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Elfield Park Stadium, Bleak Hall, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.  Operating 1981-1992

Alan Hodkinson Photos  Alan Hodkinson Building the Track  Mike Wilson Photos  Men In Black 
Milton Keynes Badges
Alan Hodkinson says: Just to put you in the complete picture, there was a training track there at Elfield Park, Built by Milton Keynes Captain Bob Humphreys who I Sponsored and spannered for, he built it about 1981, Bob sold the Training track I think somewhere round about 1985/6, it still ran as a training track until the end of 1988.
In 1989 the site was cleared to accommodate the bigger track for league racing under the Milton Keynes Knights Promotion, so the track the Knights rode on wasn't the old training track it was a completely new track.
The old house in my pictures that was sitting where bend 4 was going to be in the new track, that housed the showers and changing rooms for the training track
One little note, when the site was cleared at the end of February early March 1989, it was just a sea of mud, and oozing up out of the mud came this plate off Bob's old bike trailer, someone saw it and came and gave it to me, its still here with me as you can see:-


Alan Hodkinson's Pictures


Track construction 1980. The house on the right is in the way!, Do you know who lived there?*


Milton Keynes v Glasgow
21st May 1985
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop


Milton Keynes Badges
1981 1987 1989
Mark Carlson 1987
Steve Baker says: Mark Carlson, Milton Keynes 1987

*Simon Hughes says:  I am currently reminiscing about the Elfield Speedway track. During my childhood (70's and 80's), I grew up with my twin sister and older brother at the 46 cafe. We now own that land as my mum recently passed away a few weeks ago. When we were very young and way before the A5 dual carriageway was built, we used to play in that house. The family were called the Britains. The boy was called Christopher. The old White house was an isolation ward and we have land registry drawings from as far back as 1924 which shows our land and that area where the speedway was.  Just thought I'd let you know! Thanks, Mr. Simon Hughes

Alan Hodkinson's  Photographs

The 4th Bend



Laying The Base


Laying the Base that's Promoter Terry Cheney on the small tractor



The Pits Are Taking Shape



Pits & Showers The Track
Is Taking Shape



Sub Track Consisting Of Chalk Being Rolled Flat

John says: My thanks to Alan Hodkinson for the above pictures

Milton Keynes 1989
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop

Milton Keynes 1990
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop

Milton Keynes 1991


Mike Wilson's Photographs

Mike Wilson says: Hi John, great photos of the old Elfield Park site.
John says: The following  pictures were sent to me by Mike in August 2011 he is fit and well, good stuff mate! 
Mike says: Hi John. The photo of me standing is from the press practice day 1990, the others are from back in NZ with the number 6 race jacket on. I was there for the final season at the Groveway and the new era of Elfield Park. The new track had so much potential but promoter Terry Cheney's spirit was broken by the BSPA and the never ending protesting from some of the then Furzton housing estate residents who complained about the noise on Tuesday nights despite having a 4 lane motorway between them and the track. Terry bent over backwards to solve all the issues but was met with a brick wall at every angle. It was a fantastic club to ride for and had a very loyal core fan base. Former popular reserve Paul Atkins has resided in NZ now for 20 years and lives about 20 minutes from me. regards Mike Wilson
2 Photos of Mike Wilson
Practice day has arrived 1981 1989
Mike Wilson says: The picture you have titled practise 1981 is actually 1989 as that's my bike with the yellow NZ cover on it. It was the only season I had that colour bike and cover.....Cheers Mike Wilson

Men In Black
Please email me if you can name the riders in the 3 photos at what looks like a blast from the past, black leathers and vintage bikes

1992 Programme Board
Courtesy of Andrew Gallon
Andrew Gallon says: Milton Keynes (1992) - picked up on the second and last of my two visits to Elfield Park


Where It Used To Be

Chris Wallett says: Made a visit down the road also to see the old Elfield Park "Bleak House" track site. When built the track was on an old rubbish tip so you can imagine it was not the best of areas. Only ever went there once for speedway to see Long Eaton in a league match. The track was one with long bends and short straights a bit like Sheffield. It was a bit flat from what I remember but not bad racing. Difficult to pinpoint on the ground exactly where the track was as its an industrial area and due for for some building hence the strong security fencing. The actual
track site has not been built on yet but cant see speedway ever returning. It has changed a lot though in the last 20 years. Hope you can use these pics on your site.
Glad I can be of use to your great site to bring the story of some of the tracks up to date.
John says: Thank you Chris the site relies upon you and others to supply info I personally do not have
If you have any photos or memories of Elfield Park please email me John

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