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(White City)

White City Stadium, Wood Lane, London off and on between 1928 and 1983. Speedway needs big city venues so hopefully London can come back with a speedway track in the not too distant future.
White City Badges  Bob Cannon's Photos

This is Frank Arthur riding a 350cc Harley peashooter at White City in 1928.  The American bike in both 350cc and 500cc sizes was the bike to have until the British bike makers Douglas & Rudge starting making dirt track machines around 1928/29


Jack Bishop

Another Harley Peashooter rider, Jack Bishop at the White City


Dicky Smythe

Del Forster
Del Forster on an immaculate Rudge Dirtrack, this photo clearly shows the frame strengtheners used by the factory at that time.
John says: I have no other photos etc depicting White City until the 1970s


1976 White City
Programme Board

Courtesy of Alan Berns
1977 White City
Programme Board

Courtesy of Bob Cannon


White City v Swindon
19th April 1976
Courtesy of Alan Berns
This was White City v Swindon 19th April 1976 cannot make out the riders but what a great old stadium.

1977 League Champions
Courtesy of Alan Berns

London White City Badges
1976/1977 1976 1977
Left: White City badge with every year bar covering their years at Wood Lane
  1976, 1977 & 1978  
1979 1979   1979 
1980      1980 1981
1982 1982 1983
Year Unknown    Year Unknown       

Bob Cannon's Photos
Richard Hellsen 1976

Trevor Geer 1976


Gordon Kennett 1977


Dag Lovaas
John says:  I watched Dag ride every week in 1970 when Newcastle Promoter Ian Hoskins brought him into my Newcastle side.  I thought he was good as a rookie in 1970 and he went on to be a top rider elsewhere following Newcastle closing down


Tormod Langli &
Steve Weatherly



Christer Sjosten & Kai Neimi


1977 Rebels
Bob Cannon says: L -R  Marek Cieslak, Trevor Geer, Steve Weatherly, Gordon Kennett on bike, Paul Gachet, Kai Niemi and I'm not sure if its Lee or Danny Dunton (manager).  The picture is from 1977, only 6 riders are present due to the R/R facility being granted due to Dag Lovaas not racing that year.
John Says: I reckon that the team manager is Lee Dunton

Marek Cieslak 1977
Unknown! Can you name the rider John  Lee Dunton says: This is Marek as well


Intercontinental Final 1979 At White City


London White City Courtesy Jim Blanchard

Can you put names to these well known faces and the year too? John
Phil Masters says: It was the Intercontinental Final on Sunday August 5th 1979 Back row left to right, I think it is Kai Niemi, Kelly Moran, definitely Malcolm Simmons next I think is Ole Olsen, Jan Andersson, Dave Jessup face just showing, not sure who the chap is at the end but don't think it is a rider.
Front row left to right is Michael Lee, Gordon Kennett, Billy Sanders, John Titman, Hans Nielsen, Finn Thomsen, Ivan Mauger, Larry Ross, John Davis, Peter Collins. Bobby Schwartz also rode in this meeting but can't see him in the photo.
Steve Baker says: London White City page, picture of 1979 Intercontinental Final, the rider named as Kai Niemi is actually Ila Teromaa and the guy at the front of the trailer who was thought not to be a rider is Mike Bast. It is also stated that although you cannot see him on the trailer Bobby Schwartz was also in the meeting,  if you look at the other picture on the site taken from behind the riders you can see Boogaloo and also Kai Niemi at the back of the trailer behind Lee and Teromaa. They have obviously been chopped off the first photo!
London White City Courtesy Jim Blanchard

London White City Courtesy Jim Blanchard

Were you there and can you remember what appears to have been a controversial crash.  Judging by the body language of the rider on the left the other guy must be the villain!


London White City Stadium Location 2014

Chris Wallet says: I spent the day in London yesterday. So I took a trip to the site of the old White City stadium.
I did see a few meetings there including league and individual but it was a huge old stadium and never looked full
or close when speedway was on. The first pic shows how the road alongside the old stadium site has been named after the Italian marathon runner who famously collapsed on the track at the end of the 1908 Olympic race.
Second pic shows the last visible bit of the old site. The old car park behind the old 1st/2nd bend.

Chris says: These 2 pics show the view down Dorando Close where the speedway home straight stand stood and the large office and shop block that now covers this part of the old stadium.

Chris's camera shows:  The new BBC Broadcasting House building that covers the back straight area of the old stadium.

Chris Wallett says: Last 2 pics show the courtyard area which is where the old centre green would have been which also shows a monument celebrating the 1908 Olympics held at the fine but now lost old stadium.
John says: Thank you Chris.  Why not book a couple of months leave and tour all of the old venues in my A-Z with your camera! Nah I cannot afford to sponsor you!
If anyone has anything to add to this page send me an email John

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