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Long Eaton Speedway


Long Eaton Stadium, Station Road, Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire. *(See below)  Speedway ran off and on between 1929-1997

*Phillip Dalling says: Please note that on your excellent Defunct Tracks website,  Long Eaton is wrongly stated to be in Nottinghamshire. The town and the track have always been and are to this day in Derbyshire. The misunderstandings arise because the post code for Long Eaton is Nottingham (NG). 

Long Eaton Badges  Jack Winstanley  1951 Long Eaton Dinner Dance  Memories  Long Eaton Rangers 1969-1973

The Stadium Under Construction In 1927



1950 Team

Long Eaton v Exeter
Courtesy of Graham Gleave

1951 Team

1951 Action

Courtesy of George Winstanley

I know one of the riders is Jack Winstanley, can you say which one and name the other 3 John
Chris Roper says: I know the rider leading is Bert Roger and I think Jack is on the outside. The other Plymouth rider may be Maury Mattingley or Ivor Toms
Alan Goodman says: Long Eaton v Plymouth. this was taken in 1951-2. the rider in front is George Wall.  Bert Roger only had a brief spell at Plymouth in 1962 and Long Eaton had yet to re-open.
Jim Henry says: Suggest Ht1 23.6.1951 Winstanley (3rd), Wall (1st), Johnny Jones (2nd), Brian Hitchcock (4th) Check Speedway Researcher web site.

Long Eaton v Ipswich 1952

Courtesy George Winstanley

Can you name the riders and year  John
Alan Goodman says: The photo with two Ipswich riders was 1952. J. Winstanley is the Long Eaton rider.
Bob Andrews says: The two Ipswich riders are Len Silver in front and Nobby Stock on outside. with Long Eaton's Jack Winstanley behind.

Long Eaton
v Sheffield
14th May 1951
Programme courtesy of George Winstanley

1951 programme showing a 10 point score by George's father Jack Winstanley


Long Eaton v Swindon
4th October 1951
Programme courtesy of George Winstanley

Jack riding at number 1 gets the lot. 12 point max and the fastest time against Swindon in 1951

Jack Winstanley
John says: There are quite a few items featuring Jack on this page both in this section, under his name and elsewhere on the Long Eaton page.  Jack was a popular guy and I am pleased that his son George Winstanley has sent me so many images of his dad.
Picture dates from the 1960s
Jack with the Newcastle promoter Mike Parker's motorsport troupe in Rimini Italy.  Jack rode the bikes and drove Parker's Midget Cars in the cavalcade during the 1960s.

Courtesy of George Winstanley

1951 was a good year for Jack Winstanley.  Jack started riding in 1947 and 4 years later in 1951 was awarded the plaque for the fastest lap and the cup for being Long Eaton's highest points scorer.  4 Years and his progress was great by anyone's standard and 1951 was one of his best ever years in the sport.

Jack Winstanley's 1951 race jacket


Courtesy of George Winstanley


Picture from the Archers v Sheffield: L William P Moon J Winstanley  and R Browing


Long Eaton Supporters
Dinner Dance
1951 or 1957?

Courtesy of George Winstanley

John says: No names held for this photo apart from the ever present Jack Winstanley that is.  I am told that this is Long Eaton in 1957, Jack Winstanley is far left at the back.  Can you name the rest John
Colin Greenwell says: Chap on the bike looks like Frank Malouf and the guy near him wearing specs looks like Ernest Palmer. Just guessing from pics I have seen. Was this a reunion or something as I don't think Long Eaton were running in 1957
Chris Stockwell says: Long Eaton Dinner and Dance in 1951. This photo of the riders are Back Row Unknown. Russell Davy, Freddie Siggins, Ernest 'Pedlar' Palmer, Johnny Jones. Next three Unknown. Front row Unknown, Archie Wainwright,  not sure if Archie tried his hand at riding. I believe he was a mechanic. Next two Unknown. Rider on bike Frank Malouf, next Unknown, finally Bob Ibbotson
Ron Johnston says: Louis Lawson back row second from the right 
Another Photo
From The 1951

