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Reg Fearman
Part 8


Stoke's 80th Birthday    The Speedway Farm   Swedes in the Aussie Sun (Ouch!)  Coronavirus Lockdown Diversion

The Vincent Vampire Billy Lamont  The Old Wreck (?an AJS?)  Morian Hansen  Ken Le Breton
The Soviets  Olle Nygren  The Morans   Aub Lawson (Reg's Mentor)
Reg at a Grass Track Event
Dave Norcott's Van and Trailer
Reg says: Eileen and I went to a Grass Track meeting last Sunday, Peter Collins is the President.  A number of machines were on display, the Jawa is an ex Peter Collins World Final machine and the one he used against Anders Michanek in the historic match race for the Belle Vue v Reading KO cup final in the 1970s, Anders was on Bernie Leigh's machine and Peter had a hand injury which meant he had his clutch lever on the same side as his throttle -twist grip - the lead changed many times with Peter winning by a fraction.  The trailer with the 'very special number plate is owned by Peter's cousin Dave Norcott along with several speedway machines including the ones in the photos.  Cheers Reg

Reg's Lockdown Diversion
Reg has been "entertaining the troops" during the Coronavirus Lockdowns by sending us his old photos.  If anyone can add any comments about his old pics please send me an email John
West Ham Pits
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says:  I am pleased to share a few old photos with you.  A chance to look at old photos while in 'Coronavirus Lockdown'.  It is getting much worse in the UK. 
Being in "Lockdown" I have had a rummage through a few old photos that may be of interest to you.
Reg's first photo is shown above.  Here is an old photo for you.  Who is The Hat? 
West Ham Speedway Team 1937? Phil Bishop, Arthur Atkinson, Jimmy Gibb, The Hat?, Bluey Wilkinson, Tommy Croombs, Eric Chitty, Tiger Stevenson.
West Ham
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: West Ham Team 1937 Taken At Belle Vue Eric Chitty Tommy Croombs Arthur Atkinson Phil Bishop Johnnie Hoskins Alex Moseley Mechanic Tiger Stevenson on Machine Broncho Dixon Bluey Wilkinson Charlie Spinks
West Ham
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: West Ham 1950 Taken At West Ham Arthur Atkinson Fred Curtis Trevor Davies Malcolm Craven Lloyd Goffe Eric Chitty on Machine Note His Footrest Guard Wally Green Howdy Byford Reg Fearman Aub Lawson Ted Argall Stan Greatrex
Honor Blackman at West Ham
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Howdy Byford Honor Blackman Aub Lawson. 
At West Ham Speedway - publicity shot.
Speedway 1950 riders and Celeb - Howdy Byford and Aub Lawson with Honor Blackman born in West Ham in 1925 Actress as Pussey Galore I like that name!! in Goldfinger also in The Avengers. She passed on in 2020 aged 94 - Note the Tarmac start area.
Honor Blackman was an English actress, widely known for the roles of Cathy Gale in The Avengers, Bond girl Pussy Galore in Goldfinger, Julia Daggett in Shalako and Hera in Jason and the Argonauts. She is also known for her role as Laura West in the ITV sitcom The Upper Hand.
Dennis Price at West Ham 
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Tippie Arthur Atkinson Dennis Price Aub Lawson 
West Ham Speedway  Tippy Atkinson Celeb Actor Dennis Price Arthur Atkinson Aub Lawson 1949.
Dennistoun Franklyn John Rose Price was an English actor, best remembered for his role as Louis Mazzini in the film Kind Hearts and Coronets and for his portrayal of the omniscient valet Jeeves in 1960s television adaptations of P. G. Wodehouse's stories. 
Aub Lawson 
Keeping Rosemary Entertained!
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Freddie Williams Aub Lawson Ron Clarke Graham Warren  Late 1940s  On Board??

Reg at Stoke 1951
Courtesy of Reg Fearman

Belle Vue
The Daily Mail Trophy
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Belle Vue Team at Wembley in 1933 Max Grosskreutz Joe Abbott Eric Langton Eric Gregory Frank Varey with the Daily Mail Trophy Bill Kitchen. Names To Conjure With.
Gerry Hussey Ove Fundin
& Aub Lawson
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Fred Williams Bert Harkins & Terry Stone
Courtesy of Reg Fearman

Test Team
Courtesy of Reg Fearman

Billy Lamont & Sir Malcolm Campbell
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Three rare photos of the 1930s 'Cyclone' Billy (real name Wilfred) Lamont and Sir Donald Campbell the land and water speed record holder with 'Bluebird'. Donald Junior himself a record breaker lost his life on Lake Coniston in 1964 attempting the water speed record.  I met Billy Lamont in 1950 at 'Billy The Pigs' pub in Bondi.
John says: Slight mistake there Reg.  The gent with Billy is Sir Malcolm Campbell, Donald's father

Billy Lamont & Vic Huxley
Reg says: Below Billy Lamont and Vic Huxley. An all action photo.
Courtesy of Reg Fearman

Billy Lamont on his AJS
Courtesy of John Spoor
Courtesy of Reg Fearman

Reg says: Wherever you are we hope you are well.  Cyclone Billy Lamont 1930 in later life he owned a pub at Bondi in Sydney affectionately known as 'Billy the Pigs' many of the speedway stars of the 1940s and 1950s would gather there. Take note of the machine and dropped handlebars.  The photo was taken at Thrum Hall Speedway Halifax in 1930

Australia Bound
Courtesy of Reg Fearman

Reg says: On board and bound for Australia 1953 Ken McKinley left front with hair, Jackie Gates next to Ken, Cliff Watson centre with the 'loud jumper', extreme right Lionel Levy, front second from left Harold Bull, middle Chum Taylor next to him Janet Geddes/Geran.  I recognise some faces but can't recall the names.


Dicky Smythe
Reg says: An early photo of Dicky Smythe. Note the open valve springs on the early Wallis J.A.P. and the dropped handlebars. Dicky an Australian started racing in 1923. 

Touring Party
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says:  Still in 'coronavirus lockdown' - I hope you don't mind me sharing these photos with you.
Now, the 'Team Photo' on board ship is a real test and a poser.  I can name but three, back row third from the right Wally Lloyd, second from right Cliff Parkinson. Front row extreme right is Bluey Wilkinson and next to him Eric Langton. Extreme left back row could be Frank Arthur.
John says: 4th from the left is Gordon Byers

Vic Huxley and Laura Elder
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: This photo has been named as Vic Huxley and Laura Elder the wife of 'Sprouts'  the machine looks like a Douglas which puts the photo somewhere between 1928 and 1930.

Happy Couples
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg Fearman says: No prizes for recognising the two happy couples, all four still going strong.  Eric Boothroyd now 93 with Bonnie and Reg Duval also 93 with Norma.  The Boothroyd's still living in Halifax and the Duval's on the South Coast at Highcliffe.

