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Harringay Speedway

Harringay Greyhound Stadium, Green Lane, Harringay, London.  Speedway was held here between 1928-1961.  One of our Capital City premier venues
Vic Duggan  Susie John's Photos 1947  Danny Dunton  Harringay v Belle Vue 1938   Harringay 1939 Programme
Harringay Badges
Courtesy of Graham Gleave

John says:  I am not a local.  I spell this track Harringay but have seen others spell it with an "e" i.e. Harringey.  I believe Harringay is a residential area of North London and Harringey is a London Borough.  I presume both are correct?
If anyone can confirm the correct spelling for the speedway track/team I will be happy to put it on this website John
Fred Pallett says: I notice that, in the Harringay section of the website, there has been confusion about the correct spelling of the name of the former speedway. I can confirm that the speedway was always spelt "Harringay."  The confusion has arisen because, in 1965, local government in Greater London was reorganised. 32 New London Boroughs were established and one of these decided to call itself by the historical name of "Haringey". The residential area of Harringay where the speedway was located is now incorporated in the much larger London Borough of Haringey. The speedway became defunct in 1961, so the correct name of the speedway must always therefore be "Harringay". It follows that only the London Borough is referred to as Haringey.

1927 London Transport Poster
1927 London Transport poster for the new stadium although the picture shows dogs not speedway and not even a speedway track! Speedway came to Harringay the following year i.e. 1928

John Grimsey says: Hi John, Just came across your site, in  particular the section on Harringay. I worked in Greyhound racing there in the 1980's. Unfortunately, Speedway had long since ceased. Although I also worked at Hackney where Speedway still drew very decent crowds in the 80's.  I'm not sure if you are aware, the first photograph on the Harringay section (the advertisment for Harringay Park) is in fact  a photograph of White City Stadium in West London. It was also owned by The GRA. This photo would've been taken long before speedway arrived at White City. The greyhound track was considered to have good galloping straights but tight bends. So much so in fact that the first arc of each bend was eventually slightly banked to prevent greyhounds running too wide. As the speedway track was inside, I'd imagine the bends seemed very tight indeed. I can also confirm that Harringay was the correct spelling for everything to do with the stadium and arena. I hope this has been of some use to you, Yours Sincerely,  John Grimsey


Harringay Dog & Speedway Stadium
Here we have a Greyhound night and this time the picture shows the speedway track inside of the dog track.  The above picture was taken pre second world war. The speedway track, inside the dog track, appears from this picture to have had fairly tight bends, a bit like my home track Brough Park, Newcastle.  Can anyone say if Harringay had tight corners as my assumption is based on these photos.  John

Vic Huxley
Australian Vic Huxley: Possibly the greatest rider in the land in 1930 he later moved from Harringay to Wimbledon

1935 Harringay Programme
Courtesy of Roger Stevens
Roger has sent me many programme cover scans for world finals and GP's (see my world championships page) but he says this Harringay programme is his favourite from his entire collection. I would agree it is a bit of Art Deco era class. 1935 Royalty on this programme King George V and Queen Mary.  The match was between England and the Colonies hence the Kangeroo.

1938 Harringay Programme
Harringay Tigers v
Belle Vue Aces
National League
11th June 1938

1939 Team
Courtesy of Richard Tidmarsh
Richard Tidmarsh says: I found this photo amongst my aunts old photographs, I believe it to be Walthamstow Wolves, if so, can you put a date to it and name the riders?  I can just remember going to the stadium when I was about five years old (that's sixty years ago). Thank you very much in advance.
Steve Brown says: The photo is actually the Harringay 'Tigers' from 1939.  Back row (from L to R) : Alec Statham, Frank Dolan, Norman Parker, Dick Harris, Les Wotton, Lloyd Goffe.  Front row : Ron Clarke (I think), Bill Pitcher (with the new Racers logo).
1939 Programme
World Championship Round
In 1939 Harringay were in a first division ie "The National League" a misnomer as 5 of the 7 NL teams were based in London with only Southampton and Belle Vue (Manchester) outside of London.
Harringay Skipper Jack Parker went through the WC round unbeaten with 15 point maximum.  Jack is shown below: -
Jack Parker
Courtesy of Ken Bailey
Fred Pallett says: Jack was captain  of Harringay  from 1934 to 1939.
Courtesy of Ian Young
Harringay started off as the Canaries then they were the Tigers (pre world war 2).  Here we have Jack Parker wearing the Tigers race jacket.   After the war, Harringay became the Racers.