Dinner Dance

Courtesy of George Winstanley

John says: George Winstanley has been back in touch with another photo of the same event. George says the back of this photo is dated 1951 which is more like it.  I think we can assume both photos were taken at Long Eaton in 1951.  Does anyone care to guess the names of anyone on these photos John  My best guess is a young Margaret Thatcher peeping from behind the beauty queen.  No? well let us hear your guesses.
Jack Winstanley is receiving the trophy
George Winstanley says: a young girl (teenager) left a comment on his youtube slide show, saying the beauty queen presenting my dad with a trophy at Long Eaton, is called Heather. She is  Heathers grand daughter!!!  (my giddy aunt)
John says: Yes I feel old too George, but 1951 was a year before I was born.  Glad tidings to Heather if she is still with us.
Philip Dalling says: The very tall man who appears in both pics (far right in the first pic and left in the second one) is Frank Exton.
Frank, who was from Derby like many Long Eaton fans (a survey in the 1950s found there were many more from Derby than from Nottingham) was the pits marshall at Station Road in the 1960s and I believe the chairman of the Supporters Club.  In 1954 he was involved in the running of the unlicensed speedway meetings at Long Eaton,  with Paddy Mills, formerly of Norwich and Tom Beattie,  who leased the stadium from a local brewery and ran the greyhound racing and (later) the stock cars.
Eric Lightfoot says: 1957 photo of a beauty queen astride a speedway bike, there was a query as to the identity of the young lady. I believe the photograph is of my aunt Heather Rosling who still lives in the Long Eaton area, married name Heather Colley, I think at a later date she was involved with the running of the supporters club. Regards Eric Lightfoot

1952 Team
Long Eaton 1952 Action

Courtesy of George Winstanley

John says: I know one of the riders is Jack Winstanley, can you say which one and name the other 3 John
Alan Goodman says: The picture- Long Eaton - the leading rider is Wilf Plant
Jim Henry says: L-R Bill Osborne Jack Winstanley Wilf Plant Archie Windmill   opening heat Long Eaton V Aldershot 1952 League Match


David Dallison says:  Hi John, I am enjoying reading your excellent site, it brings back many great memories of Station Road ,and many of the other tracks I visited.
I first went to Long Eaton with my late Uncle , who was a big speedway fan, for the first meeting on reopening in 63 , It was officially opened by actress Pat Phoenix (Elsie Tanner) I couldn't remember who it was against but now I see it was St Austell, There seemed to be big turnover of riders in those days , I remember Bluey Scott , Ken Vale , Ray Cresp, etc. and the Great Ove Fundin , couldn't believe it when he signed , but like a lot of others he didn't stay very long.
By 1967 with the emerging Ray Wilson and Johnny 'Boulger and my favourite rider of that era Anders Michanek, they had the making of a good team. Anders was very popular with fans , we used to get into the riders carpark ,you could get a good look into the pits from there , nobody bothered in those days , one meeting he was late arriving and we helped him carry his gear into the pits , he gave us some bags of Swedish sweets for helping him, I also remember Newport star Torbjorn Harryson, couldn't get his bike started and we pushed him round the car park till it fired up. great times ! Then in 68 the bombshell , the announcement that they were moving lock ,stock and smoking exhaust to Leicester, we were gutted, we went to Blackbird road a few times , but it was not the same.
In 69 Station Road reopened again for a new era , many memories of that time also ,but I'll leave that for now, Thanks once again for helping me re live great times  Yours sincerely  David Dallison

Paul Armstrong says: First meeting I attended at Long Eaton was late summer 1971 when we raced against a League Select side. I was 11 and had just started secondary school and my dad (a Harringey Racers supporter - though they no longer existed) had promised to take me to speedway.

I followed Long Eaton (Rangers) then Archers until 1975 when my family moved to Surrey.  I loved Thursday night's at the old stadium, it may have been dilapidated, but it was home. What a shame that it is now covered with houses. At the break the back gate near the pits would be open and half the crowd would charge down to the local chippie to get something to eat.

Favourite riders the Aussie Steve Bass - whose brother Phil also rode for us, Malcolm Shakespeare and James Bond who sat on his bike like he was in his armchair at home watching tv! I still have my autograph book, complete with oily fingerprints and programmes kept in a shoe box.  I occasionally watched Long Eaton Invaders down south but ended up following Reading Racers (now sadly gone) but my first love will always be Long Eaton. "Lights down, tapes up heading for the first corner" what a wonderful sport, long may it continue.

