the fellows in the above mentioned photo cause I just met him on the island of Vava'u in Tonga (South Pacific) He is 5th from the left in the back row and his name is Bruce Ovenden. He rode in England for a few teams during the early sixties. He's in his seventies now but is still as sharp as a new pin and is just an all round good guy.
Bob Andrews says: Hi John, Just going through the "Name the Riders" on the 1979 VRSA at Poole 2nd. from the left front is Charlie Cheshire he was at Little California ( Woking ) 1954 with me  Regards, Bob
Camellia Cheshire says: Charlie Cheshire is my grandfather he is on the bottom row crouching, second in on the left.
Steve Hayden says: The man seventh from the left is Charlie Hayden Poole Pirate rider and captain he was my Uncle .
Ian Fursey says: 1979 VSRA at Poole – Back row fifth in from right is Sid Hazzard and six in from right is Doug Fursey.
Bob Bath says: Hi John I think the guy 4th from left in the front row(next to Alby Golden) Veterans photo at Poole might be Alf Hagon.
 Roy Brickwood says: My cousin Don Hardy is front row, fifth from the left wearing a blazer.
Don was captain of Exeter for many years Regards from Roy

Terry Stone
A Veteran Champion
Terry Stone is an ex Rayleigh rider whom has been everywhere and done everything.  His riding days are well over now but Terry, the owner of some vintage bikes is still turning out on his beloved 1929 Douglas machines.
This is Terry Stone in 2012.
Terry Says: Here I am with my two trophies. I am National Vintage Grass Track Champion 2012. Also Leg Trailing Champion....3 years in a row. Please note my picture had to be taken by the Scottish Saltire!!
John says: Congratulations Terry, There is nothing wrong with the Saltire.  I was born just 60 miles from the Scottish border, but like you I am a Sassenach and proud of it!

Veteran Dirt Track Riders Association Badges
The owner of the above badge is Patrick Bibby.  Patrick and I would like to know more about the badge.  If you can help please email me here John
Col Greenwell says:  Its obviously a car badge. Remember the days when people had an RAC/AA badge attached to the car grille. 
Colin Greenwell's
Col Greenwell says: Scan of my badge. (Only 1" across) There is a larger version of my badge in gilt. The gilt one has a bar with Pioneer on it.( I don't have that badge.) I understand the badges were to be issued to veteran speedway riders. (Dirt track Riders as they were first known).  I think they are now known as the Veteran Speedway Riders Association.
Terry Stone says: Hi john, re veteran badge.  Its as Col Greenwell says, the top badge pic is a car badge. it is from 1961 to 1984 some time as from 1959 to 1960 the association was known as the Pioneer Dirt Track Riders Association.  From 1961 to 1984 it was known as the Veteran Dirt Track Riders Association. The name changed again 1984 to 2007 Veteran Speedway Riders Association.  Then from 2007 we are the World Speedway Riders Association. The association had a rider by the name of Jack Bibby. I think he was at Rayleigh some time?? 1948-9. Hope this is of help Terry. Keep the wheels turning and the plugs sparking.
Colin Greenwell's "Pioneer" VDTRA Badge
Col Greenwell has sent the above image of the Veteran Dirt Track Association's badge with a "Pioneers" bar. 
Col says: I believe these bars were only issued to well, the Pioneers! I think John Somerville told me this.

VSRA NZ Annual Meeting At
Palmerston North,
New Zealand
It took place 29 September 2012. The Following Pictures are courtesy of Bob Andrews, sent to me via Reg Fearman
New Zealand's
Wimbledon Riders
Ex Wimbledon Ronnie Moore, Tommy Sweetman, Roy Trigg and Bob Andrews
The NZ Big Three Plus Bob!
The headline is one of Reg's.  I would have said the Big Four! Ok Bob?  Ronnie Moore, Ivan Mauger, Barry Briggs and Bob Andrews.  I broached the delicate subject of ages (todays date is 10/10/2012) with Ivan who said: -Ronnie is the eldest he is 80 and Barry is 77. I am only 72.  Ivan didn't supply Bobs age so its anyone's guess, answers on a postcard!
Bob has been in touch he says: Hi young John. (John says: Ok I admit it I am now 60!) Bob says: The ages of the “old” boys.. Ronnie is 79. He will be 80 March 2013. Barry will be 78 on 30th Dec. 2012. Ivan 72.Oct 2012. (Me) Bob 77, Oct.2012
Bob also advises: Roy Trigg 69 Ian Hoskins 88 The “lad” in-between Ivan and his wife Raye is Les Sergent son of Harold Sergent ex. Rider and motor tuner in N.Z.
Bob now says: I think Ivan turned 73 on the 4th Oct 2012 He lies about his age now!!

