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Not much is known about this Sand Track effort in Merseyside/Lancashire, during the 1920s. I have started this page after receiving emails from the exotically named Khy Shakarchy
Khy Shakarchy says:  Hi John I am writing to you as I may shortly have some interesting photos for your web page. Basically I am working on restoring an old French 1940's  Ravat and I was talking to a lady who is a customer at the garden centre where I am employed. Basically, her grandfather raced in the 1920's at Southport. Today the lady brought in a replica silver cup which was won - I think 1923... plus a couple of photos. There are inscriptions on the back of each detailing the event - written in pencil but still elegible. One photo states that somebody Nevil I think was racing a 988cc Brough and the other I think was a 434cc ( ?) Scott... I asked if the lady would kindly photocopy the items to which she gladly agreed.  I appologies if the details are a little sketchy at the moment but I have had a very long day. I will hopefully be in contact again soon. Thank you for your attention. Mr. Khy Shakarchy - ( BOLTON UK).
John says: Thank you for the email Khy.  Looking forward to seeing the lady's photographs and will you send me  a couple of pics of the Ravat plus some info about it.  I am interested in any old bike even if it was never used on a speedway track.  I am just a 2 wheeled petrol head!

Khy Shakarchy says: Okay John - I have the photos of Southport Beach in the roaring twenties. I have ajusted slightly the brightness/contrast ratio of the reverse to enhance the writing which was done in pencil. Perhaps you can shed some light on the riders, the event etc?  Thanks again - Kind regards Khy - with special thanks to Miss Sue Papuha.  Her Great Uncle was Dougie Williamson who won the Davies Challenge Cup in 1927 - a small silver cup with a beautiful purple patina has his name engraved upon it.  Perhaps she will kindly bring it in again for me to photograph!
My thanks to Khy for sending me copies of Sue Papuha's photos.  Patience needed now as I am asking for any information of this event John

The sands in use again 1950s early 60s

If you can scan any pictures, programmes or badges please send me an email John

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