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Hevingham Raceway
(Near Norwich)
A one-off "black" meeting took place in Norfolk in 1976 location not known apart from it being in Hevingham
Picture courtesy of David Lomas 
David Lomas says: Hi John,  I've attached an image of the location of the Hevingham Track. I've outlined it in the big red box, and you can still faintly see the 1st and 2nd bends on the photo! Its in a field just behind the Marsham Arms pub (which is the smaller box) on the B1149 road leading North West out of Norwich towards Holt. As a note of interest, Keith Basey-Fisher painted the whole of the fence with white paint by hand! Why he didn't use a roller, I've never asked him? Also David Crane practiced on the track before the meeting, but he still didn't win!. Keith "Buster" Chapman was one of the riders who took part in the meeting.  I hope this is of interest to you, now at least you will know where the track was.  Regards.......David Lomas.

Bryan Tungate also brought my attention to a one off meeting at Hevingham in Norfolk. Just one meeting was staged on Sunday 5th December 1976,  at the Hevingham Raceway, a proposed “New Norwich”  The track was billed as Norwich Raceway on the day.
The meeting was The Norwich Supporters Club Trophy.  The meeting was considered illegal by the sports governing body The Speedway Control Board (SCB) but it went ahead anyway.
The promoters were the well respected, up until then maybe?, Norfolk  Speedways Company, Cyril Crane & Martin Rogers.  Cyril Crane was fined by the SCB for staging this meeting.
The crowd was “quoted as 2,000” and the meeting was staged to support an application to use the site for a new Speedway Stadium for the Norwich area. 
The winner of this "black" meeting was Andrew Buck

Andrew Buck receiving the trophy from Keith Basey-Fisher 
Scorers were: -
Pos Rider Pts                                                                                     
Andrew Buck 14    
Dave Allen 12          
3 Kevin May 11    
4 Glenn Lake 11    
5 Jeff Shirley 11    
6 Keith Chapman 9    
7 Andrew Bales  8    
8 David Crane  8    
9 Colin Cox 7    
10 Kevin Cox 6    
11 Tim Bruce 5    
12 Peter Wordingham 5    
13 Ray Ball  3    
14 Steve Day 3    
15 Martin Sutton 3    
16 Peter Framingham 2    
17 Derek Harrison 0    
18 Paul Short 0    
(Melvyn Taylor withdrew before meeting)
Allen, Buck, Chapman, Crane, Framingham, Harrison, Shirley, Taylor & Wordingham are readily recognisable names. Andrew Bales is a son of Billy and the Cox brothers were twins who second-halved at Kings Lynn for a while along with the others named.
Hevingham Programme Cover
So an attempt was made to bring the sport back to Norwich but failed.  Doubtful now that speedway will be back in the area but who knows!

David Lomas' Photos
Hi John,  Please find enclosed some rather rare photos of the "one off" meeting that took place at Hevingham near Norwich. perhaps you can use them on your web site? As a committee member of the Norwich Speedway Supporters Club, I was present that day, and apart from being on the centre green, as a track raker, I also had my camera slung round my neck, and managed to get a few photos. I'm sorry about the quality, that was the days before digital cameras, and I didn't have the superb SLR that I use now!
The actual track was behind a pub called the Marsham Arms, and if you look on Google earth, you can still see the out line of the track after all these years. I'll see if I can copy an image of it, and send to you. If I find any more photos of the meeting, I'll email them to you. Naturally you have my permission to use them on your excellent web site, no copyright worries there!
I'm still a keen fan, and my very good friend, Keith Basey-Fisher, who is seen presenting the winners Trophy to Andy Buck, is still about and very well. He and I will be attending the World Speedway riders dinner together in Norwich at the end of October.  Best Wishes.......David Lomas.
John says: David's unique photo's of action from Hevingham's one off meeting follow below.  If you can name the rider(s) please email me here John

Hev 1976 1: Steve Baker says: I have just been browsing through the site and come across the Hevingham pictures which are great. Its such a pity this track was never allowed to continue as I think it could well have developed into a cracking little venue. Still, such is life eh! No 14 is Andrew Bales
Hev 1976 2: Steve Baker says: No 14 is Andrew Bales
Hev 1976 3: Steve Baker says: Andrew Bales no 14 and No 5 is Steve Day
Hev 1976 4: Steve Baker says: No 7 is Colin Cox but In picture No 4 the riders are in red Peter Framingham ( he is actually No 17, not No 7, a reserve in the meeting), blue is Andy Buck, white is Steve Day and y/b is Kevin Cox.
Hev 1976 5: Steve Baker says: No 14 is Andrew Bales
Hev 1976 6: Steve Baker says: No 14 is Andrew Bales
Hev 1976 7: Steve Baker says: No 7 is Colin Cox. The other fallen rider in red is Steve Day. 
Hev 1976 8:  Steve Baker says: No 14 is Andrew Bales
I have cleaned up the 8 images a little (sorry David I am not suggesting that your photos were dirty!)  If fact they are very good pictures and enhance greatly my Norwich (Hevingham) webpage.  Looks like we just need the names of the riders whose numbers are visible. Riders 14, 7 and 5 should be easy to name.  The starting gate photo (Hev 1976 4:)  may be a bit more difficult as only the rider in red's number(7) is visible.

Hevingham 1976

More From
Dave Lomas
DL 1: An Atmospheric picture of an unknown rider practising a start
DL 2:
DL 3:
DL 4:  The rider is out there on a wide line as the inside appears to be deeply rutted!
DL 5:
DL 6:
DL 7:
DL 8: Dave Lomas says: Thanks for putting the latest black and white photos of Hevingham on your site. The rider in the B & W pictures, practicing, is David Crane. He is also the rider in the "atmospheric" picture doing the practice start. He later went on to score 8 points in the meeting. I think he is the nephew of Cyril Crane, which is probably why he got a free practice before the meeting !!!
John says: Yes David Crane is the nephew of Cyril Crane

If you took part in the "one off" meeting back in 1976 or if you have photos and or memories of this venture or were there in any other capacity, perhaps you can email me here John

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