Bob In The Bruce (Abo) Abernathy Corner
Bob Andrews with the Bruce Abernathy memorabilia.

Barry & Ronnie
Barry Briggs and Ronnie Moore
Picture courtesy of Bob Andrews
Bob Andrews says: Ronnie Moore in a car he once raced in N.Z. along with Barry Briggs and Geoff Mardon. Pictured here with Terry Rush the owner of the car.

Ivan Mauger & Lynda Andrews

Ian Hoskins With
Roy Trigg
Dr. Livingstone I presume ? No It's Ian Hoskins and Roy Trigg. Roy Trigg is 69 and Ian Hoskins is 88.  I remembered that I had some pics of Ian at my track Brough Park Newcastle so I have dug one out and reproduced it below.
John says: I found this picture of Ian Hoskins taken at Newcastle's Brough Park in the 1960s.  Ian was introducing his Edinburgh side, doing "lets get ready to rumble" style, rider introductions long before the boxing guy.  I remember him introducing Reider Eide in particular.  Shear poetry!  Thanks for the memories Ian.

Ivan & Raye Mauger
The “lad” in between Ivan and his wife Raye is Les Sergent son of Harold Sergent ex-rider and motor tuner in N.Z.

Tommy Sweetman
& Bob Andrews
The end of the New Zealand section of this webpage.  UK Veterans follow

WVSRA Eastern Region Lunch
At Norwich 2011
Norman Jacobs says: Hi John, I was just looking through the Veterans page on your Defunct Speedway website and thought you might like to put the attached up. It was taken at last year's WSRA Eastern Region lunch at Norwich. The only problem is I am not sure who all the riders are. I can recognise Terry Betts, Len Read, Trevor Hedge, Colin Pratt, Bert Harkins, Gavin Hedge, Dingle Brown, Pete Seaton and Terry Stone. Still no doubt, the names of the rest can be filled in...
John says: If you can name the guys in the photo please send me an email John
Bert Harkins says Hello John, Sorry I can't name all in the photo, but here goes with the ones I know Back Row;- Colin Pratt, ?, Richard Green, Pete Seaton, Dingle Brown, Pete Saunders, Clive Hitch, ?, Barry Crowson, Ray Bales, ?, ?, Richard Greer, Jimmy Ogisu (Japan), Clive Hitch.Front Row;- ?, ?, Terry Stone, Terry Betts, ?, Len read, Trevor Hedge, 'An Exiled Scotsman', Junior Grasstrack Champion and ?  Hope that helps a bit.
Tony Webb says: from left to right back row: colin pratt ? mark loram, pete saunders, dingle brown, ? peter seaton ? alan littlechild ? ? ? richard greer, rod laudrum tich read jimmie ogisu clive featherby. front row: ? ? terry stone terry betts ? len read trevor hedge bert harkins ? ?
Jim Henry says: "Ginger" Abigail 3 in from right at back
Derrick Coward says: Hi John,  Re the WVSRA Eastern Region Lunch 2011 photo, in the back row extreme left is Colin Pratt who I watched race at Hackney in the mid - '60's.  That was a great team which included Bengt 'Banger'Janssen.  Your site brings back great memories of those times - thanks!

David Lomas says: Hi John, I can put another few names to the photo of the WVSRA Eastern Region Lunch at Norwich 2011 if you like?  Back row, second from the left (next to Colin Pratt) is Edward Bales. He owns Poultec, a big training company who are sponsors at Kings Lynn, and are now actively involved in Speedway Training.  Back row, far right on the end of the row dressed all in black is Clive Featherby.  Front row, far left kneeling with his hand on his leg is Gavin Hedge, ex rider and son of Trevor Hedge.   I hope this fills in a couple of the gaps for you? I was actually at the lunch, so remember the photo being taken! Best Wishes......David Lomas


Terry Stone & Friends
Terry Stone says: Hello John,  Long time no send!! Here are 3 pics from Wimbledon/Tenerife get together. As you can see we did not enjoy ourselves!!!!  Oh how we partied....what fun.  All the best for the new season (2012) BUT watch out for the Edinburgh Monarchs.  Keep the wheels turning and the plugs sparking.
The two clowns. Terry and Jimmy The Laird Tannock. The Mad Hatters Speedway Riders in Tenerife. Terry and his new girlfriend.

