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Walthamstow Speedway

Walthamstow Stadium, Chingford Road, East London E4.  Speedway began at "The Stow" in 1934 but didn't continue after that year.  There was no action until 1949 when the sport operated for 3 seasons, through 1949 1950 and 1951.  It was always difficult for Walthamstow to attract large crowds as they were competing against local successful tracks, Harringay and West Ham.
Walthamstow Art Deco  Charlie May Song   The Spectacular George Newton   1950: Speedway Echo   The End  Walthamstow Badges

"Art Deco" Frontage


A fine looking stadium but housing is too close for any new speedway application.


Walthamstow Programme 1934

Fred Rogers
Courtesy of Mike Kemp via Jim Henry
A good close up view of a concrete starting area.  Do you know who this rider is/was and can you say what year John
John says:  Thank you Jim for the pic.  Not sure who this is, the year or which track it was taken at.  The witches hat building and the concrete starting area may help in identification, also the front forks of the bike are relatively "modern".  Let me have your comments please John
Col Greenwell says: Info from John Somerville that the track is Walthamstow but the rider is still unnamed
John says: The "Stows" second and last period of speedway operations was 1949 1950 and 1951.  So the pic is from one of these years.  Help please in naming the rider
Mike Kemp says:  The rider is Fred Rogers  


Don Williams says: I came across your photos of the Walthamstow Wolves Speedway whilst researching for material for my memoirs which I am writing. They brought back a flood of memories, I used to go regularly when I was aged about 10 (I am 73 now) …… I recall the song we used to “sing" for Charlie May, it went like this ….


Two, four, six, eight,

Charlie’s at the starting gate

Will he win?

We don’t know

Come on Charlie have a go!


Thanks for the memories says Don Williams


Keith Cooper's Photographs 1949
The photos that follow were sent to me by Keith Cooper who admits to being 6 years old when he got them.  Thank you Keith for sending them to me they really enhance the page.

Archie Windmill



Bert Edwards



Bill Osborne



Charlie May


Charlie May



Ted Argall

Did Ted Argall have a son Eddie Argall who rode for Newcastle Diamonds?
Reg Fearman says: Indeed Eddie is the son of Ted.  He first came to Halifax and then Newcastle. After he retired he set up a cycle business at Keighley which was very successful.  He won more than once the local or area top award as business man of the year.  I believe he sold up and is back in OZ at Burleigh Heads and is running a tourist company with a partner in Yorkshire.


Dick Shepherd

Dick's son Richard has been in touch.  I have reproduced Richards email below: -
Hello John,  I was looking through your Walthamstow site and found my father mentioned twice. Thank you.
Dad died in September 2007 in his adopted home in California. He left the UK when I was sixteen I am now nearly 66. He often mentioned Bill Osborne, Wally Lloyd, Split Waterman and masses of other riders I have been reading about in Wembley speedway Pre-War. I am waiting for the post war book to come out.
We still have his Ipswich colours although very tatty and his helmet. I am thinking of loaning them to the Speedway museum in Hertfordshire. There is also a bunch of filled in programmes.
The picture of Dad on his Jap I have a newspaper copy of but the one where he is talking to Wally Lloyd [smartest I have ever seen him] I do not, is it possible please to obtain a copy please?
Do you have anything on Brian Shepherd, Dad's brother who died two years ago now. He broke his leg and gave up to become Dad's mechanic and together they developed frames and parts for the bikes. I used a pair of Dad's bars on my cycle and we used to go down to the old cycle speedway track, behind Woolworths I think, in Wembley.
Best wishes and thank you for a great job on the web sites.
John says:  I am always pleased to hear from the family of a rider either, still with us or deceased and I will always supply the family with any image of a photo I have on the website if they want one.  Speedway is a community after all.


Harold Bull



Harry Edwards



Walthamstow v Halifax 1951
Souvenir Programme
Courtesy of Graham Gleave
Reg Reeves (Left) & Trevor Redmond
Courtesy of Graham Gleave

Alf Stradling's Photos 1949
Benny King
Reg Fearman says: Benny King
Charlie May & Manager John Deeley
Reg Fearman says: Charlie May and manager John Deeley right

Bert Edwards
Reg Fearman says: Bert Edwards
Jim Boyd &
Reg Reeves
Reg Fearman says: Jim Boyd left Reg Reeves right
Charlie May
Reg Fearman says: Charlie May
Jim Boyd &
Ken Le Breton
Reg Fearman says: Jim Boyd & Ken LeBreton. With second from right Donald Peers singer.
Fred Pallett says: Jim Boyd Walthamstow in England colours on the left. The rider next to him in Australia colours and white leathers is Ken Le Breton.