Post War Harringay Stadium

Vic Duggan
& Jack Parker
Courtesy of my mate Archie Cooper who took the photo
Do you know the venue, the riders and the year John
Jim Blanchard says: Jack Parker (Belle Vue) inside in Yellow & Black helmet, and Vic Duggan (Harringay) at Harringay 1947

The Stars Of 1947
The programme cover features pre war Billy Lamont riding a British made AJS at Harringay's opening meeting way back in 1928.  The advances in motorcycle technology in just 21 yrs are amazing.  The 1920's machines were very primitive compared to the 1940s JAP machines, which in turn were made to look pedestrian by our modern Laydown Engined machines
Vic Duggan 1948
British Riders Champion

More of Archie Cooper's Photos
Courtesy of Archie Cooper
1947: A fine long focus shot by Archie. I have told him that his photo shown above is great.  This photo has to rank alongside all of the very best pictures on my websites.  Archie Cooper (now 80 yrs at time of writing this, 2014) is a friend of mine and he keeps surprising me with his excellent photos.  We are both from Newcastle upon Tyne (wellyabuggerman!) and meet up before each Newcastle home match. Sometimes Archie was allowed on the inside of tracks to take photos, but often he took great long focus pictures, like this one from the spectators side of things.  The photo was taken around 1947 at Harringay.  If you can name the riders please email me here John
Fred Pallett says: Hello John,In the selection of Harringay section of your website, under the heading "More of Archie Cooper's Photos", you appealed for identification of the two riders in an action photo. I can confirm that the riders are Vic Duggan (Harringay) on the outside and Bill Kitchen (Wembley) on the inside. This is a duplication of an identical photo on the Wembley section of your website.  Fred

1947 Harringays Aussies At
London Airport

1947 Team
1947 team, I need help with the riders names. Email me here please John
Terry Stone has been in touch and has had a stab at naming the team, he says: Ray Duggan, Frank Dolan, Nobby Stock, far right Vic Duggan with Joe Abbott on the bike.
Brian Tungate says: Ray Duggan, Frankie Dolan, Johnny Myson (later to join Exeter Falcons), Nobby Stock
Norman Lindsay (Later to join Glasgow W C Tigers) This chap looks very familiar but I just can't put a name to him yet), Vic Duggan In front on bike Joe Abbott.
Jayne Lawrence says: second in from the right is my father Walter 'Tiger' Lawrence * see below
*Wally Lawrence
This is Wally Lawrence.  His daughter Jayne says: My father Walter Lawrence apparently just went under the name Wally Lawrence when riding for Harringay.

Ray Duggan

Vic Duggan
Steve Clark says: Hello. I have seen your excellent site and have attached an image that maybe of use to you. The rear of the photo has been signed by Vic Duggan and Wal Morton. I don't know the stadium but it looks to to be a large venue so maybe Wembley but I am sure someone will know. Best Wishes Steve.
John says:  The distinctive woodwork in the background suggests West Ham to me
Courtesy of Graham Gleave

Jeremy Hoare Collection
Vic Duggan
Ray Duggan & Split Waterman
Danny Dunton and an unknown Rider.  If you can name him please send me an email John

John Levitt says:  Hi John,  On your website you have  a photograph of an unknown Harringay rider pictured beside a picture of Danny Dunton I believe the unknown rider could well be Jimmy Grant. Regards  John Levitt