2009 WSRA President
Terry Stone

2009 WSRA President Terry Stone with 2 others can you say who? John

Bill Elliot says: As I wasn't a fan of the club (I'm Glasgow/Paisley) not 100% sure, but I think the rider on the right of the first picture (on Terry Stone's left) is Pete Reading, formerly of Middlesborough/Teeside Tigers, circa late 60's/70's. Hope this helps. Thanks for the old Paisley pictures-brought back a lot of memories.
Phil Masters says: The ex rider on the right with Terry Stone is former Crayford star Laurie Etheridge, don't know who the other one is.
Steve Brown agrees he says: The rider on Terry's left is not Pete Reading, but Laurie Etheridge.
Tony Webb says: left to right, Rod Laudrum, Terry Stone and Laurie Etheridge

2009 Ex-Riders At The WSRA Lunch
2009 line up of riders at the 2009 WSRA lunch. Terry Stone wearing the presidential regalia. Can you name these Veterans?  John
Phil Masters says: I can name a few in the WRSA line up, Stan Stevens, Bert Harkins, Terry Stone. On the bike is Bob Andrews.
Sunderland's Ian Martin says: The chap in the white short sleeved shirt wearing Dark Glasses is Vic White. He is the WSRA Secretary/Treasurer
Reg Fearman Says: 2009 Line Up at a WSRA function :- two more names Ernie Baker on the right of Bert Harkins and Tom O'Connor is the second from the right which leaves just two to go.
Bob Andrews says: Just looking at the unnamed riders at the 2009 Lunch with me on the bike has Alan Jackson far right of photo Bob Andrews goes on to say: That photo of me on the bike, at Bulphan. with the group, the last rider to be named is Des Lukehurst. about 3 or 4 in from Alan Jackson who is on the far right.

Ernst Bøgh
Ernst Bøgh  says: I was invited to an old boys race day on Korskro Speedway and I asked my daughter Sabrina if she would like to come along and have a match race with me, ( I didn´t think she would, she hasn´t sat on a bike since she stopped in 2001 ) but to my surprise she said yes, on one condition, she wanted to drive with my old bike rack on the back of her old Ford A car, year 1931, so we build it on the Ford and she drove my Weslake 1978 to the track and we have a couple of laps together, not that often you see father and daughter team riding on 500 ccm, she didn´t push me to hard, as she said : I don´t want to have to tell mum that I fenced you. :-)
Best regards from Ernst in Denmark


Jimmy Tannock's 80th Birthday


My friend Terry Stone spent some time (2011) in Scotland and has sent us these photo's.


One of Scotland's greatest, Jimmy Tannock's 80th Birthday

Jimmy with the Glasgow Tiger

Jimmy With Rent A Mob!


Terry, Andy, Ronnie & Jimmy



Douglas, Geoffrey Gush, Jimmy, Ronnie & Jean


James Everard (Jimmy) Gooch
Born: 16th November 1928, Dagenham, Essex, England. Died 18th June 2011