HRD Vincent
The Vampire
Vincent Motorcycles, "the makers of the world's fastest motorcycles", began with the purchase of HRD Motors Ltd less the factory premises, by Philip Vincent in May 1928. HRD was founded by the British Royal Flying Corps (RFC) pilot, Howard Raymond Davies, who was shot down and captured by the Germans in 1917.
The Moseley Vincent "Vampire"
The "Vampire" was introduced by mechanical "supremo" Alec Moseley during his time at West Ham and was the result of three years of scheming and planning, eventually making its debut in September 1947.
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Malcolm Craven at West Ham not sure if he is on the H.R.D.
Reg says: Good morning from 'lockdown' country' and a wet, misty and damp Sunday morning 14c and too warm.
I found this photo on the web of a very rare speedway machine.  The frame I believe was made by Alec Moseley, an engineer and mechanic in speedway racing before and after WW11. Alec was based at West Ham Speedway pre war and in the late 1940s and 1950s, he was involved with H.R.D. Vincent who were keen to break into speedway racing. Malcolm Craven was sponsored by H.R.D. for the season - I well remember seeing him race the Copper and Crome machine at Custom House - evidently the maintenance for the season was minimal, but, isn't there always a but? it was very expensive and therefore never took off.  The photo is not of good quality but I am sure you will see the difference between it and the J.A.P.   The H.R.D. road motorcycles are now collectors pieces commanding thousands of pounds Cheers,  Reg
John says: I think the Vampire could have been the salvation of the Vincent company.  Had the company fixed a competitive price for their engines, they may have sold enough to stave off closing down.  It would have been great for the British Motorcycle Industry and for speedway if we had been watching Vincents, Royal Enfields, Velocettes etc doing battle with the mighty JAPs.

Ken Le Breton
Reg Fearman says: Good morning to you all from 'lockdown' England with another four weeks in almost total isolation. Reg.

Another look back on speedway photos of the past, this one of Ken Le Breton who had a brilliant future forecast for him in the World of Speedway Racing - cut so short by his fateful crash at the Sydney Sportsground.

Ken Le Breton Born Sydney 15 August 1924 died Sydney 6 January 1951 aged 26 years.
Ken served with the Australian Army in WW11 and was posted to New Guinea. 
He took up speedway racing in 1946 and came to England in 1947 and raced for Newcastle and Glasgow.

It will be 70 years ago in January when Ken lost his life at the Sydney Sportsground. It was the last race of the Second Test Match, Australia v British Lions.  It was the second fatal crash that I had witnessed as a 17 year old, I was standing on the center green with Jack Parker. The first fatality was in July 1950 at Bradford when Joe Abbott had a fatal collision with the wooden safety fence.
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
British Team for Australian Test
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
The British Lions for the test series 1950-1951 Derek Tailby, Reg Fearman, Eddie Rigg, Bob Fletcher, Fred Yates and kneeling Eric Williams, Jack Parker & Tommy Miller
Australian Team for 2nd Test
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
The Australian team, relaxing before the test match.  D Seers, Lionel van Praag, Keith Ryan, Ken Le Breton & Jackie Gates. Eddie Rigg and Ken Le Breton were having a battle for third place. Ken crashed and lost his life. This photo was taken that fateful night on 5th January 1951
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Ken's funeral cortege in his home town Sydney

Zenon Plech 
Reg says: Just heard from Len Silver that Zenon Plech aged 67 has passed on to meet a lot old pals in the hereafter. Zenon was a stalwart at Hackney for several years and one of the best to come out of Poland. His brilliant International career and achievements are too long to list here.
Zenon Plech (1 January 1953 – 25 November 2020) 

The Old Wreck!
A Racer Seen Better Days 
If anyone can say what the bike is and who may have owned it then please send me an email John
Courtesy of John Spoor
John Skinner says:  The old "wreck" shares some features with the AJS shown above.  I think it is an AJS but not necessarily the same model as number 410. 

Post War Attendances

Reg says: Good morning all,

Here we are still firmly in 'lockdown' until we get the 'pill' - until then life is far from normal. 

Just a few eye watering statistics regarding speedway attendances after WW11.

Everybody had been sport starved for some six years.

Remember there was 48% Entertainment Tax on Speedway Racing.

1946       6,623,587.   err yes, that is six million!

1947       9,238,660.

1948      10,694,361. 

In 1949 I raced at Wembley in front of  63,000 speedway fans. There are others around, I am sure, who raced in front of even more supporters. The 63,000 was Wembley's normal.

Cheers Reg.


1954 Trip To Australia
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Not a very good reproduction photo so I will name those that I can. The group were on the 'Oronsay' on their way to Australia in late October 1954. R.   Reg Fearman,  Malcolm Douglas,  Brian McKeown,  ?  ?  Ulf Ericsson, Pop Fearman, Ove Fundin, Goran Norlean,  Front row: Mrs Sally Fearman, Janet Geddes later Janet Geran, Joan Fearman, Hugh Geddes.  The Swedes were contracted to race in Perth W.A.
Aboard The Oronsay
Courtesy of Reg Fearman

15,000 at Stoke
Courtesy of Reg Fearman

Reg says: This photo shows what was known as 'Scotsman Hill' an old Colliery tip where people could get a free view.  Much later it was brought to ground level and 'Tesco's  in Hanley S.O.Trent built a super store upon it.


Morian Hansen
Reg says: Good morning all, Here we are - now in Tier 3 and still in 'lockdown' - looking forward to the 'pill'. Another rider  from yesteryear.  First of the Danes?  A Danish WW11 hero.
Courtesy of Reg Fearman

Jens Henning Fisker Hansen DFC GM (Born: 10 January 1905 in Frederikssund, Denmark – Died: 21 February 1995), known popularly as Morian Hansen, who rode in the first ever Speedway World Championship Final in 1936

Hansen's first speedway races were at Copenhagen in 1928. He first rode in the UK for the West Ham Hammers in 1931 on a two-month permit, returning two years later. He joined the Hackney Wick Wolves in 1935.  He then moved onto Bristol and Wembley before the outbreak of World War 2.   He competed in the World Championship finals in 1936 and 1937.

Hansen had held a pilot's licence since 1935 and served in the Royal Air Force during WWII, rising to the rank of Squadron Leader.

Courtesy of Reg Fearman
When WW 11 broke out he joined the RAF and served 1939 to 1945, as a Squadron Leader, he was awarded 
The D.F.C., The George Medal, The 1935-1945 Star, The Burma Star, plus other awards. 
Morian was President of the VSRA in 1979.  His farewell race meetings were in Denmark in August 1953, he was aged 48.
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Morian riding somewhere in England and a picture of him taken in 1980

Old Timers
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Good Morning All,
We are still in 'lockdown' in Staffordshire, we are now in what they call Tier 3 where the rules are more stringent.  The antidote for the virus has arrived and 80 year old plus folk will get the first crack after the NHS and the people in care homes. 
An old photo of three very successful speedway riders in their day
Vic Huxley died 1982 age 76 and Dickie Case died 1980 aged 70 both from Queensland Australia and Ray Tauser Portland USA died 1981 aged 74. Early years probably 1932, note the dropped handlebars with maybe an advance and retard lever, two machines have the exhaust pipe on the left side, all three upright engines. Note the thick left knee pad. Just before WW11 Dickie Case bought and went on to own the pub at Rye House and the original training track that produced many riders in the 1940s and 1950s, he died in Queensland.
John says: I have "blown up" the fuel tank area of the 3 machines (see below)
Courtesy of John Skinner
If we can believe what we are seeing here.  Huxley and Case are mounted on JAPs and Tauser is on a Rudge which explains his exhaust pipe on the left side.  Although I am reasonably certain the photo features 2 JAPs and a Rudge it is possible that the tank badges are mis-leading us, engine swapovers were as common in the early 30s as they are today

Nottingham 1929
Courtesy of Reg Fearman

Reg says: This group were taken at Nottingham Speedway in 1929. The only one I recognise is one of the Milnes Brothers either Jack or Cordy in the hat.

