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Holbeach Speedway
Bell End Speedway, Whaploade St Catherine, Holbeach Lincs. 
Holbeach is approximately 8 or 9 miles from Spalding.  Track action took place here first between 1936 - 1939.  late 1939 We were more interested in saving the country from Nazi Germany than running speedway so the track was dormant until Hitler was defeated, he wasn't a speedway fan so good riddance to him!  Holbeach reopened in 1945 and ran until closing for good in 1948. I believe the name "Bell End" curiously refers to the farest away place where you could still hear the Bells of Holbeach Church.
It was a grass, come dirt and cinders circuit, near Spalding in Lincolnshire.  They were named the Tulips in reference to Lincolnshire's bulb growing industry another candidate for the oddest nickname in UK Speedway: Holbeach Tulips, California Poppies, Yarmouth Bloaters, Barrow Smiley Faces there are quite a few odd names

Ted English  Carter's Park Speedway 1937  1938 Programme Scans  1946 Programme Scans  Bell End Speedway
Bell End Team
Courtesy of Scott English
Scott English says: Hello John, I hope this email finds you well?
I am wondering if you would be as kind to help me as I am trying to find out some information regarding my grandfather Ted English who was a speedway racer pre and post World War II.
I know that in 1938, Ted was a team member of the Nottingham speedway team competing against other teams such as Newcastle, West Ham and Belle Vue. In 1939 and 1946 he raced with the Holbeach Bell End (Holbeach & Spalding Tulips?) speedway team. I am aware racing ceased due to the outbreak of WWII where he served with the RAF as an engineer.
Tragically Ted was killed in a car crash in 1969, me being born in 1984 sadly I never got the chance to meet him or listen to his experiences in Speedway.  I remember some stories from my father, sadly he passed away a few years ago. 
Currently I am compiling a family archive and any information you could provide I would be most grateful.Please find an image attached showing Ted with his team members of Bell End Speedway.  Thank you for taking the time to read my email. Kindest regards, Mr Scott English.
John says:  Can anyone help Scott with his quest to find out about his grandfather, send me an email John
Scott has been in touch again with images from Holbeach Bell End 1939.  I am pleased to add Scott's photos below: -
Ted English
Courtesy of Scott English
This photo and the following ones we believe were taken at Bell End Speedway Holbeach.  Ted English is on the left.  If you can name any of the subjects or provide any info then please send me an email John
Courtesy of Scott English
Pip Mills 2nd from right and Ted English on right.  If you can name the others then send me an email John
Courtesy of Scott English
Well plenty of grass but no sign of a dirt track, perhaps this event was run on a grass track.  If you can name the riders then send me an email John
Roy Duke &
Bill Kitchen 1939
Courtesy of Scott English
Courtesy of Scott English
Courtesy of Scott English
Courtesy of Scott English
Courtesy of Scott English
Scott English says:  Here's another photo I found of my Grandad and the Holbeach Bell End Speedway Team. 
L to R: Buster Yeomans, Middle (Rider Unknown) and Ted English.
If you can name any of the riders in the above photos then please send me an email John

Scott English's Programmes #1
Programme courtesy of Scott English
Scott's grandad Ted English handed down the above programme to his family.  His grandson Scott inherited the programme and sent the photo images to me.

Scott English's Programmes # 2
Bell End Speedway
Holbeach near Spalding
Post World War 2
Programme scans courtesy of Scott English.

Scott English's Programmes #3
Carter's Park Speedway
This Grass Track meeting was held in Carter's Park in Holbeach in 1937
The competitors back in 1937 were using a wide range of machines and engine sizes 500cc or less.  I am intrigued by entry number 1 JF Watson from Fleet the only rider listed using a 250cc.  Surely the 500cc JAPs would leave his little Rudge as if it was standing still!
Programme scans courtesy of Scott English

Bell End Speedway Programme

These photos of a very collectable item were sent to me by Marcus.  The programme is from the 1947 season.


If Holbeach can not be classed as a "proper speedway track" the riders taking part in this 1947 meeting were most definitely well known speedway riders.


If you can scan any pictures, programmes or badges send me an email John


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