Jimmy Gooch

Steve Magro says: Jimmy Gooch, 83, died peacefully Saturday, 18th June 2011. During his long career Jimmy rode speedway for Wembley, Oxford and Hackney, eventually retiring in 1970.  Jimmy was a  member of the World Speedway Riders Association and will be sadly missed. 
James Everard (Jimmy) Gooch  Born: November 16, 1928, Dagenham, Essex, England.
Jimmy Gooch began his long career on the Army tracks in post-war Germany, winning the 1949 Combined Services Trophy and a contact with the famous Wembley `Lions'. The Empire Stadium club were the dominant force in British speedway and Jimmy managed to win a reserve spot during the 1950 season in a side which included such stars as Tommy Price and Freddie Williams.  
Jimmy was renowned for his wholehearted efforts and was a popular figure at the north London venue, but struggled to lift himself into the main body of the team for five years.
Then in 1955, tiring of the struggle of Division One speedway, he went out on loan to Swindon in the Second Division then moved to Bradford the following year in an attempt to step up to the next level.
The year of 1964, suddenly brought Jimmy to the forefront of speedway. Riding for Oxford at age 35, he should have been in the twilight of his career but the move brought him more of an Indian summer as he added over two points to his average to record a figure in excess of 8 points per match (out of 12) for the first time as the `Cheetahs' won the National League title.
In 1965 Gooch earned an average of just under 10 points per match, as well as a World Final appearance and a place in the Great Britain World Team Cup Final side at Kempten, Germany. Jimmy's World Final appearance at Wembley proved to be the peak of his career and he found it hard to retain that form as he approached 40. Nevertheless, Jimmy remained a force to be reckoned with in later spells at Newport and Hackney until 1970 and proved a shining example to other riders as to what could be achieved with hard work and perseverance.
1950-55 Wembley; 1955 Swindon; 1956 Wembley; 1956 Bradford; 1957-58. 1959 Retired;
1960-61 New Cross. 1962-63 Norwich; 1964-66 Oxford; 1967-68 Newport; 1969-70 Hackney Wick.
Individual Honours: 1965 World Finalist (14th).
International Honours: 1965 Great Britain World Team Cup finalist; England international: 10 caps/35 points, Great Britain: 3 caps/16 points.
Team Honours: National League Division One Championship winner 1950,51,52 & 53.
National League Championship winner 1964; National Trophy winner 1954, 1963 & 64.
Rest in Peace Jimmy


Red & White Newcastle Diamond


John Taylor (Belle Vue) and Terry Stone (Newcastle). Picture by Sue Towner of friends of speedway.  If you watched the diamonds in red & white you must be a bit long in the tooth!  Newcastle were Red 'n' White pre and post war until 1961 when they were changed to Black 'n' White.  Personally I prefer the red and white but football daft Newcastle speedway fans would have kicked up a fuss so black and white we were, when I started supporting back in 1961.

Tag Allison on a JAP I think, although the engine looks like a lay down?  I will ask Terry Stone about the bike. 
Terry says: The rider is Tag Allison wearing the old Newcastle body colour.  The bike….A Rotary Norton Engine in a speedway frame. This bike is the only one of it's kind, in existence..another one is on the drawing board at present.
Terry Stone again in the "Diamond" both riders are on Douglas machines.  Not sure who the "New Cross" rider is.


Veterans At Poole In 1979


Courtesy of Reg Fearman


Danny Dunton
& Cyril Crane

Danny and Cyril can anyone say what year? John



Harringay Reunion 2004



Terry Stone's 2010
Christmas Card

The man in black aka Terry Stone fills in for Santa Claus after the man in red and white was excluded for causing the stoppage!

Terry's 1929 Douglas  machines getting on for 90 years old!  That's the bikes not Terry who is secretly much older!


Terry Stone With His Award


Terry with the George Greenwood trophy for leg trailing on the grass tracks


The Man In Black
(Terry Stone) In White For This Photo
Courtesy of Terry Stone
Australia 2009: Bob Young and Terry Stone.  The hat is great just needed a few corks, but not sure about the hand on hip mate!!  Bob poses naturally and is how you say "the man in black"

More Vets

Courtesy of Terry Stone


Terry Says: Bob Young. Terry Stone .Bruce Croxton. Jim Taylor.  Bob at Rayleigh . Bruce and Jim at Southampton in the 1950s


Veterans On A Douglas & A Rudge

Courtesy of Clive Herbert


Terry Stone on the Douggie and Jim Gregory on the Rudge at Peterbrough 2007


1999 Archie Windmill &
Jim Gregory

Courtesy of Clive Herbert


1999 Archie Windmill and Jim Gregory on a Rudge




2009 Illiterate Vet President Terry Stone Ignoring The Sign!


I have asked Terry to supply info about this bike, watch this space:


Hey Shorty!

Terry says: The picture of me the Gnome on the big bike this picture was taken at The National Motorcycle Museum .  Nabiac .  New South Wales . Australia.