Jim Boyd


More Of
Alf Stradling's Photos
The Spectacular
George Newton
Reg Fearman says: I believe George Newton is the rider shown above
John says: so this is another pic of George Newton.  I am too young to have seen George in action but it is obvious from the photos on the website of George that he must have been great to watch.
Jim Boyd
Reg Fearman says: Jim Boyd

Pete Lansdale

Jim Boyd & ? Grant! &
Bert Edwards
Reg Fearman says: Jim Boyd and ? Grant (Harringay) and Bert Edwards
Unknown Guy In Suit With
Jim Boyd
Reg Fearman says: ? with Jim Boyd.  So who is the guy with the incredibly short tie?
Bob Rowe says:  Hello John, I believe “the man in the suit with the short tie” in the photo with Jim Boyd is Charles Chandler, the chairman of Walthamstow Stadium. His father Bill was the man who actually was responsible for building the stadium. Another of his relatives was the leading bookmaker Victor Chandler.

Charlie May
Charlie May


Dick Shepherd With
Wally Lloyd His Team Manager


Dick Shepherd with Wally Lloyd (manager)

Wilbur Lamaroux &
Graham Warren


Reg Fearman says: Wilbur Lamaroux USA and Graham Warren, Australia

Walthamstow Badges
1930 1950 1951

Walthamstow v Southampton 1949


Dick Geary
Picture Courtesy of Mike Kemp

 Can you identify, the rider, the track and the year John

Alan Goodman says: This is Dick Geary. Note the moustache. The track is Walthamstow as can be seen by the Walthamstow race jacket in front of the distinctive pointed tower.

Speedway Echo
1950 Featuring Walthamstow

Speedway Echo 1950

Walthamstow Team 1950
Harry Edwards, Ron Lewin (trainer) Bert Edwards, Reg Reeves, Arch Windmill, Benny King, George Newton. John Deeley (manager), Charlie May with captain Jim Boyd on the bike
Another 1950 Team Line Up

Walthamstow v Glasgow Giants
Courtesy of Graham Gleave
Reg Reeves (Walthamstow) leading Ashfield's Willie Wilson (outside) and Ken Le Breton, the Ashfield captain.  Walthamstow's George Newton brings up the rear

4 Walthamstow Wolves In Action
4 Walthamstow Wolves in action. I think it’s a great shot from 1950. The riders are L to R. Harry Edwards, Benny King, Charlie May and Jim Boyd. I believe Walthamstow stadium still runs dog meetings, but I guess there’s no chance of speedway there now. The last speedway season was 1951. I think I read somewhere the team colours were Black and White with three Red Wolves perhaps someone can confirm this.

Robin Smith says: You are quite right about the Walthamstow colours. I was there in Oct 1950 for the Third Division Riders Championship which finished, 1 Pat Clarke (Oxford) 2 Ken Middleditch (Poole) 3 Trevor Redmond (Aldershot). Regards Robin Smith


The 'Stow v Liverpool &
 White City

Courtesy of Richard Austin


 Walthamstow 1952 Dogs "Yes" Speedway "No"!

As usual, dogs survive whilst speedway goes defunct. Gambling obviously pays, whereas "honest to goodness" speedway doesn't.  Maybe we should encourage gambling at our remaining speedways!!

In this pic the speedway track looks like it could be used without too much work.  These fine pictures are by Phil Small


1952 News Article
Hello John,  There was message on Facebook recently suggesting that Walthamstow closed due to a court order. This has apparently now been removed so perhaps was recognised as fake news but may have left some readers puzzled.
The truth is that the track closed when the Speedway Control Board refused to sanction their move up into Division1. With 5 other London tracks operating they had found it hard to attract large enough crowds and the promoters decided that the only way forward was to seek promotion. When this was turned down on appeal the Charnley family who controlled the stadium withdrew their team and, I was told, vowed never again to allow speedway at the track, a view supported by the fact that several prospective promoters were rebuffed during the 70s and 80s I understand. The attached cutting from Speedway News 1952 explains. I hope this is of interest.
Graham Brodie

Walthamstow Stadium 2008
The Death Knell!
Reg Fearman says Hello John,   Just an update - I'm having a squint at the A to Z.   Walthamstow is no more, sold up and gone on 16th August 2008.   It is now a development property owned by Yoo Capital and K W Linfoot P.L.C.
No chance of a rebirth!
"London Mayor Boris Johnson has given his backing to plans to turn former greyhound track Walthamstow Stadium into a 294-home housing development".
John says: Yes, the stadium has had it! London Mayor Boris Johnson is pleased! So you don't care about speedway Boris ok we will cast votes against you!  Nah only joking, I quite like the guy

If you have any photos, programmes, badges etc please scan them and send me their images John

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