John says:  When I first set eyes on this photo I thought the guy in the cap was Sprouts Elder, then I read Reg's caption saying he thought it was one of the Milne brothers.  Like Reg I cannot name any of the others in the photograph.  If you can help with names please email me John

Wembley 1932
Courtesy of Reg Fearman

Reg says: This photo of 1932 does not name the first rider on the left many of the other named riders were well known well after WW2 and Alec Jackson of Wembley 

John says:  I paid Gordon Byers a home visit when he was in his 80s and then Escorted him to Newcastle Speedways 85th anniverary meeting at Brough Park.  He was a cheerful chap with stories to tell.  He told me of the fantastic earnings the top riders made.  He was still very proud to tell me that he was chosen as an England International and went to Australia/NZ as a member of the 1932/33 England Test Tourists side.
Gordon died 2008 he was 97 years old. When he was 17 yrs old he won the first ever race staged at Newcastle's Brough Park Stadium.

The Lockdown
Reg says: Here we are January 2021 and still in 'lockdown' - it doesn't seem to get any better except Eileen and I have had our first anti virus Pfizer jab against coronavirus, the second one sometime when? The pics continue below: -
Geoff Mardon
at Jamaica Inn
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Geoff Mardon (1927-2015) of New Zealand Outside the Jamaica Inn Launceston Cornwall in 1951 Alfred Hitchcock Made Thriller Film in 1939 Jamaica Inn - Built 1750. Geoff's career in England Was Short 1951-1954 Tempted Back in 1959 With Southampton Geoff Qualified for Wembley World Finals in 1951 1953 1954 and 1959 His Best 3rd in 1953. Note How To Transport Speedway Machines In The Early 1950s On His Way To St Austell.
Courtesy of John Spoor

1953 World Championship
Top 3
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Wembley World Final 1953 left to right, Geoff Mardon, Split Waterman and Freddie Williams

The Moore's & The Mardons
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg Fearman says:  A Family Photo: Ronnie Moore, His Mum Clarice, R.F. Geoff and Val Mardon. Val Daughter of Clarice and Sister of Ronnie.

 Pre-War West Ham
Reg says: From Tier 3 in 'lockdown' - the coronavirus is getting no better in the UK, in fact much worse now with so much of the country in 'lockdown', 60,000 have died and there are now 2 million cases.  Be careful, beware - wherever you are.  Another couple of old newspaper photos from about 1932 - more to follow later.
Below Fred Mockford New Cross and Johnnie Hoskins West Ham.
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: The names are under the photo, easily picked out are Tommy Croombs, George Saunders, Bluey Wilkinson, Tiger Stevenson, Alex Moseley.  Victor Martin of the company with the same name traded in everything speedway, J.A.P. engines and complete machines in Tottenham until about the late 1960s.

Tommy Croombs & Daughter Josie
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Tommy Croombs West Ham 1939 with his daughter Josie in the pits at Harringay

Jack Parker & Ray Tauser
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
 Reg says: Jack Parker and Ray Tauser at Lea Bridge 1928? Note the dropped handlebars! The Engines being used are a mystery - Before Douglas and JAP

Max Rech (Poland)
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: More from Tier 3 'lockdown Britain',   er! getting worse.
Here is a speedway rider whose career was cut extremely short.
Max Rech came to England in 1939 at the outbreak of WW 11. He was a Polish fighter pilot, and war ace who settled in Cornwall after World War 11. Max first witnessed  speedwa y in the UK and never raced in Poland.  He raced at Liverpool and for St Austell, he retired with serious injury after just two seasons 1952 and 1953, he continued to live in Cornwall. Allan Quinn who also raced at St Austell remembers him well - Allan is now about 93 and in good health living in a Sydney suburb.
Cheers and waiting for the 'jab'.

Reg in NZ
Good afternoon John, Just been looking at the web site, it just keeps growing and is super to look at in 'lockdown'.
The last photo on the list you have added from me is Joe Hicks he raced for Ian at one of the tracks in Scotland - a long time ago.  He lives in New Plymouth and is a frequent visitor to Ian who is now 96. Ian is in a Nursing Home in New Plymouth.  The others include Giffy smiling, Ian and Me.
Merry Christmas to you and the family.
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Dave Gifford, Joe Hicks, Ian Hoskins and Reg Fearman

Mid 1930s
Test Match
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Charlie Spinks, Arthur Atkinson and Lionel van Praag. Test Match mid 1930s.  Lionel of course, was the first Official World Champion in 1936 and Arthur Atkinson went on to promote speedway at West Ham after
WW 11. Charlie started his career in the early 1920s in Australia

Lionel Wills & Jack Barnett
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Lionel Wills who discovered Speedway in Australia when on a business trip to Australia - his family were big importers/exporters to Australia late 1880s and 1900s - Lionel brought the sport to Britain, he is with Jack Barnett one of the British Pioneers at High Beech in 1928. Jack was secretary of the VSRA in 1968. Lionel went on to race speedway at Sydney and in England.   Plenty on the web about Lionel's input.

Dickie Case & Ray Tauser
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Dickie Case and Ray Tauser at Crystal Palace circa 1930s

Alec Hunter & Jack Arnfield
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg Fearman says: Alec Hunter and Jack Arnfield Test Match in Sydney 1950s, nice clean Black Leathers!

Southampton 1931
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: This photo is of the Southampton team of 1931 the only one I can name is manager Jack Baxter with the tie and civvies.

Australian Team 1952
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg Fearman says: This is an easy one of the Australian Team of 1952 in Sydney. I believe Jack Biggs back of the head and Noel Watson side face.  Aub Lawson Jack Chignell Arthur Payne Don Lawson Lionel Levy Junior Bainbridge - All in Immaculate black leathers.

Vic Huxley
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: This is obviously a shot taken at Practice Vic Huxley with his goggles on his helmet and no goggles or gloves on the other chap whose name is  ? note the exhaust pipe near the left leg.  The year probably pre 1928 in Australia Vic was racing in 1926 at the Brisbane Exhibition Ground.  Vic Huxley born 1906 died 1982 was a very successful speedway rider, in the 1930s he won the Star Championship and British open Championship he retired in 1938 it is recorded that he earned more than 5000 a year.

Leeds' Wide Track
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Three riders line up at Leeds who are they ? note the width of the track. Leeds staged speedway between 1928 and 1938.