Erik Gundersen At VSRA, Leicester Dinner


Erik with VSRA President Pete Saunders


Erik With Terry Stone


WSRA Trophy

Thought you would like these pics of myself WSRA President, (Terry Stone) presenting the Trophy to Bomber Harris. This is the WRSA Trophy for the winner of the British Final won last May (2009) at Poole.
Thank you Terry, I understand the photos were taken by your 8 yr old grandson Daniel Stone

Dirt Track Bike

Courtesy of Brian Winch

167 Rudge Dirt Track bike ridden by Brian Cooper at Sheffield English, SCGTRA. (Photo: Unknown).  The Rudge briefly dominated speedway around 1930/31. The bike ousted the Douglas before the coming of the speedway JAP (1931) which ended the reign of both  Douglas and the Rudge.


Dirt Track


Courtesy of Brian Winch


Courtesy of Brian Winch


Courtesy of Brian Winch


277, Douglas Dirt Track ridden by Jonathon "Burt" Clarke, photographed on 31st July, 2005 at Schwarme, Germany part of the "Coffin Splutterers" Demonstration Ride / Exhibition. (Photo: Brian Winch)


Jonathon "Burt" Clarke
On His Douglas

Courtesy of Brian Winch

277 Douglas Dirt Track ridden by Jonathon "Burt" Clarke, photographed at SCGTRA, Winchester demonstrating how to leg trail on a DT Douglas. (Photo: Unknown)

Name The Rider!

Courtesy of Brian Winch

Old Timer! (Gentleman Unknown!)  Douglas Dirt Track at the BMF Rally at Peterborough, year unknown.


Peter Clarke


Courtesy of Brian Winch

177, Rudge Dirt Track ridden by Peter Clarke, photographed on 31st July, 2005 at Schwarme, Germany part of the "Coffin Splutterers" Demonstration Ride / Exhibition. (Photo: Brian Winch)
Photo's courtesy of Brian Winch
                177: Peter Clarke  303: John Taylor


Terry Stone On One Of His Douglasses


Courtesy of Brian Winch


Courtesy of Brian Winch

111, Rudge Dirt Track ridden by Terry Stone, photographed on 31st July, 2005 at Schwarme, Germany part of the "Coffin Splutterers" Demonstration Ride / Exhibition.
(Photo: Brian Winch)

Courtesy of Brian Winch


Courtesy of Brian Winch

111 is Terry Stone: 31 is Chris Sindole on a 500 2V Jawa. He is wearing the Osnabruck Race bib given to all the English riders who raced there... hence half Union Jack and half Gernan Flag (Mine will also have the famous LCS badge on it!)
Terry Stone &
Lew Coffin

Courtesy of Brian Winch

Terry Stone and Lew Coffin relaxing in the Bar after a memorable day out on 31st July, 2005 at Schwarme, Germany "Coffin Splutterers" Demonstration Ride / Exhibition. (Photo: Brian Winch)
John Taylor

Courtesy of Brian Winch

303, Douglas Dirt Track ridden by John Taylor, photographed on 31st July, 2005 at Schwarme, Germany part of the "Coffin Splutterers" Demonstration Ride / Exhibition. (Photo: Brian Winch)

WSRA Re-Union 2009
The President and his first lady. The Rolling Stones! Jean and Terry Stone, Terry is president of the WSRA 2009.  A real honour Terry, enjoy your year you deserve it.  I asked Terry why the chain of office has changed. Terry says: The chain has changed because the old one is full.  There are three names on this the new one Ivan Bert Harkins and myself. I am above Ivan Mauger!!! The old chain hangs in the speedway museum.

Jimmy McMillan, Dougie Templeton & Jimmy Tannock


Courtesy of Terry Stone

Joe Hicks

Courtesy of Terry Stone


Terry Stone says: Joe Hicks New Zealand in back of my van.


New Zealand Veterans
2008 Re-Union
I can name 5.  Pete Gay, Giffy, David Bargh, Ronnie Moore and Ivan Mauger.  I am looking forward to hearing who the rest are so send me an email John
Dave Gifford says: Hi John, I will try to put names to the faces!!! Back row standing. Ron Lancaster, Auckland,   Dave Whittaker, Plymouth? Joe Hicks, Glasgow. Bruce Ovenden, Glasgow. Brian Clements, Southampton.
Couch level, Tommy Sweetman, Wolves, Ronnie Moore, Dons. Keith Lancaster, Auckland. Bob Andrews, Dons etc David Bargh, Diamonds, Roy Trigg with bottle, Hawks. Sprouts (Ivan Mauger) Diamonds.
Ground level,    Kevin Hayden, Cardiff. Pete Gay, Coventry, Dave Gifford Diamonds
John says: Thanks giffy.  Ex Diamonds Ivan Mauger, David Bargh and best of all Dave Gifford.  Newcastle Diamonds may not have competed at the top rung of UK speedway but we certainly brought out the best in a large number of riders whom went on to greater things in their speedway careers


