Defunct Speedway Tracks


Hull Speedway
(New Craven Park)
New Craven Park Stadium, Poorhouse Lane, Preston Road, Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire.
The Vikings operated from Craven Park 1995-2005.  The stadium will always be better known as the home of Hull Kingston Rovers Rugby League club
New Craven Park Badges
Hull Badges
1995 1996 Gold 1996 Silver
1997 1997 1998
Most of these Badge Scans were supplied by Paddi McGowan but with more than a few from Wattie Dunlop!  Thank you Gents
1999 2000 2000
2000 2000  
2001 2001 2001
Could be 2001 2002 2003
2003 2004 2004
2004 2004 2004
2004 2004  

John Mather's New Craven Park Riders 1995
The following photos are courtesy of John Mather, who is no stranger to the website.  Thank you John for sending me the following 13 images of Hull riders, all from the 1995 season
Glyn Taylor

Graham Jones

Jan Staechmann

Jan Staechmann In Action

Lee Dicken
John says: -  A very young Lee! My team: Newcastle had Lee a few years after he was at Hull.  Lee never progressed further than reserve/second string but he was great to watch at Brough Park.  His method for coping with Newcastle's tight turns was to enter the bends faster than anyone else was doing and hang on.  Ivan Mauger used to do that in the 1960s but he usually came out of the bends in front.  There you go Lee someone has compared you to Ivan Mauger (well sort of).

Nigel Crabtree

Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Paul Thorp

Paul Thorp
In Action

1995 Vikings 1
Vikings (1) back row, Jan Staechmann, Brian Havelock, Paul Thorp, Lee Dicken, Alan Grahame. Front row, Glyn Taylor, Nigel Crabtree, Paul Smith
1995 Vikings 2
Vikings (2) Graham Jones, Nigel Crabtree, Jan Staechmann, Paul Thorp, Andre Compton, Paul Smith, Alan Grahame

I received an email from John Mather with the following programme scans.  The programmes were from the opening day of each of the Craven Park seasons.

Hull v Glasgow
28th June 2000
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop

2004 Champions
Courtesy of John Mather

If you can scan any of your pictures, programmes or badges send me an email John The memory of Hull Speedway at Craven Park is at stake


Rene Aas

Emiliano Sanchez 2004

I am looking for photos, programme scans and your memories of Craven Park Speedway email me please John

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