Norwich v
Belle Vue
Paddy Mills &
Jack Parker
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
 Reg Fearman says: Three men in a hurry, 1950s at Norwich. Paddy Mills outside leads Jack Parker inside.  Who is the rider pulling the big full locker overslide? A typical Jack Parker action shot at his best.

Reg's Lockdown Photo Game Continues!
Reg says:
Have a very good  BOXING DAY.
Speedway in the 2000s in the 1950s in the 1940s in the late 1920s/1930s question what is the difference? - no not the coloured leathers/suits or full face helmets or machines.
Reg's Pics 1 Late 1920/30s
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Max Grosskreutz, Ray Tauser and Dickie Case - Adelaide Australia late 1920s.
John says: Early dirt track bikes are always of great interest.  I think Max is likely to be riding an early Rudge.  The other two could be on Rudges too but the engines are not the same as Max's.  I would guess that all 3 machines are housed in Rudge frames but possibly only max's engine is a Rudge.  If you can help with this please email me John
Reg's Pics 2 1940s
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
 Reg says: Vic Duggan squeezing between Bill Kitchen and George Wilks in the 1940s
Reg's Pics 3 1950s
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Arthur Bush and Nobby Stock Harringay 1950s
John says: Harringay appear to be heading for a 5-1 over West Ham.  Now could the rider squeezing through on the inside be none other than Reg Fearman! However, It is good to see such a close contest between Harringay and West Ham.
Reg's Pics 4 Current Day
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Q.) Reg says: Re my 4 photos (see above)Speedway in the 2000s, in the 1950s, in the 1940s and in the late 1920s/1930s question what is the difference? - no not the coloured leathers/suits or full face helmets or machines.
A.) Answer to "What Is The Difference", there is NO difference, close racing throughout the 90 odd years!

Lockdown Diversion Continues
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
More old photos to enjoy on Boxing Day.
This photo was taken at West Ham in the 1950s it shows - almost - Jack Young cutting the cake with Gerry Hussey looking on and holding the cake.  The lady is unknown but is a West Ham supporter with the 'Hammers' badge - The occasion  ?  maybe Jack's Birthday.
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Eric Chitty and ? Receive the 'Best Pairs Tankards' from Mrs W.G. Allen in the 1930s, she was the wife of W.G. (George) Allen A.C.U. member and former Referee. The ? I believe could be Morian Hansen the first 'Great Dane' of the 1930s.
John says:  Could this be the last of the Reg Fearman Coronavirus Lockdown specials?  Get up in the attic Reg and find some more photos!

More of
Reg Fearman's Lockdown Pictures
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Aub Lawson and Pee Wee Cullum at Belle Vue in 1939

Ray Tauser
Courtesy of Reg Fearman 
Pre WW2 American rider Ray Tauser in Australia.  I think this photo may be from the 1920s

New Zealand 
Courtesy of Reg Fearman 
Reg says: The New Zealand Team at Belle Vue 1950s - nearly 70 years ago! Only Barry Briggs is left out of that seven. (John says: I am wondering why they all have walking sticks!)

World War 2 and Belle Vue
The Manchester promotion put on a number of events during WW2.  The Following photo was taken during the war at Belle Vue
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: This is Belle Vue during WW11 Tommy Price,  Bill Pitcher and Ron Johnson. Notice the knee hooks on the riders right leg
John says: Does anyone else think Johnson's front wheel looks bigger than his opponents wheels?

Exeter Alphington 1944
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Two more photos Belle Vue and Exeter,  for the New Year, both during World War 11 the period 1939 to 1945. -  
The rider line up is amazing at Alphington Grass circuit near Exeter - World Class. Cheers.

Wembley World Final Practice
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Practice At Wembley For The World Final 1954 Ove Fundin And Aub Lawson.  Please note the gloves on the hands of Ove and His Trapping fingers? 66 Years Ago.

East European Action
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says:  Four Riders in a hurry. It would seem numbers 2 and 5 are Russians on ESO's V Poland

Crystal Palace
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Crystal Palace 1928 - 1930 Who are they?

1965 World
Team Cup
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: 1965 World Team Cup Final at Kempten, West Germany. 1st Nigel Boocock, 2nd Gennady Kurilenko, 3rd Antoni Woryna, Ove Fundin EF.  Note the photographer standing on the track by the hay bale and other hay bales in the other gap!

Another couple of photos from 'lockdown' u.k. The virus seems to get worse with the hospitals and nursing staff nearing breaking point

Aub Lawson & Tommy Price
Courtesy of Reg Fearman

Reg says: Test match England v Australia 1950s two men in a hurry, these two did not "take prisoners"   Aub Lawson leads Tommy Price. 70 years ago?


Harold Fairhurst
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Unsung Heroes Of The Speedway The Three Photos Here Are Around 70 Years Old.
Harold Fairhurst Was A Coal Miner At Huntly He Was From Hamilton North Island New Zealand He Raced For Glasgow And Edinburgh Started Racing in 1945 At Taita Speedway Also Known As Huntly In New Zealand Served Glasgow And Edinburgh From 1948 
Take A Look At The Machine An Excelsior With A Long Stroke 5 Stud J.A.P.

Cyril Cooper & Harold Fairhurst
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Cyril Cooper Is Outside Harold Fairhurst Racing for Edinburgh

Roy Browning Dick Campbell  & Len Williams
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Three Men In A Hurry; Leicester's Roy Browning, Edinburgh's Dick Campbell (Another Kiwi) And  Len Williams of Leicester 1951
John says: these 3 photos feature some riders whom some would say are lesser lights.  Thank you Reg for sharing them with us.
Lockdown continues and we now have vaccinated more than 8 million people

Aub Lawson
Aub Lawson 1914 - 1977 aged 63 Died Of Heart Attack in 1977 On His Farm In West Australia.
Courtesy of John Spoor
Courtesy of John Spoor
Coming to England
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg Says: On Board From Sydney And Bound For England In 1938  She? Geoff Martin (Aub's friend and mechanic).  Mary Engaged To Aub & His Wife To Be.  Aub Lawson and Aub's Sister Joyce
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Aub with his sister Joyce

Joyce & Lionel Van Praag
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: On Board: Joyce Lawson and Lionel van Praag 1908 - 1987 aged 79. Born In Sydney, Died In Brisbane Of Emphysema A Heavy Smoker.  He first raced in England in 1931 Started Racing In 1926 in Sydney.