Napier New Zealand
January 2009

Courtesy Bob Andrews via Reg Fearman

Napier New Zealand: Jan 2009 Ronnie Moore with Bob Andrews wife Lynda

Napier New Zealand Jan 2009
Courtesy Bob Andrews via Reg Fearman

Napier New Zealand: Jan 2009 Ronnie Moore addressing the crowd

Ronnie Moore With Bob Andrew's Wife Lynda
Courtesy Bob Andrews via Reg Fearman

Napier New Zealand: Jan 2009 Ronnie Moore with Bob Andrews wife Lynda

Bob Andrews, Ronnie Moore &
David Bargh
Courtesy Bob Andrews via Reg Fearman
Napier New Zealand: Jan 2009 Bob Andrews, Ronnie Moore & David Bargh... John says: Barghy has loads of fans on Tyneside from his Newcastle Diamonds days.  If you are in touch with Barghy ask him to email me John
Ronnie Moore, Bob Andrews, & Fred (Rick) Timmo
Courtesy Bob Andrews via Reg Fearman

Napier New Zealand: Jan 2009 Ronnie Moore, Bob Andrews, & Fred (Rick) Timmo

 Fred (Rick) Timmo
Courtesy Bob Andrews via Reg Fearman

Napier New Zealand: Jan 2009  Fred (Rick) Timmo



Gold Coast Classic 2006


Bill Bryden & Mitch Shirra

The Maestro Asking For Nick Morris's Autograph!

The Maestro asking for Nick Morris's autograph or was it the other way around?  No doubt, to young Nick, Ivan is just another old guy at the track?

Ivan Suited & Booted In 2006
Ivan suited and booted in 2006.  Seems like yesterday when he was sitting in the Brough Park pits way back in 1963.  43 years ago


Bloaters v Badgers

Alan Hodkinson (Jawa) is in the Brafield Badgers race jacket. I don't know who is in Y/B or the race jacket, perhaps Alan can tell us? John
When asked about his ragged start and grim look on his face Alan said: I knocked the throttle back and she dropped, I fell across the tank, when I opened the throttle to recover, she lifted again then dropped again, Its the only time I got to the turn first, I don't think anyone else would come near me, as you say the face says it all.
Alan has been in touch he says: - The rider in Y/B is Alan Larwood (JAP) and he's wearing a Yarmouth Bloaters jacket. You can't see it but it has a silver fish (Bloater) in the middle of it.
More from Alan:
The JAP could be a real handful, it was like riding a three legged camel, The power and sound with that 2" open pipe is awesome, when you opened the throttle nothing much seemed to happen, then all of a sudden the power came in and your head would jerk backwards, if you closed the throttle too fast, because of the high compression engine the bike would almost stop and your head would now jerk forward, it was like whiplash.....that's a bit exaggerated, but you know what I mean, the 2 valve Jawa was smoother than the JAP, well, that's how I found it
The modern day lay down is a lot smoother still, I haven't ridden them much, as team manager, after a win I would borrow one of the lads bikes and go round with them on the victory parade, then I used to try and have a lap burning round before I went back to the pits.
Just to put you in the picture, I've been a Mechanic to Bob Humphreys, Start Marshall at several tracks, Team Manager, (Oxford, Skegness) and Co Promoter at Skegness, But, I was never a contracted rider, I rebuilt an old JAP and progressed riding from there, unfortunately at Skeggy more money was needed and there were riders to pay, so had to sell the JAP as it was worth more than the Jawa, I still have the Jawa I'm pleased to say.....before all that I was in the theatre business, touring the old Variety Theatre's.

Veterans Race

Here we have a Douglas and Rudges blasting off at Rye House.  Kenny Smith has been in touch, he says the riders in this photo are: - 
Kenny Smith (Rudge JAP Nelson Jacket)  Jonathon Clarke (Douglas Wimbledon) John Taylor (Rudge BelleVue) Tom Richardson (Rudge New Cross) Peter Clarke (Rudge Southamton)   Terry Stone has also been in touch to say he was in the race too but is out of shot to Kenny's right.  Good stuff Terry sneaking up so no one could see you, great tactics.  