1947 Harringay v Belle Vue
Courtesy of Archie Cooper
I know this is Harringay v Belle Vue in 1947 do you know the riders John
John Hyam has been in touch, he says: Vic Duggan (Harringay) and  Jack Parker (Belle Vue), Other two 
probably Buck Whitby (Harringay) and Bill Pitcher (BV).
Archie says It isn't Buck Whitby it is Bowkis
John Skinner says: Must be 1947 or 1948. Joe Bowkis - later a leading rider for Poole.
John Chaplin says: Vic Duggan, Buck Whitby, Jack Parker and Bill Pitcher

Vic Duggan Left & Jack Parker
Courtesy of Archie Cooper
Do you know the venue, the riders and the year John
John Hyam says: Vic Duggan left and Jack Parker.
Archie says: They were racing for the Sunday Pictorial Match Race Championship Trophy at Harringay, Duggan won 2-0

Jack Biggs Left & Ken Walsh

Harringay 1947
Looking for names for this one John
Col Greenwell says: Hi John, Names for the Harringay team photo Harringay 1947. L-R...Wal Morton, Jack Arnfield, Buck Whitby, Fred Whitehead (manager), Vic Duggan, Nobby Stock, Ray Duggan, John Deeley (team manager), Frank Dolan, Joe Abbott (captain) on machine. Cheers....Col

Susie John's Photos 1947 Approx
Susie has kindly decided to share her photographs via the website.  She has sent the following 9 photos. They are all connected to Harringay Racers but I don't know the names or year (s).  So if you can help, send me an email John
Buck Whitby
Col Greenwell says: After getting all the names for the Harringay 1947 Team pic. My guess is that the above is Buck Whitby.
John says: Yes Col I agree it is most definitely Buck Whitby
Nobby Stock
Col Greenwell has supplied the following info on Nobby.
Ray Duggan
Steve Brown says: Ray Duggan
Col Greenwell says: Ray Duggan. Ray lost his life in a track accident in Aussie. January 1950. Here follows some info on Ray