Reg Fearman says: Good morning John, The above poster is from 1949 and has been hanging on my different garage walls for 70 years.  You will see the admission prices at the bottom of the poster.  My name is sandwiched between two legends, Vic Duggan and Jack Parker. For matches other than Test and W.C. the money was 1.15 shillings a start and 2 a point. In those days and for many years afterwards every contracted rider was entered for the World Title, the Rounds starting in the Third Division with the top riders progressing through to the Second division and so on. I wonder how much the poster is worth to a collector today?  I guess some of the names will mean very little to most of you and some of you were not yet born in 1949!!!
Jack Parker 1947 British Match Race Champion

Lockdown Continuing
10 Feb 2021
John says:  My appointment for the coronavirus vaccination finally came through! Hope it works!
British Empire Team
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Three Photos Of 70 Years Ago - Where Has Time Gone!
We are still in 'Lockdown'.  Eileen and I had our first 'antivirus injection' three weeks ago so we are hopeful. 
Ronnie Genz Gerry Jackson Barry Briggs Junior Bainbridge Freddie Williams Manager Allan Quinn Front Peter Clarke and Ken McKinley
1949/50 Tourists
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Seventy Years Ago England Team In Australia For 1949 - 1950 Season Ron Clarke Freddie Williams Harry Tovey Manager Cyril Rogers Dent Oliver Bill Kitchen  Front: Howdy Byford Oliver Hart Jack Parker Was Already In Australia
 1950 World Final Top 3
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Wally Green 2nd., Freddie Williams 1st., Graham Warren 3rd., World Championship Wembley 1950

Reg says: A Few More Photos follow below. Getting A Little Difficult now Finding The 80 To 90 Year Old Photos.
Great Stylists
Ronnie Moore & Ron Johnston
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Ronnie Moore Ron Johnstone Both Great Stylists And Cyril Brine At Belle Vue.

Cliff Watson
Reg says:  Just 72 Years Ago, Cliff Watson Of Australia And West Ham - Off Duty At Rye House 1948

Belle Vue Tractor Ride
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says:  Belle Vue Riders With The Trophy Pre 1963. Bob Duckworth Gote Nordin Tony Robinson Dick Fisher Arthur Wright Ron Johnston Graham Coombes Peter Craven

Plymouth 1954
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says:  Plymouth Speedway Team 1954 - Back Row Next To The Duffle Coat Jackie Gates George Wall With The High Forehead Fifth From The Left  Front Row Far Left Harold Bull Far right Pete Lansdale The Others ??? Could Be Alan Smith Wearing The Crash Helmet When He Raced For West Ham He Was In The Changing Room At 4 pm All Dressed In His Leathers Ready For 7.45

Newcastle NSW
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Just 72 Years Ago Newcastle N.S.W. When Team Racing Was Introduced :- ? ? Wild Bill Rogers Harold Light Promoter Cliff Watson Keith Ryan Front Arthur Payne Norman Parker and Aub Lawson

72 yrs ago
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Palace House Beulieu The Home Of The Montague Family Since 1538 This Photo Of 1957 Alby Golden Bill Holden Peter Arnold Lord Montague Brian Hanham Maury Mattingley Phil Bishop The Late Lord Montague Was At That Time The Patron of the VSRA.

Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says:  Almost 60 years ago.  Wembley 1963 Russia Led By Igor Plechanov 1933-2007- 74 And Boris Samorodov 1933-2016-85
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Boris Samorodov and Igor Plechanov
Reg says: Arguably The Best Russian Speedway Riders of their era.
Boris & Igor
Courtesy of Reg Fearman

The Russian Connection Boris Samodorov 1931-2016 85yrs old and Igor Plechanov 1933-2007 74yrs old Two of the best Russian speedway riders of their time, multi world finalists on the speedway and champions on Ice Speedway Racing - photo by Ove Fundin.

Courtesy of Reg Fearman
 Reg says:  The Resting Place In Uffa Of Igor Plechanov with Family In Attendance
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Ove Fundin Leads Igor Plechanov In Sweden

Lockdown 2021 Continues
Reg says: Lockdown Seems To Be Getting Worse Instead Of Better - I am Afraid Of Running Out Of Photos!
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Silver Sand Flying Aub Lawson As A Leg Trailer 1947 At West Ham leading Wal Morton 73 Years Ago  From Stylish Leg Trailer To...........
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Two Men In A Big Hurry At Belle Vue In 1951 Some 70 Years Ago - Aub Lawson One Of The Few After So Successfully Changing To Foot Forward Dicing with Jack Parker Jack Started To Race In 1928 And Aub in 1937 Jack 1905 - 1989 Aged 84  Aub 1914 - 1977 Aged 63 Two Of The Best In Their Time
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Test Match In England Where? 1949? Four Australians Alec Hunter Aub Lawson Snowy Rogers Mechanic Cliff Watson It Could Be Norwich 

Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: This Photo Shows A Welcome For Ron Johnson From Jack Young And Gerry Hussey In The 1950s
1948 Test Match
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
A Few More Old Photos.  Just 72 Years Ago A Tight Sandwich. Very Very Close Racing England v Australia Test Match 1948 Bill Kitchen Born 1908 Vic Duggan Born 1910 George Wilks Born 1908 I Wonder How This One Finished! Kitchen Was 40 Years Old Duggan 38 Wilks 40   Those Ages Were Not Unusual At That Time  Kitchen Started Racing at Belle Vue In 1933 Wilks At Harringay In 1934 Duggan In England At Hackney In 1937

Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Re says: Just 70 yrs ago Wembley's Team Of 1950 Tommy Price Jimmy Gooch Alf Bottoms George Wilks Bob Wells Bill Kitchen Duncan King Manager Bruce Abernethy Eric Williams Jackie Gates Freddie Williams Des Cosby Bill Gilbert Tommy The Trainer

Olle Nygren 
Reg says: Just Heard the sad news that Olle Nygren has died today 13 Feb 2021 from covid he was 92 and fit. A legend in his own lifetime
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Courtesy of John Spoor 
Courtesy of John Spoor 
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Swedish Tour Perth Western Australia Olle Nygren. 
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Olle Nygren Joanna Fundin 
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Ove and Olle
Courtesy of Joanna Fundin
Olle at breakfast and 91st Birthday wishes from Ove and Joanna
Courtesy of Joanna Fundin
These two photos were taken by Joanna Fundin and with her permission here they are.
This photo Of  Ove and Olle was taken in November last year (2020) by Joanna in the hometown of Ove and Joanna Tranas Sweden it was the 91st Birthday of Olle - 11.11.1929 - 13.02.2021 a coronavirus victim.
Remembered by many with great fondness and admiration.

American Riders
The Moran Brothers
Reg says: Although Americans Had Ridden In England In The Mid 1930s With Great Success It Was Not Until The Americans Burst Upon The British Scene In The Mid 1970s They Became A Powerhouse Of British And International Racing Several Are Pictured Below.
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Just Boy Racers, how It started In California, Kelly and Shawn Moran
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Kelly Moran at the Boulevard Hull 1980
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Kelly and Shawn Moran
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: A Sad Photo of Kelly Moran September 1960 - April 2010 He Thrilled The Crowds By His Spectacular Style Of Racing He Was Just 49 When He died Of Emphysema The Result Of Being A Heavy Smoker. By His Bedside Are His Mother Brother Shawn Bruce Penhall Bobby Schwartz Ron Preston And Several More Riders And Friends. Very Few Americans are on The Scene In Britain Today.

