Defunct Speedway Tracks


Weymouth 1 Speedway

Wessex Stadium, Radipole Lane Weymouth.  Weymouth qualifies as a defunct track because this circuit covered by this webpage had been built on and a new circuit was laid nearby in 2008 within the original stadium complex

Weymouth 1 operated between 1954 and 1985 and it is this period we are concerned with here.
Weymouth Badges
Opening Meeting 1954
Australian Rider Unknown

Weymouth Scorchers 1955  
A candidate for the oddest nickname along with Liverpool Chads, California Poppies and Yarmouth Bloaters
Weymouth Scorchers
v Swindon Robins
Courtesy of Graham Gleave
Courtesy of Graham Gleave


Weymouth Royals 1962


Weymouth v
Rye House
3rd August 1962


Weymouth v Newpool

28th June 1964


Was Newpool another name for Newport  John

Bob Cole says: Newpool....It was the name used by the Poole and Newport Managements for a shared Junior team. They never rode 'home' meetings.  Newport riders in the programme shown were....Powell, Jones, Harris
Poole riders in the programme shown were....Strachan, Munday and Smith. In 1964 Smith and Munday were just establishing themselves as reserves for Poole. Strachan was the senior rider, having made his Poole debut in the 50's.
Hope that helps.

Radipole Lane 1960's
Picture courtesy of Bob Coles
1960's Radipole Lane.  Do you recognise anyone or were you there and recognise yourself? if so email me here  John

Unknown rider

Grasstrack legend Lew Coffin running one of his famous training schools

Dunno whats going on here but speedway cancelled

Someone should tell Harry Hill about this one.  He likes to show people falling down on his you've been framed show
Does anyone recognise the guys in this photo John
Pete Pitney says: The chap in the middle is Rusty Parsons who sadly is no longer with us the tall lad behind him is I think Phil Masters and the boy looking backwards I think, is me Peter Pitney. We used to spend a lot of time down there with Lew Coffin and a friend of Lew's called Charlie Wallis, he was from Weymouth and he is no longer with us. Very sad to think it is now all memories it would be nice to hear from you maybe you could drop me an email.
John says: if you were involved at Weymouth, around the same time as Pete and would like to contact him send me an email John

Weymouth Eagles 1968
Phillip Arnold says: Hi John, Just to let you know the picture of Weymouth Eagles 1968 is incorrect with regards to the riders, should be : L to R : Tony Lomas, Mick Steel, Chris Yeatman, Roy Carter, Wally Mawdsley & Phil Arnold
John Says: Thanks Phil, that is you at far right yes?


Weymouth v Middlesbrough
9th June 1968


Weymouth Eagles v Plymouth Devils
26th May 1968

Weymouth 1974
Weymouth v Ellesmere Port
19th September 1974

Keith Lawson's Photographs
Chris Robins
Melvyn Soffe &
Vic Harding
Danny Kennedy & ?
Martin Yeates &
Malcolm Shakespeare
 9 of Keith's photographs of mid 70s Weymouth riders.  If you can supply names please email me John
Dale Tranter says: Hi John,  The ‘?’ one below Martin Yeates &  Malcolm Shakespeare is Geoff Swindells.
just discovered your website, thanks for memories.  Regards Dale

Weymouth Badges
Year Unknown Year Unknown Year Unknown
Year Unknown  1982  

Weymouth v Coatbridge
3rd June 1975

Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop


Martin Yeates Leads
Steve Baker says: left to right, Glyn Taylor(?), Stan Bear, Martin Yeates and partially hidden, Dave Trownson.

Weymouth v Newcastle
22 July 1975
Photos by Keith Lawson
Courtesy of photographer Keith Lawson
Pic 1. A great picture but whom is it?
Steve Baker says:  Hi John, hope you are well. I have some names for your pics of Weymouth v Newcastle 1975;
Pic 1 : Melvin Soffe
Courtesy of photographer Keith Lawson
Pic 2. Another great picture but whom is it?
Steve Baker says: Pic 2 Vic Harding
Courtesy of Keith Lawson
Pic 3. Another great picture but whom are they?
Steve Baker says: Pic 3 : Chris Robins, Tim Swales
Courtesy of photographer Keith Lawson
Pic 4. Another great picture but who was it?

Steve Baker says: Pic 4 Chris Robins

Courtesy of photographer Keith Lawson
Pic 5. Can you name the riders?
Steve Baker says: Pic 5 Vic Harding, Melvin Soffe, Phil Michelides, Brian Havelock
Courtesy of photographer Keith Lawson 
Pic 6. Can you name the riders? 
Steve Baker says: Pic 6 Melvin Soffe, Vic Harding
Courtesy of photographer Keith Lawson 
Pic 7. Can you name the riders? 
If you can name the riders featured in the above Weymouth v Newcastle match then please email me John

Steve Baker says: Pic 7 Melvin Soffe, Vic Harding, Brian Havelock.  All the best, Steve


Weymouth v Stoke
Steve Baker says: left to right, Stan Bear, Martin Yeates, Tom Owen and Gary O'Hare.

Weymouth 1979

Weymouth v Crayford
Adrian Pavey says: My cousin used to be a track raker at the original Weymouth track on Radipole Lane back in 1980s. Here's a rare action photo I got from him, I think it was Weymouth v Crayford but I couldn't tell you who was in the photos.
Ian (no surname) says: The two Crayford riders are Andy Galvin and possibly Kevin Teager.

19831984 Weymouth Wildcats
Ian (no surname) says: Hi John, The Weymouth team photo is not 83 but 84 Very nice site John. lots of nice photos. Keep up the good work

Have you any pictures etc from Weymouth is so please scan and email them to me John

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