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Southampton Speedway
1931 Team Photo's   Tom and Bob Oakley   Barry Briggs Björn Knutsson  Southampton Badges 
The Stadium, Banister Court, Southampton, Hampshire.  The sport ran on and off between 1928 and 1963 nickname the Saints.
Both Speedway and Greyhounds were given notices to quit the stadium in 1963.  The stadium was demolished and built over so no chance of this Defunct Track making a comeback.

Shame on you Southampton Council.  Is that little sign the best that you could do to commemorate what was a successful speedway club?
The two shots shown above are current day (2011) pictures of where the speedway track once stood.  At least this site is better than some stadium redevelopments I have seen.
Chris Wallett says: Been on holiday and couldn't help but take a look at another old track while I was in the area. I believe Southampton speedway closed in 1960 so pic 1 shows the very posh housing that now covers the old site along with the old Hampshire cricket ground which used to adjoin the stadium. The old entry road to the stadium, Court Road, is still there with buildings that must have lined the entrance way including a lovely Art Deco block called Banister Court. From the end of the road you can visualise the stadium at the other end which I believe was a well equipped stadium and track and a well supported team. No other evidence of there ever being a stadium here though.  Hope you can use this on your site to bring the story of Southampton speedway up to date.
All the best

Southampton Saints 1930
Year 1930 Team, left to right......Eric Lister, Frank Bond, Arnie Hansen, "Sprouts Elder" (captain) Jimmy Baxter (Promoter), Ernie Rickman, Vic Collins and Buster (Team mascot), Jimmy Hayes.

Southampton Team 1931
Can you name the team, the year and any of the riders John
Mike Kemp Says: This is the 1931 Southampton Team and the riders are from L to R Frank Bond, Arnie Hansen, Norman Parker, Jack Parker (on bike) Vic Collins, Jimmy Baxter (Promoter) Ernie Rickman, Frank Goulden
The same photo taken by the press photographer a split second later the photo's look identical but aren't.  The promoters white trousered legs are different!

Another 1931 Southampton
Team Photo
Col Greenwell says: Year 1931. Jack Parker, capt (centre) and his brother Norman Parker (with white scarf) next to him.
Bob Andrews says: I don’t think it is Norman Parker in the white scarf. Norman had shorter hair and much smarter
John Says: Alright Bob, but maybe he was between haircuts!  Has anyone else looked at this photo and thought there were 2 Adolf Hitler moustaches far left and far right? Ha no just a trick of the camera.  The old leathers and boots look very uncomfortable.  It is amazing that this photo was taken 81 years ago
Nigel Bird says: Hi John, Hope you are well....... Keep up the good work with your fascinating Website.
Name the rider part 2, : 2nd Southampton team photo; Can I suggest the rider on Jack Parkers left is Australian Steve Langton not Norman parker, on Jack Parkers right is possibly Arnie Hansen. Regards, Nigel
Brett Rickman says: Furthest left as you look at it is my grandfather Ernie Rickman.  He is in the other photo.  Ernie was the father of Derek and Don Rickman who went on to ride motor cross & invented the Rickman Metisse


Mrs Richardson's Autograph Book


Southampton's Approach
To Sign Scot
George McKenzie
Courtesy of Jim Henry
Letters like the one above are always of interest to the website.  This letter is 82 years old (in 2013).  I wonder if George Mackenzie signed for the saints? It would have been a heck of a long distance commute for him for a "home" match using 1932 roads If he still lived in Auld Reekie.

Southampton Badges
Possible 1929?  Year Unknown Year Unknown
Possible 1955   
  Car Badge  

Ron Johnston's Scrapbook

Ron's brother Tom is featured in this photo


Southampton Programme 1938

Southampton v Wombwell 1948
Courtesy of Graham Gleave

Tom & Bob Oakley
Courtesy of John Oakley
Programme Cover 1950
Courtesy of Graham Gleave

Alf Kanes
Floyd (Tom) Oliver says: Alf Kanes, used to ride for "The Saints" circa 1954. It was said that he had every bone in his body broken at some time or other, He is mentioned in Johnny Hoskins book "Roaring round the track". I have more memorabilia tucked away but we have the house on the market and have a lot of stuff packed away John but first chance I get I will rummage through the boxes and find it. Malc Craven moved to Canada about the same time I did but we lost track of each other hope you can use the picture


Southampton Programmes

Southampton v Exeter 1955

The Supporter's Club Trophy 1960

Saints v Polish
Touring Team 1959


The Greatest Southampton Rider 


Barry Briggs

Barry "Briggo" Briggs was one of the three great New Zealanders.  He along with Ronnie Moore and Ivan Mauger dominated world speedway for a number of years.


