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Nelson Speedway

Seedhill Stadium, Carr Road, Nelson, Lancashire Speedway took place here in Nelson between 1967-1970



The Packed Grandstand

Courtesy of Philip Dalling

Phillip Dalling says: Hello John, Whilst sorting out some magazines I found an article with a magnificent picture of the main grandstand and terraced paddock at Nelson's Seedhill Stadium.    Sorry about the stock cars - the shot was published in the April 1968 edition of Stock Car - The Magazine for the Sport.   I was news editor of the publication at the time.
My only visit to Seedhill was for a meeting for which you have scans of the programme on your Nelson page - the Admirals v Long Eaton Rangers British League Division Two match in May 1969,  a 38-38 draw.      I seem to remember a fairly dodgy track (blame the stock cars) and a great performance (probably his best for the Rangers) by Peter Gay.   Only two riders finished in each of the first two heats,  as the programme shows.
The picture was taken at the first stock car meeting promoted at Seedhill by Mike Parker,  in the autumn of 1967.   The stock cars initially pulled in around 8,000 spectators per meeting to Seedhill - Apparently the main stand at Seedhill illustrated in the photograph held 2,000 people, so the number of people visible in the shot is probably nearer 4,000.   
Speedway crowds were fairly thin.
Nelson FC were members of the Football League from 1921 to 1931 and in the 1922-23 season won the old Third Division North,  to gain promotion to Division Two (now the Championship).
Best wishes Philip

Nelson v Glasgow "B"
2nd September 1967
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop



Charles Payne says: This is a long shot but I have to start somewhere!!
When I was a young lad I used to go to Nelson Speedway. My memories are very vague now but I do remember the smell of the bikes, and ducking down hiding from the gravel spit out whilst the bikes went around the corners. Happy innocent days long before health and safety took the fun out of it for us!

After the races we used to go to a shop close to the track and get a drink of pop which if my memory serves me well was named Bulls Blood! They also sold sarsaparilla and dandelion and burdock. On looking back I wondered if it was owned by a company called Mr Fitzpatrick's? They opened temperance bars in Nelson and Burnley now long gone I am afraid. I am researching the history of the business (Mr Fitzpatrick's) and wondered if you knew anything about this shop or anything regarding the business. As I say I know it is a long shot but having found your site on the speedway at Nelson I was hoping this may be a good place to start.

I would appreciate any time you could give to reply to let me know either way.  Best regards  Charles Payne.

John Says: can you help Charles with any info on Fitzpatrick's   John



Nelson Badges
 If you have any Nelson badges
please send me scans 
1970 Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop Another 1970 Badge  

Nelson Admirals 1968
Gerry Birtwell Paul Sharples Fred Powell Dave Beacon Murray Burt Gary Peterson and Dave Schofield on bike.  Dave Beacon has been in touch and has sent the following items:
Dave Beacon 1968
Dave in a good mood!
Gary Peterson Front &
Dave Beacon
Gary Peterson front and Dave Beacon lining up for Nelson with Derek Tattersall the manager standing on the centre green with his hands on his hips.

My thanks to Dave Beacon for sending the above scans


Nelson v
Belle Vue

Nelson's Fundraising Football Team 1968
Courtesy of Jack Lee
John says: At first sight of this picture 2 riders stand out.  Dave Gifford with the facial hair and Jack Winstanley standing at far right
Jack Lee says: back row left to right; Dave Becon, Dave Gifford, Paul Sharples, Murray Burt, Garry Peterson, Jack Winstanley. Front row starting from left to right; Dave Schofield, Jack Lee, Norman Trueman, Gerry Birtwell, Sid Sheldrick. Nelson Admirals speedway team 1968, when we tried to play football.
Jack Lee
Courtesy of Jack Lee
Nelson Riders
Courtesy of Jack Lee
Jack Lee says: Left to right Fred Powell, Jack Lee, Terry shearer at Nelson note the safety fence! No cover on the girder.
John says: Yes the "Safety" fence looks anything but safe.  Where was the Clerk of the Course? The speedway tracks in the 1960s were not governed very well.  Health and Safety in modern times would rule this track as unsafe

Jack Winstanley's
Nelson Racejackets
Jack Winstanley's race jacket
Promoter Mike Parker adapted Middlesboro jackets, you can just make out "Bears" on the white half! I am not one to blacken a mans character but was Mike a cheapskate?
Another of Jack Winstanley's race jackets

Alan Knapkin 1969

Nelson v
Long Eaton
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop

The Late Kenny Smith's Nelson Race Jacket


Kenny (3rd bend Smitty) Smith's  prized Nelson no 1 race jacket.  He entrusted the Jacket to me (John ) for a while and I photographed it hanging on my bathroom door.  The ex Scunthorpe manager Kenny rode for Nelson and was proud to don the jacket again when he took part in his veteran events.  Kenny sadly died on Sunday 12 July 2009, aged 55. He had been battling throat cancer for two-and-a-half years.


Jack Winstanley's Nelson Supporters Trophy
Courtesy of George Winstanley

A Controversial End To Nelson Speedway
Steve Harland says: Nelson moved from Carr Road to Odsal mid 1970 season after Teesside, captained by Tom Leadbitter, walked out after five races in June 1970. It was this decision which sparked the initial talks to move across the Pennines to Odsal.
John says: What exactly was the reason for the walk out by the Teesside team? John
So! Nelson Speedway.  Can you email me any images of rider pictures, badges or programmes? email

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