A JAP Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle JAP found by Terry Stone and after a lot of work the bike was whole again.  Terry felt that as Ivan Mauger had a gold bike he should have one too


All together now. Anything you can do, I can do better!


Terry Stone & One Of His Douglasses
Terry Stone in action at Ipswich on his 1929 Douglas.  Terry is wearing his Rayleigh Rockets jacket. How come Rye House wear a similar race jacket now?
Answer: Hi John, I've just spent a couple of hours enjoying your excellent speedway website. On your Veterans page under a photo of Terry Stone racing while wearing a Rayleigh race jacket you ask why Rye House use the same design. The answer's simple - when Rayleigh closed just before the start of the 1974 season Len Silver transferred the team en bloc to Rye House.  Hope this helps.  Regards,  Rob McCaffery

Peter Collins On A Douglas
Peter Collins having a blast on a Douglas at Peterborough. Now come on mate you are supposed to be dressed in black

Ginger & Kenny

A committee meeting at Peterborough 2 VSRA members and a fan.  Ginger Abigail and Kenny Smith are the ones who almost look human.  Kenny is a butcher and Ginger is a Haulage contractor. The girl in the middle is now Mrs Abigail..

Kenny died which is a great shame as he was a much loved character and became a friend of mine. RIP Kenny

 Jim Gregory

Man in Black Jim Gregory on his Rudge going fast enough to throw his scarf out at the back. Jim started at Rayleigh 1948 and is still at it aged 81 in 2008.  Good stuff Jim.



3 Pictures Of Terry Stone Number 111


Terry Stone 111 in Germany leading an unknown Englishmen.  So who was it with the Union Flag on his chest?


Terry Stone aged 68 in 2006 Germany


Terry Leg trailing on his Douglas



Speedway Researcher's Jim Henry's Photographs
The track and year is unknown.  It appears the start was made by two elastic bands stretched across the track by the guy in the red cap.  Terry Stone is wearing the Glasgow colours and Tony Gilias is the Coventry Bee.
In his email Jim called this vet Tiny White.  Tiny's name is a new one on me.  The bike is very strange looking.  It is an old Douglas engine in a more modern JAWA frame!  It is likely to be the only hybrid of it's type?
British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) day at Peterborough.  A front row of elderly upright JAWA's and a rear row of ancient Rudge and Douglas machines
Another shot of the older machines at BMF Peterborough.  9 Rudges and 2 Douglasses.  This show will take some beating for it's display of old machinery.

Norrie Isbister,
Colin Clarke &
George McKenzie
Gordon Dobie &
Bert Harkins
Ivor Thomas - Welsh (race jacket)  Tiny White - West Ham  on the Douglas / Jawa hybrid,  blue helmet  - Jim Gregory   Brian Basset  - Wembley
Tom Richardson  New Cross,  Alan Larwood  Yarmouth,  Alan Patis  West Ham
Terry Stone
Elastic Starting Gate
Another start using elastics stretched across the start line,  The guy in gate 1 runs the risk of the strong elastic whipping him I would think, but it would make him sit still!!
Alan Larwood  Yarmouth  Tom Richardson New Cross John Stallworthy Plymouth  Ashfield ?
John says: Has to be West Ham second from left and the rider sporting the big letter G will be Glasgow Ashfield Giant
Alan Hartley
Jim Henry says: John Patis blue others ???
John Says:  If you were there you may know the riders in this shot?  I cannot help but think the guy in front is on a Douglas.  If you can help send me an email John
My thanks to Jim Henry for sending me the images shown in this section.  If you have yet to visit Jim's Speedway Researcher website what are you waiting for

The contents of the site are © and should not be reproduced elsewhere for financial gain. The contributors to this site gave the pictures and information on that understanding.  If anyone has any issue or objections to any items on the site please e-mail and I will amend or remove the item.  Where possible credit has been given to the owner of each item.

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Jim Henry Page 1 1928
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Jim Henry Page 5 1932
Jim Henry Page 6 1933-57
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Argentine Tour 1929-30
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Oval Track Racing
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