1960 Southampton

Dick Bradley
Courtesy of Nick Short
Can anyone help with names for this please   John
Col Greenwell says: Southampton rider......Dick Bradley.
Mike Kemp says: Dick Bradley and Ken McKinlay
Bob Andrews says: The photo courtesy of Nick Short with Dick Bradley on the inside, and “guesses “ of the other rider refers. This week A kind person from England sent me some speedway stars, with mention of me at my best in 1963. Me being Bob Andrews of Wimbledon (then).  Speedway Star March 23rd 1963 page 8 shows that photo and the rider on the outside is my great friend Jack Geran ( Oxford.)
John says: Hi Bob, fancy being at your best 50 yrs ago! was it all downhill from then? Ha gotcha

Southampton Rider
John says: This photo was handed to me at a Newcastle home match. It appears to be a Southampton rider and the colour of his helmet indicates he was riding at Southampton but maybe not?  can you confirm the track, name the rider and say what year it was?  email me  John
Col Greenwell says: Hi John, Interesting photograph.  It looks like the back straight stand at Middlesbrough's Cleveland Park to me. If it is Cleveland Park, the only Southampton rider I remember to ride at Cleveland Park was Peter Vandenberg in World Championship rounds...1961 and 1962.....I await the experts answers.
Col goes on to say:  After looking at your pic again of the Southampton rider, and my scan from Cleveland Park......It must be Cleveland Park.  It Maybe Peter Vandenberg. World Championship round......2nd in 1961 and 1st in 1962.
John says:  I think you are right Col and as the photo came from a Newcastle fan.  It is likely that he obtained the photo in the north east?  So can anyone confirm this or state otherwise.  This is a good game (spotting grandstands etc) isn't it.  The early 1960s safety fence looks as if it would be prone to riders handlebars and footrests catching on it  and the riders handlebars look big enough to snag the fence.
Gary Thompson says: This is certainly cleveland park Middlesbrough, I spent many happy hours under this backstraight stand supporting the Teessiders, Tigers and the Bears.
Bob Bath says: Hi John the Southampton rider at Cleveland Park is definitely Peter Vandenberg, cheers Bob

Southampton Saints 1963

Picture courtesy of Steve Brown

1963 Southampton Saints. A very strong side but the track closed at the end of 1963 and the site was redeveloped
Terry Stone says: Brian Clements Bert Croucher Bjorn Knuttson Barry Briggs Peter Vandenberg Cyril Roger Alby Golden Reg Luckhurst  Dick Bradley Mr C  Knott

Alby Golden

Chum Taylor

John says: What an excellent action shot of Chum Taylor.  There are thousands of photos on this website and Chum's photo is up there with the very best.



Peter Vandenberg


Picture courtesy of Steve Brown

I have often been asked if Peter Vandenberg was Dutch or South African.  Peter is an Aussie


Geoff Mardon


Picture courtesy of Steve Brown



Super Swede

Björn Knutsson
Picture Courtesy of Tom Roe

Picture courtesy of Steve Brown



Jack Scott


Picture courtesy of Steve Brown



Alf Jonsson &
Bjorn Knutsson


Picture courtesy of Steve Brown


Southampton v
New Cross 1950's 

1950's action: Southampton v New Cross.  Brian Brett indulging in a little leg trailing with Bobby Croombs having a go around the outside.


1950 Saints
Courtesy of Graham Gleave

Southampton 1950s
Courtesy of Graham Gleave



If you can scan any pictures, programmes or badges send me an email John


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