Rochdale Speedway


The Athletic Grounds, Milnrow Rd, Rochdale, Lancashire. This track saw action 1928-1930 and 40 years later 1970-1971.



Broadside/Squib Burton


Courtesy of Stuart Whittaker


John says: Is that Frank Varey on the right? Can anyone name this other rider and say which is Broadside Burton  John


Rochdale 1970

If you were there supporting the Hornets email me please John


Rochdale 1970 or 1971

John says: Can you name the riders and say what year it is John

Paul Redmond has been in touch, he says: Taffy Owen, Alan Wilkinson, Paul Tyrer, next one not known, Eric Broadbelt, Ken Moss, Chris Bailey (on bike).
Phil Masters says: Steve Waplington is the rider between Paul Tyrer and Eric Broadbelt


Rochdale Hornets


Rochdale Team 1

Steve Wilkes says: Taken in 1970 probably at Rochdale, Taffy Owen, Alan Wilkinson, Paul Tyrer, Steve Waplington, Eric Broadbelt, Ken Moss, Chris Bailey (on bike)

Rochdale Team 2

Can you say the years and name the riders? John
Steve Wilkes says: taken in 1970 probably at Rochdale.  Back Row : Gerry Richardson, Alan Middleton (manager)  Front : Taffy Owen, Phil Whittaker, Ken Moss, Steve Waplington, Chris Bailey, Eric Broadbelt


Hornet Peter Collins



Taffy Owen's Crash


Another crash featuring Taffy Owen with Ken Vale and Ken Moss


Nigel Pickering, Rochdale Mascot 1971
Nigel on his monkey bike on the back of a wagon

Are you able to scan your photos, programmes and badges if you can please email me John


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