Promoters Meeting
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says:  Just 60 Years Ago In ....... Some Speedway Tracks Had Lay Dormant For Many Years.
The Inaugural Provincial League Promoters Meeting In 1960. Ernest Palmer Frank Varey Pete Lansdale Bernard Curtis Wally Maudsley Reg Fearman Ian Hoskins Maurice Jephcott Johnnie Hoskins Dave Stevens Bill Bridgett Jack Knott Trevor Redmond John Wick (Secretary) Mike Parker Charles Foot Jack Knott.  Seven Former Speedway Riders.
Hard To Believe That Only Ian And Me Are Left Of That 17 Who Were Involved
Peter Craven Ronnie Moore & Ron Johnston
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Peter Craven Ronnie Moore And Ron Johnstone Close Quarters At Belle Vue.  All Three Sadly Gone. As Is The Original Belle Vue And Gardens.
Wembley World Final 1958
1st Barry Briggs 2nd Ove Fundin 3rd Aub Lawson
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Queensland 1946
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Queensland 1946 Note The Big Fat Rear Tyre The Only Two I Recognise Are Extreme Right Keith Ryan And Center Junior Bainbridge  Note The Old Style Frames With The Cross Bar Under The Fuel Tank The Lightweight Duggan Frame Was Not Yet Universal.

Norwich 1953
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says:  For Our Friends Overseas.  We Are Still In 'Lockdown' In The UK, Big Fines For Travelling Out Of Your Area Without An Acceptable Reason.  17,000,000 of us vaccinated. Almost 70 Years Ago At Norwich A Hot Bed Of Speedway In Its Time.  Norwich Speedway Team Of 1953 Billy Bales Aub Lawson Fred Pawson Roy Craighead Merv Neil Front Row Alec Hunter  Fred Rogers Phil Clarke

John Haarhy's Hotel
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says:  Merv Hannam Tees Off At John Harrhy's The Windmill Hotel And Golf Course.
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg Says: Above Left,  Just For A Change Three Colour Photos Of What Some Speedway Riders Do For Leisure.
WSRA Dinner From The Left Brenda And Harry Maclean Friend Of Roni Ferguson And Roni Sheila Hannam Eileen Fearman Merv Hannam  - Note The Bottles On The Table.
 Reg says: Hotel Owned By John Haarhy.  Ian Hoskins Nigel Haarhy Ronnie Allen Ove Fundin Right Side Merv Hannam Sheila Hannam Roni Ferguson Harry Maclean

Jack Young
Gerry Hussey
& Aub Lawson
Courtesy of Reg Fearman


Four Photos of Some of Australia’s best.

Courtesy of Reg Fearman

Reg says: Australian Test Team 1950-1951 Series Sydney. Lionel Van Praag Dick Seers Aub Lawson
Cec Weatherall Team Manager Jack Arnfield Keith Ryan Front Row: Lionel Levy Ken Le Breton Jackie Gates

Courtesy of Reg Fearman

Reg says: It Could Be Paramatta Sydney 1950 -1951 Bob Fletcher Ken Le Breton Jackie Gates

Courtesy of Reg Fearman

Reg says: Australia 1939 At Belle Vue Ron Johnson Vic Duggan Lionel Van Praag ? Ray Duggan Arthur Simcock Manager ? ? Aub Lawson

Courtesy of Reg Fearman

Reg says: Three Of Australia’s Best In 1947 Max Groskreutz Aub Lawson Vic Duggan


Aub Lawson
Reg's Mentor
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg Fearman says: Aub Lawson was my mentor in 1947.  It was he, who put me, aged 14 onto two wheels with an engine, in fact a 1928 Douglas and started me on a lifetime in speedway racing - I make no excuse for publishing his photos. Aub himself 10 times a World Finalist and Australian Champion.
The Aub Lawson Page his first year in England A Wembley Lion in 1939 and World Finalist
Aub's War
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Aub a Wartime Australian Officer 1939 -1945 his ship was sunk leaving Singapore in that evacuation. 
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: Golden Helmet Arthur Atkinson Aub Lawson  Sunday Mirror Sponsors Don Clarke George Casey
Aub & Family
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
This section celebrates Reg's friend and mentor Aub Lawson.  There are many photos of Aub on the website and a fair few of them have been sent to me by Reg.

Reg's Lockdown Specials  The end is nigh
Reg says: The end of the lockdown is now in sight.  I hope you have enjoyed some of the photos from my collection - collected over many years.  This will be my last 'round robin' of the series as Eileen and I move home quite soon. We move back to Henley on Thames having been here in Leek near the Peak District National Park for seven years. An awful lot of packing to be done!!!  Cheers.
John S Hoskins MBE
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Reg says: The Grand Old Man Born 1892 passed on 1987 aged 97 Johnnie S (for Stark) Hoskins Just Awarded The M.B.E. Buckingham Palace 1979. 
Wembley Tickets
Gt. Britain v U.S.S.R
4th July 1964
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
John says:  My thanks to Reg for sending me so many photos during the 2021 Coronavirus Lockdown.  My favourite of his photos is shown below
Courtesy of Reg Fearman

Australia v England
New South Wales
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
White Langfield Collins Fearman Newcastle NSW

Reg &
Split Waterman
Reg says: Last week Eileen and I flew out to Malaga for three days. The temperature hovered around 38c - far too hot for us.  It was the 93rd birthday on 27th July of Split Waterman.  We had arranged a few weeks ago to take Squire and Avril out for a Birthday Lunch at his favourite fish restaurant on the beach.   We had two good days with them before flying home.  They have lived in Nerja for 33 years.
Squire is still driving and has all his 'marbles' he is still looking to do a 'little business'.  Unfortunately his knees are pretty bad and he is on two sticks, I am sure his weight of 15 stone doesn't help. Nevertheless he and Avril do get out and about to some of their favourite spots on a regular basis.   Cheers, Reg
Split Waterman
An Ex-Pat Brit Living In Malaga, Spain
Pictures courtesy of Reg Fearman