Maury McDermott
Col Greenwell thinks this could be Maury McDermott, see below:-
Col says: I think the photo could be of a young Maurice  (Maury ) McDermott. 1951. See my scan from a Harringay pic from 1951. If it is him, I do remember Maury riding at Cleveland Park in the early 1960's for Rayleigh and Exeter.
John says:  I do recognise his name but can not remember seeing him ride at my track (Newcastle)
Jeanne Parker says: I wrote to you recently in connection with a photo on your site labeled Maury McDermot. Thank you for replying to my query. I understand that I should have been more specific. So, if you could click on Harringay and scroll down you will come to this photo. It is actually a photo of Steve Ison and I must say that Steve and Maury looked surprisingly alike. However I think I have proof that it is Steve as I have now found another photo which he actually signed. So if you type in Steve Ison speedway on your computer his details, together with this photo, will come up on speedway at - there isn't much about Steve on the internet, probably because he was riding for only a few months before this tragic accident so it would be lovely to think he was remembered on your great site.
There were several riders and supporters involved in this accident, including a friend of mine, Pauline, who was riding pillion with Jack Biggs.  In pitch dark they rode into the back of an unlit vehicle. Jack was relatively unscathed but my friend was in hospital for several months with a severe leg injury. If Steve had lived he would have been a star of postwar speedway, one can tell that just from his few results.
My friends and I were a bunch of girls from the local Grammar School and we all belonged to the Harringay Supporters' Club from 1947. You could say that Speedway was our obsession. In a way we were 'insiders' on account of one of our parents keeping a boarding house near the Stadium where riders, in particular the Aussies, would lodge and sometimes socialise, playing darts or cards and having a drink.We had to keep well out of sight on those occasions.
 Our great aim in life was to be first into the Supporters Stand. So every Friday in all weathers we would run to the stadium and sit on the ground by the turnstiles, usually arriving at about 4.30. We spent the time - three and a half hours - doing homework, making up songs, knitting a few rows onto our ever-growing scarves and inventing names in Latin for the riders. Eventually we were allowed in, climbed up to the Supporters Stand and spread our scarves over several benches to reserve seats for friends and family. Then the fun would begin.
Sometimes we would bunk off school and travel to Rye House to watch the young riders who practised there. Inevitably we were caught, but that's another story.  Anyway it was worth it for Speedway. We all had our favourite riders and mine was Arthur Bush, a novice rider and mechanic to Ray Duggan, Vic's brother. We would go and chat to him in the Workshops you can see where some of Danny Dunton's photos were taken. Although Stadium and Arena have vanished the workshops are still there. Arthur was specially kind to us.  Sometimes he would arrange for us to go to away matches on the back of the bike truck with one of the mechanics to keep us safe.  This was quite an adventure ! He also arranged for us to see some of the shows at the Arena. Every month we had a Supporters' Club dance and one time some of the Wembley riders were invited. Arthur asked me if I would like to meet Bill Kitchen. Of course I said yes, so Arthur led him over and introduced us and so I found myself waltzing with the Captain of England.
Well another favourite rendezvous of ours was the office of Speedway World which was just along Tottenham Lane, on our way home from school. We had taken to dropping in there for a chat during the winter time when most of our riders were in Australia. There we managed to keep up with some of the current news thanks to our friend the Editor who was a lovely man called, I think, John Wicks.  He was an absolute mine of information about any rider you might care to mention. Forinstance, about Arthur he told us that he came from a working class family - 'respectable working class' and he was one of seven children including 'three fierce sisters, so you'd better watch your step young lady !'. Once I asked did he know where Arthur lived and he replied after a bit of thought, 'yes, 221b Lordship Lane.'  The office girls seemed to find this amusing. On a bitterly cold winter's day my friend Doreen and I went exploring. We walked the length and breadth of this very long lane, but there was no 221b to be found. The next time we popped into John's office we told him we hadn't been able to find it and thought he might have got the number wrong. He said, 'oh, you didn't go and look did you?' Everyone in the office fell around laughing but I really couldn't think why. It was some years before I discovered that 221b was in fact the number of  Sherlock Holmes' residence.
It was a couple of years after this event that we ceased to be school girls and went out to work. I found a job as a lowly clerk in Lloyd's Bank Head Office and my friend became a trainee secretary for the Managing Director of Bird's Custard. But we still loved the Speedway.  There was always great excitement as you can imagine when our riders returned from Oz. We always found out when the team photos were to be taken so that we could waylay the riders on their way to the Greyhound Cafe for breakfast. By then they looked more like film stars with their Aussie suntans and stylish clothes, unlike the local lads, shabby and wan, waiting to be called up for their National Service. Along came Arthur doing his usual Pluto Dog act, rather like the Pink Panther. Arranging the riders in a circle he stood me in the middle and padded right round me. Then coming to a halt in front of me he said, 'my, things have been happening while I've been away.' Everyone roared with laughter and we were invited to breakfast, a great honour. Some time after, Arthur asked me out and so we started to go to the cinema together. But my mother was having none of it and she soon told him so saying he would have to wait 'two or three years'.
I recently came across some photos of Arthur under Bradford on your site donated by his son John. I also found out on the net what happened to him. I would love to write to John who must have been only a little boy, not more than six, when his father died. I have tried hard to find him but with no success. So I wondered if you still had his contact details could you put us in touch. I would consider it a great favour , but would understand if you couldn't.
With all best wishes John, from Jeanne ( Parker )       

Norman Parker
Steve Brown says: Norman Parker
Col Greenwell has supplied the following info on Norman
Frank Dolan
Don Price says: Frank Dolan
Col Greenwell has provided the following info on Frank

Brylcreem Boy
Les Wotton 
Steve Brown says: Les Wotton 
Col Greenwell says: Les "Smiler" Wotton (again...he keeps popping up on your website John) here is some info on Les:-
Bill Pitcher
Steve Brown says: Bill Pitcher
Col Greenwell has sent the following info on Bill
Joe Abbott
Steve Brown says: Joe Abbott
Col Greenwell says: Joe Abbott  ( India Rubber Man.....Iron Man )....but lost his life in a track accident in 1950 riding for Odsal Boomerangs.(Aged 48.)
John says: Why the nicknames?
Col supplies the following scans re Joe: -
Booklet circa 1950 ish!  
My thanks to Susie for supplying the photos and to Colin for the useful information