Yours Paul

Memories Of A Second Halfer Barry Wilson

Hi John,  I have only just found your brilliant site, well done !  I have long memories of long Eaton Speedway as I lived on Thorneywood Road, a few yards from the stadium. until I was 21 in 1961, (okay I'm now 76 )

I used to watch during the 50's, my dad used to be the part time landlord of the Pavilion Hotel on Station Road. He worked on Speedway nights and would often bring home visiting  riders the worse for wear who mistakenly thought, as the Pavilion was called a Hotel, it was residential. It wasn't, so dad would bring them home to sleep on our settee. I was still at school and would get up to find my heroes, still asleep and I had to go to school without even getting the chance to talk to them.
Vic White became a Long Eaton rider and one night his mechanic/helper didn't appear so as I was hanging my nose over the pits fence he asked if I wanted to go in the pits and help him.  I couldn’t get in there fast enough, it also meant from then on I met Vic outside the stadium before the meeting and got in free, a bonus !
It was great, I was finally a part of the sport I loved.  Eventually having travelled the country to meetings from Scotland to Poole with Vic I decided to have a go myself and got an engine from Ross Gilbertson of Poole Pirates and a frame from one of Vics mates, Pete Sampson ?  To be brutally honest despite Vics help and advice, plus Geoff Penniket encouraging me at Oxford stadium I was rubbish, I persevered and at a Sunday afternoon practice meeting at Kings Lynn I finally thought I had what it took, so I headed to Long Eaton and asked Ron Wilson if I could have a ride after the meeting with the other would be riders, I recall John Sermon from South Africa was amongst us.
Ron agreed ( a bad decision !! )  I set off in fine style and was lying second for two laps. Coming out of the Tote bend  ( the Tote was the building at the school end  of the track) something went wrong, I refuse to believe it was me J   I hit the wire catch fence where the  RSJ steel post held it up. I bounced off that and lay flat on my face in the middle of the track with a broken femur, John Sermon , bless him,  couldn't avoid me and ran over my pelvis breaking into several bits and breaking my back between my shoulders. I thought I could just jump up and remount to chase the others as usual, it was not to be.  I spent 3 months in hospital and a further 3 months on crutches. I remember whilst on crutches I came to the stadium and a "race"  took place between me and a Coventry rider, Ron ?   We even used the tapes and managed a few yards, I don't suppose I won, as usual !  
I did rebuild my life and a bike for the next season and full of enthusiasm and blind faith started all over again, I had a Lime Green Ford Zodiac and did the bike in Green and Chrome, it made no difference I was still rubbish,  my speedway career was over before it ever started and I retired before the season ended without ever getting to be a proper speedway rider.
Some years later I took up Classic Road racing and found my niche, I rode for some years and at 50 won the 1000cc Forgotten Era Championship. I still ride classic events and for several years now have ridden alongside Geoff Bouchard at the Mallory Bike Bonanza. I still see Vic occasionally although as I have moved to the seaside to live, he isn't around the corner anymore, he still looks good to say he is in his 80's, perhaps I shouldn't have said that, sorry Vic !  Through Facebook I have made contact with Johnny Jones who still lives in Nottingham and Kid Bodie (Howard Cole) who lives in Oz, the world gets smaller doesn't it?  Google The world's youngest Speedway Rider, its Howard on Pathe News,
I don't expect you to put any of this on your site but if you decide to, you are welcome to chop it into manageable bits.
John says: Well Barry, I have put your story on the website exactly as you told it to me.  I will always put people's memories like yours on the website.  Take care.


Danny Dunton



Long Eaton 1963 Team


Long Eaton'63, Ron Wilson, Vic White, Ken Vale, Danny Dunton on Bike (C) Jon Erskine, Gil Goldfinch, Bluey Scott.  The name on the rear mudguard is Eric Boocock.  Did Danny buy the bike from Booey?