BSPA AGM Meetings Photographs (3)
Picture 1
 Speedway Promoters' AGM Manchester 1967
Colin Jewes says: Picture 1 standing: Eddie Glennon,  Ron Wilson, Pete Lansdale, Alan Martin, JS Hoskins, Bill Bridgett, ?, Ian Hoskins, Frank Varey, Reg Fearman, Len Silver, Dent Oliver, ?, Danny Dunton, Maury Littlechild, Jack Knott. Front: Wally Mawdsley, Chas. Ochiltree, Mike Parker, Ronnie Greene, Chas Foot, Dave Stevens.
Reg Fearman says: Next to Eddie Glennon is Danny Taylor. Between Dent Oliver and Danny Dunton is Ted Nelson, Jack Knott is actually Charles Knott Jnr. The last unnamed gentleman was a Belle Vue Director or at least a Director of Trust House Forte and had a grace and favour apartment in the grounds of Belle Vue Gardens. I do know his name. When I remember it I will let you know.
Hi John: I am Trevor Hay from East Lothian and my only claim to fame in the speedway world was as the co-promoter of Ice Racing/Speedway around Scotland in 1972. 
One of my contacts then was the unknown guy in the photo of the above. He is the one standing in front and slightly right of Ian Hoskins and his name was Morris Marshall and as you say from Belle Vue at that time. I met him after he contacted me about taking the Ice racing to Aviemore Ice Rink which we did in April '72. He had the position then of General Manager of the Aviemore Centre which Stakis had a big share of so it seems to tie in to the info you already had about him. He then became an advertising client of mine for many years and each time we met to talk business, he veered of to talk about speedway from his past and our mutual interest of bikes in general.
I am still a big fan of the Edinburgh Monarchs and might well be going to watch the Glasgow Edinburgh final on Saturday. I am friends with Harry McLean, Brian Collins and a number of other former worthies of the Speedway scene up here in Scotland. 
I wish you well continuing with this great piece of work on the web... it gives many happy hours to so many!
Kind Regards, Trevor Hay  
Picture 2
 Speedway Promoters' AGM Bournemouth
Colin Jewes says: Picture2 standing: Ian Hoskins, Reg Fearman, Alan Martin, Norman Parker, ?, Wally Mawdsley, ?, ?, Chas Foot, Bill Bridgett, Eddie Glenn, Pete Lansdale, Len Silver. Front Trevor Redmond, Chas Ochiltree, JS Hoskins, Frank Varey, Dave Stevens, Mike Parker, Ronnie Greene
Reg Fearman says: Promoters AGM Photo 2 The man behind Norman Parker is Danny Taylor.  In front of Charles Foot and next to Bill Bridgett is Charles Knott jnr. It only leaves the mystery friend of Frank Varey next to Danny Taylor and behind Wally Mawdsley. Such a shame that Gladys Varey wife of Frank died just a few weeks ago. Who else can we ask ?
Arnie Gibbons says: This is the cover photo of Speedway Star 29.1.65, from the very first BSPA meeting on 15 January (at Harbour Hotel, Poole).
The missing names are Harold Jackson [BV] (behind Wally Mawdsley's right shoulder) and Les Clarke [Sheffield] (behind Mawdsley's left shoulder). Interesting to note that there are no representatives from Oxford (undergoing a change of ownership) and West Ham (but Charles Ochiltree was presumably representing their interests).
John says: Apparently Count Dracula was at this meeting too and he even posed with the promoters for the above photo!  Look out Eddie Glennon you're the nearest.
Picture 3
Col Greenwell says: Hi John, Promoters not my strong point but I can name a few in your Photo's. Photo 2.....Johnnie Hoskins is leaning on Frank Vareys shoulders. These two in all three pics. Can see your mate Reg Fearman in all three. Len Silver in all three. Mike Parker in all three.
The guy with the paint brush on his chin..(don't print that!!! ) Is Bill Bridgett who is also in all three pics.  Cheers...Col
Colin Jewes says Picture 3 standing: Chas Ochiltree, Chas Foot, Wally Mawdsley, Pete Lansdale, Bill Bridgett, ?, Reg Fearman, Frank Varey, ?, Dave Stevens, ?, Eddie Glenn, Alan Martin. Middle row: Foot, JS Hoskins, Ian Hoskins, Danny Duntton, Len Silver, ?, ?, Front: Trevor Redmond, Nelson Mills Baldwin (SCB), Mike Parker, Ronnie Greene. (I may have the Foot & Knott combo crossed, – or totally wrong. – ?)
Bob Bath says: Hi John, re the promoters picture 3-Colin is right in that Charles Foote is in the back next to Ochiltree. Guy on left in the middle is Bill (?) Knott. Guy at very back behind Frank Varey is Ken Sharples who looked after Newport in 1966 along with Eddie Glennon (not Glenn).Both Sharples and Glennon were killed in road accidents at different times – I think 67 and 68 respectively. I think in both cases they were travelling back from Newport to the north after a meeting-Ken Sharples certainly was .Cheers bob
Back Row. Charles Ochiltree, Charles Foot, Wally Mawdsley, Pete Lansdale, Bill Bridgett, Jack Knott, Reg Fearman, Frank Varey, Ken Sharples, Dave Stevens, Frank Varey's friend, Eddie Glennon, Alan Martin. Middle Row. Charles Knott jnr, Johnnie Hoskins M.B.E., Ian Hoskins, Danny Dunton, Len Silver, Bill Chandler, another ?
Front Row. Trevor Redmond, Nelson Mills Baldwin, Mike Parker, Ronnie Greene M.B.E.
Eddie Glennon died at night on the way from Newport to Manchester. Ken Sharples died in Manchester where he was involved in an accident with a bus.
Only survivors of that photo are Len Silver, Danny Dunton, Ian Hoskins and me R F, all now in their 80s.

WSRA Lunch At Bulphan Essex

Danny Dunton's leathers he used in the late 1940s complete with the Harringay race jacket. 


Billy Sanders' Equipment

William Robert "Billy" Sanders (Born: 9 September 1955 - Died: 23 April 1985).  Sanders committed suicide at his home in Ipswich. At the time he was suffering serious financial difficulties and had recently split from his wife (who would later cut all ties with the Sanders family and would marry Gary Guglielmi). His body was identified by Ipswich promoter John Berry.


Stoke's 80th Birthday


This grim sight is courtesy of Reg Fearman. About all that is left of Sun Street  the main gate as was with the fast decaying wall advertising Hanley Stadium

Reg says: Eileen and I were invited to attend on  April 11, 2009  the Chesterton Stadium (Stoke) to celebrate the  80th anniversary of the first speedway meeting in the Potteries that took place at Hanley Stadium, Sun Street in April 1929.
It was a very pleasant evening - with Rye House as the visitors -  we were made most welcome by promoter Dave Tattum and Howard Jones.
Of course a lot of races have taken place in those 80 years and a lot of men have worn the famous "Potters" emblem of the Five stars representing the Five Towns that make up Stoke on Trent.   The "Potteries" is actually made up of Six Towns.   It was in 1910 that Stoke on Trent was born with the federation of the six towns namely :- Hanley, Burslem, Longton, Stoke, Tunstall and Fenton.  It was the" Potteries" own most  famous novelist and playwright Arnold Bennett, 1867 - 1931, who wrote about the Five Towns and thereafter it has been accepted as such - but not in truth.
Speedway racing was a rather hit and miss affair at Sun Street with the sport being tried several times between 1929 and 1939. Two of those early day speedway riders became friends of mine in later years. Len Blunt who went on to own butchers shops in the "Potteries" and "Chun" Walter Moore.   Both were local lads at the time.   "Chun" went on to race at Belle Vue and you will find him on some of the "Aces" team photos. When he retired from racing he went into the Fireplace Surround manufacturing business in the "Potteries" .  The most continuous run at Sun Street was from 1947 to 1953.  It was in October 1963 that Sun Street staged their last meeting after four succesful seasons under my promotion.  The Stadium was sold - like so many others - for  building development
It was most pleasant to meet up with two members of my old team of 48 years ago - Colin Pratt and Eric Hockaday -and meet with some of the boys who raced at Loomer Road. Tom Owen, Eric Monaghan, Paul Thorpe and Nigel Crabtree.  We were introduced to the crowd during the interval and received a very warm reception.   We all had plenty to talk over in between the races.  The evening went just too quickly and suddenly it was time to say goodbye until next time.
Ex Stoke Riders

Courtesy of Reg Fearman


All ex Stoke riders. Eric Hockaday, Colin Pratt from Stoke Sun Street days, Tom Owen, Eric Monaghan, Paul Thorpe and Nigel Crabtree from Chesterton Loomer Road.