Harringay 1949
Courtesy of Fred Pallett
Another great stadium picture taken by Fred Pallett in 1949

Lee Dunton's Photos
Lee Dunton says:  Hi John, I have been back in the UK for a couple of weeks staying with my father Danny, I have been rummaging through his and my Mother's ( now sadly passed away) photo's, scrapbooks etc which have been in the attic gathering dust. I have managed to scan several programmes, newspapers and photo's from 1949-50 at Harringay, mainly focusing on dad Danny Dunton.
Danny Dunton
1949 Speedway Echo Front Cover and story.  Danny is shown on the cover wearing his spotted neckerchief which was to become his trademark

Danny Dunton &
Split Waterman

Danny Dunton &
Vic Duggan
Discuss Tactics

Danny Dunton &
Vic Duggan
Charity Cricket

Vic & Ray Duggan

Harringay Racers 1950


Danny Dunton's First Maximum
This happened in an away match at Custom House, West Ham in 1950.  Danny led the visiting Racers to a big victory over the Hammers, The following programme was sent to me by Lee Dunton, Danny's son: -
Lee is very proud of his dad.  Wouldn't we all like to be able to say "my dad scored his first maximum" at any track! Well Lee can!
Danny and his teammates celebrate his first ever 12 point maximum

Lloyd Goffe &
Danny Dunton

Danny & His Mechanic

Danny & mechanic Den Ringsell (Wink) straighten the handlebars after a fall.


Danny & Wal Phillips
Danny & Wal Phillips. Danny wearing his ever recognisable spotted kerchief.  I mentioned the kerchief to Lee and he said, "So true, however, someone stole it, maybe a fan? and the next match without his lucky kerchief, he broke his back at New Cross and was 6 months in a wheelchair".  Lee Dunton

Danny Dunton

Danny Dunton &
Pat Flanagan

An excellent shot of Danny Dunton leading Pat Flanagan



Harringay Badges
Year Unknown 1936-1937 1939
1938 1953 1952
1939 1948 1940s-50s
Left: Harringay badge with two 1949 and a 1950 year bar.

Danny Dunton's Scrapbook
Note the concrete starting grid
The above scrapbook photo's are courtesy of Lee Dunton and feature his father Danny Dunton with his Harringay team mates
More From
Lee Dunton
Benny King &
Danny Dunton
Danny Dunton riding for Harringay going under Benny King Walthamstow.  Note Danny's trademark spotted neckerchief

Harringay, West Ham & Norwich
Graham Gleave has sent me the above photo.  Graham says: The riders are F Lawrence, Split Waterman, and West Hams' Bert Roger and at far right Cyril Roger of Norwich

1952 England v Australia

Harringay Racejacket
Courtesy of Niall Strudwick
Niall Strudwick says: Harringay race jacket from the 50’s when I bought it I got told it was worn by Colin Pratt in second halves.

Early 1950s
Courtesy of Graham Gleave

Nobby Stock & Vic Duggan

Nobby Stock

Split Waterman

Stock Cars At Harringay

1949 England v Australia

Courtesy of Len


Split Waterman
Courtesy of Richard Austin

Jeff Lloyd

Oliver Hart &
Jeff Lloyd
A dying breed Oliver the leg trailer

The End!
Pictures by Phil Small

The Last Ever Programme
From Harringay

If you can scan any pictures, programmes or badges send me an email John

The contents of the site are and should not be reproduced elsewhere for financial gain. The contributors to this site gave the pictures and information on that understanding.  If anyone has any issue or objections to any items on the site please e-mail and I will amend or remove the item.  Where possible credit has been given to the owner of each item.

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