John Erskine and Bluey Scott leading a mystery Poole rider can you name him? email John

Colin Gray says: Hi John The "mystery" Poole rider on your Long Eaton page is the great Pete Smith in 1963.
Pete Moore 1963
Courtesy of Reg Fearman
Nigel Bown says: I`ve just looked at Long Eaton coverage on the website and remember Peter Moore very well. I`m surprised that there is no mention of what a fast gater he was. He was probably the fastest gater in the league and not many of his races was he not heading the other three into the first bend !  Cheers, Nigel

Long Eaton 1964
World Championship
Qualifying Round
Ivan Mauger the rider everyone wanted to watch, some liked to boo him but no one could ignore him.


1966 Team


Andrzej Wyglenda Or
Leif Enecrona?
John says: The back of this photo is inscribed Andrzej Wyglenda and the photo shows him wearing Long Eaton's colours.  I cannot remember him riding for the Archers.  Have you any information about this picture?  John
Colin Greenwell says: Hi John, Been looking for Andrzej Wyglenda on Google.Found him mentioned as appeared briefly for Long Eaton in1966.  I can't find anything to back this up
Steve Baker says: The rider you have pictured as Andrezej Wyglenda is I believe Leif Enecrona who rode half a dozen matches for Long Eaton in 1966 as a replacement for Ove Fundin. As far as I know Wyglenda never rode in the British League.
Bob Bath says: John, I agree with Steve Baker that the Archer pictured is Leif Enecrona. Cheers Bob

Ove Fundin

Ove Fundin an Archer during 1966


1969 Supporters Club Trophy
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop

Long Eaton v Middlesbrough
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop
Long Eaton v Workington
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop

Long Eaton Rangers

Pete Gay has been in touch from New Zealand and has sent these two team photographs and a poster:  Pete rode for Long Eaton in the "Rangers" era.


Long Eaton Rangers 1969


Back row ( left to right ) John Chadwick, Tony Lomas, Peter Gay, Pat Adaway, Roy Carter, Dennis Wasden, On bike Glyn Chandler, skipper.


Long Eaton Rangers 1970, Left to Right, Pete Gay, Peter Wrathall, Malcolm Shakespeare, (on bike) Col Smith, Ken Vale, Roy Carter, and Geoff Bouchard

Courtesy of Pete Gay

John says: The following 7 photographs featuring the Long Eaton Rangers were sent to me by Kevin George.  Thank you Kevin.
Kevin George's Photographs
Ian Champion
Alan Molyneux 
Malcolm Shakespeare &
Phil Whitaker
Steve Bass &
Tony Lomas

John says: The following photographs (x 6), featuring the Long Eaton Rangers were sent to me by Pete Gay.  Thank you Pete.
Pete Gay
1969 & 1970
Pete Wrathall &
Pat Adaway
Glyn Chandler &
Geoff Penniket

Norman Storer

Peter Taylor
Can you name the rider and/or the track John
Steve Wilkes says: This is Peter Taylor of Long Eaton. looks like the photograph is taken at Long Eaton.

Long Eaton v Coatbridge
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop

Derek Cooper
& Mike May
Steve Baker says: Derek Cooper and Mike May, Long Eaton 1985

1985 Alan Molyneux &
Pete Smith

Mystery Long Eaton Rider
John says:  I don't know who this is, can you help please John
Steve Baker says: Possibly Rob Carter, Long Eaton 1987

Richie Owen
Steve Baker says: Richie Owen, Long Eaton 1987. 
John says: As a Newcastle supporter I was a fan of Richie's brothers Tom and Joe Owen and this photo of their younger brother shows the family resemblance, it could be Joe Owen sitting there.  Richie never reached the heights of his older brothers but they both suffered bad injuries, at least Richie came through his career without suffering such as they did.

Mark Hepworth 1987

Gerald Short 1988
& Tyre Sponsor

Darrell Branford

Black n White Invaders
Courtesy of Paul Burton
Steve Baker says: Paul Stead and John Frankland of Long Eaton, 1984. I do not recognise the race jacket of the guy in third, it could be foreign and the Invaders did ride against the Swedish club Ornarna that year, so it could be Mats Olsson of Ornarna
Gary Thompson says: The rider in third place looks to me to be Pete Smith riding for Middlesbrough.  Its certainly a Middlesbrough Bears race jacket though, one at the time many Middlesbrough supporters thought that the bear wasn't looking fierce enough it looked too happy!
John says: Yes the Bear logo you are talking about was more like Yogi than a fierce rampant animal.  Maybe the promoters didn't want to scare the kids eh Boobo!
Col Greenwell says: I agree 1984. It does appear to be Pete Smith. Not Middlesbrough Bears in 1984 but Middlesbrough Tigers.