Reg Fearman,
Eric Hockaday
& Colin Pratt
All Rode For Stoke At Sun Street

Courtesy of Reg Fearman



The Speedway Farm
Western Australia


Courtesy Reg Fearman


The Swedish Team at Speedway Farm West Australia.  Is that Olle Nygren with the rifle? If so DUCK!

Claremont Speedway In Perth
West Australia

Courtesy of Reg Fearman


The first bend of the car race track. The speedway track as we know it is on the inside.

Claremont Speedway in Perth West Australia was speedway's longest running venue.   The doors opened for speedway in 1927 and closed in April 2000 - 73 continuous years.  Their pledge - " Our mission is to provide high quality and good value entertainment, recreation and service to Western Australia motorsport, the general public and business communities ". -   Eventually the lease expired at the Agriculture Showground and was not renewed. A new site was found some miles south of the city and after protracted negotiations with the usual authorities permission was granted to build a new purpose built stadium at Kwinana.  The driving force behind this operation was Con Migro and it is he who the people have to thank for his sterling efforts to save speedway in the area.  

Courtesy of Reg Fearman

 Colin and Trish McKee and Eileen Fearman watching the first bend at Kwinana
Aub Lawson was Con's mentor and it was he who took Con on full time at the Claremont Speedway office in 1973.  It was a labour of love that Con carried out for 27 years.  You will find no one in the whole wide world more enthusiastic about all forms of speedway racing than Con Migro. 
Aub Lawson started his speedway career in Sydney in the late 1930s and raced for Middlesbrough and Wembley prior to the outbreak of war.  In 1947 he joined West Ham and after a short spell transferred to Norwich. 
Picture courtesy of Mike KempAub had always been interested in farming and it was while with Norwich that he gained much farming experience from Jack Norton who had a very large farm in Norfolk.   Jack was also a keen speedway supporter.
Aub put his newly gained knowledge into a farm at Quirindi in New South Wales which he purchased in the mid 1950s. This did not work out too well for him or his family and eventually the farm was sold.   During this time, Aub continued to race in England.  Each year he had racing commitments at Claremont and had a very good relationship with the directors Mick Tilby and George Milne who also owned the Brisbane Hotel in a Perth suburb.   It was in 1960 that Aub was asked to "come on board" with the promotion at Claremont and it was he who developed both Claremont Speedway and the Speedway Farm in W.A.  The profits from the speedway operation were ploughed into the farm which proved a great success.   Many speedway riders from around the world who were racing at Claremont or passing through were entertained at the Speedway Farm which, like most farms in Australia, covered many square miles. 
                  Picture courtesy of Mike Kemp
Aub With  Mrs Jack Thompson at Norwich Speedway

Aub, having made such a success of the Speedway Farm, decided to buy a farm for himself at Northam, some 50 miles from Perth.   It was there that he died in January 1977 from a heart attack.  He had previously strained and damaged his heart through lifting a sheep during sheep shearing.  He was just 63 years of age.
Aub Lawson On The Tractor

Courtesy of Mike Kemp


Aub Lawson on the tractor with his farming mentor Jack Norton

The Swedish Team

Courtesy Reg Fearman


The Swedish Team Prior To Going Hunting Speedway Farm W.A..Can you name them John

Olle Nygren

Courtesy Reg Fearman

A picture from Perth South Australia, taken during a Swedish tour of Oz. That's Olle Nygren in the red jacket and a hungry looking dog in black n white! Who is the other guy and what year was it?  A special bonus point for anyone recognising the barbecue meal being prepared, Kangaroo or sheep? John
Soren Sjosten

Courtesy of Reg Fearman

Speedway Farm W.A. So It Was A Kangaroo Being Skinned. Soren Sjosten With The Spoils. Go on Soren pick on someone your own size!

Swedes In The Sun (Ouch!)


Courtesy Reg Fearman

A picture from Perth South Australia, taken during a Swedish tour of Oz. Swedes in the sun! Spot the Bernt Persson! I can make out Olle Nygren 2nd from left and possibly Bernt Persson sitting on bike. What? I don't know why he didn't use sun tan lotion!  The lady is Aub Lawson's second wife Roma Can you name these riders John
Reg Fearman says: I see you have the pictures of the Swedes in Perth.   I should have said that at that time through the sixties and well into the seventies the Directors cum Shareholders of Claremont Speedway had invested in a huge farm outside of Perth and that is where the photos were taken.  Aub Lawson was the manager of the Speedway and a shareholder through that period.   It was when Aub had his first heart attack that Con Migro took over.
Colin Jewes says: The rider on the right is Jan Simensson, one-time Cradley. Is the chap to the right of the lady Anders Michanek ?
John says: Well it could be Anders? At the risk of being racist, Swedes all look alike to me.
Colin says:  Perth, Nov. 1971. Left - right:  Bengt Larsson; Olle Nygren;  -?- (short, in hat,); Bernt Persson; (female, Mrs Lawson,); Anders Michanek; Bengt Jansson; Jan Simensson. Missing, - on the camera maybe? - , Soren Sjosten. (There is a short chap wearing a hat, BUT as he's also the only chap fully dressed wearing a shirt, long trousers and a hat he MUST be an Aussie !  )
Colin Jewes says: Further to my earlier response, - With the add'l photo of the kangaroo and Soren Sjosten on this page we can now see that the chap with the Swedish team is indeed Soren S., - despite the 'winter' wear of hat, shirt and long trousers!
The Swedish Team Pre Match Practice
At Claremont, Perth W.A.

Courtesy of Reg Fearman

The Swedish Team
At Claremont, Perth,
West Australia

Courtesy of Reg Fearman

The Swedish Team at Claremont Perth West Australia. Can you name them John
Brian Stevenson says: Soren Sjosten, Bernie Persson, don't know, Anders Michanek, don't know, Bengt Janssen. Olle Nygren on bike
Bob Bath says: Hi John, I agree with the riders that Brian Stevenson has named -I think the one he missed-between Anders and Bengt Jannson is Bengt Larsson (Sheffield) Cheers Bob Bath

Reg In NZ 2018
Courtesy of Reg via Bob Andrews
Reg with Ian Hoskins
Courtesy of Reg via Bob Andrews
Dave Gifford ? Ian Hoskins and Reg Fearman during 2018.  Disproving the myth that Giffy never smiles when a camera is pointed at him!  I am sorry I don't know whom the gent 2nd from left is, so if you know send me an email John
My thanks to Bob Andrews for sending me these images.
The contents of the site are and should not be reproduced elsewhere for financial gain. The contributors to this site gave the pictures and information on that understanding.  If anyone has any issue or objections to any items on the site please e-mail and I will amend or remove the item.  Where possible credit has been given to the owner of each item.

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