Long Eaton Pits 1988
Steve Baker says: Steve Bishop, Long Eaton 1988 with team manager Stan Ward and A.N.Other

1989 Team

Long Eaton Badges
1963 1966 1969
1970 1972      1974
1982  1984  1987 
1989  1990  1990  
1991   1992    
1993  1995 1996 

Paul Blackbird 1992

Nigel Sparshott
From 1992 Or 1993

Long Eaton v Glasgow
19th August 1992
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop

Mark Burrows 1995

Ade Hoole 1993

Brent Werner's Racejacket
1997 LE's Last Season
Courtesy of Niall Strudwick
Long Eaton race jacket is Brent Werner’s 1997 jacket which was Long Eaton’s last season.


2010 Misery In The Midlands

Chris Wallett has supplied these photo's of what used to be Long Eaton Speedway.  Chris says:
Went to the site of Long Eaton Speedway too.
As you can see it was a foul afternoon in pouring rain which kind of reflects the mood on seeing the
building work now going on at the site. After many years of planning arguments housing will soon cover
the former Station Road Stadium site. Visited the track dozens of times as my sister worked there on race days.
A terrific racing venue that always provided great racing. My last visit I think was to see the 1996 cup final
between Wolves and Peterborough as Monmore Green was unavailable due to building work. What a night
with a massive crowd saw the Wolves take a large lead to Peterborough for the second leg against all
expectation as Peterborough were expert on the Long Eaton track. Wolves held on to the lead and claimed
the 1996 double. Fantastic night at Long Eaton will live long in the memory but a sad sight for a well supported
and organised Long Eaton speedway track. These area these pictures are took in will soon look very different
but the industrial area behind the old pits area still bears the Stadium name so maybe something will live on.
Very sad sight so hope you can use the pics.
John says: Yes Chris, I will always find a space for pics like yours.  What happens to stadia is of great interest to us speedway fans around the world.
John, depressing photos of the site now!! Just one question -I hope lots of folks still remember the Pavilion Hotel and also the fish and chip shop outside the gates which Philip Dalling tells me might still be there. R.I.P Station Road Stadium. Cheers Bob Bath
Long Eaton Housing Estate

Hi John, Sorry no hear for so long. I still read your brilliant site while I am working over here in France


I also apologise for the depressing side to this photo that I took this when I was back on leave at the beginning of November, we would be looking from the first bend up to the tapes I reckon. When you see all the construction it took in 1927 it is scarcely credible that  not a sign remains of the place where I saw the most exciting racing ever. I think the track was notoriously rough but that didn’t half  throw a few curved balls at the riders. Apart from an Invaders Close (Which itself seems a pun in poor taste) and a Circuit Drive there is nothing to remind anyone the excitement and entertainment that the stadium must have provided to thousands of people in those “less sophisticated” but probably happier days. Under the wily promotion of the great Reg Fearman, Ove Fundin was tempted out of retirement to ride there  - what a thrill that must have been for the Station Roaders.


There’s no denying that the development put there is very charming and I hope will provide 150 happy homes to the 750 or so people that will occupy them . It just seems a shame that probably ten times that number enjoyed a night out there in the 50’s. It is just such a pity that there is nothing else to replace it and I have the awful suspicion that the same fate will befall my team Coventry Bees. Brandon sits on an absolutely prime development opportunity. I don’t know what kind of rent the stadium pays but if you get 150 houses on a site selling for a collective price of say 27m, whacking out 2,000 a year each in Council Tax for starters, the argument becomes very persuasive. Unless, if has been mooted, currently homeless Coventry City FC move there to rescue the day. What an irony that would be.

Kind regards Alan 


Have you anything to add to the Long Eaton page? send me an email  John


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