Defunct Speedway Tracks

Glasgow Speedway
(White City)
White City Stadium, Paisley Road West, Ibrox, Glasgow speedway started 1928 and ran off and on until 1968.  The stadium was demolished when the M8 was built.  Argh says John my daughter borrowed my car and wrote it off on the M8!
Opening Meeting Of 1929 

Courtesy of Jim Henry
If you can name any rider in the above picture please email me here John

Douglas Mounted Riders
Courtesy of Jim Henry
If you can name any rider in the above picture email me here John
Jim says: Billy Galloway in the white jersey, Ivor Creek is number 5 and Norrie Isbister is at far right

Billy Galloway Australia
Picture courtesy of Jim Henry
1929 Norrie Isbister (Left) & Billy Galloway (Right)
Courtesy of Jim Henry

Sheffield v Glasgow 1931
Jim Henry has sent the following Sheffield newspaper cutting of Glasgow's visit to Yorkshires Steel City.  The Scottish side had a meeting to forget but Jim won't let Glasgow forget this resounding defeat!
Front of Jims book

Courtesy of Jim Henry

Back cover of Jims book


 Ibrox / Govan Area Of Glasgow
Jim Henry says: Hi John, The view is looking northwards over the Ibrox / Govan area of Glasgow. White City is the one below (or south of) the gasometer. The stadium immediately east (or to the right of) the gassometer is the Albion Greyhound Stadium. There are no records of this ever being used for speedway. The stadium immediately east of Albion is Ibrox Stadium which is the home of Rangers F.C. The road to the west of White City (or left of) is Helen Street and somewhere just off that street was the Glasgow Govan training track. Jim

1939 Glasgow Lions v Newcastle Diamonds
Billy Lamont, Maurice Stobart, Kid Curtis and Norman Hargreaves. Behind are Colin Watson, captain of the Glasgow team, and Phil Bishop". A very healthy crowd of 15,000 watched this match.
This is Newcastle at Glasgow in 1939.  The Glasgow side were known as the Lions hence the riders sporting a rampant lion on their race jackets.  I don't suppose anyone will be able to put names to the riders pictured but if you can, please email me here John
Peter Colvin says: Re the above photo I paid a visit this morning to the Mitchell library in Glasgow which has indeed proved fruitful. The photo was not in either the Herald nor the Evening Times but appeared in a slightly wider format in the Daily Record dated Monday May 8, 1939. The photo in the paper showed all six Newcastle riders, rather than just the four in the photo shown in the archives and on your website. The newspaper caption said, "The line-up for the parade of riders at the first speedway meeting of the season at the White City, Glasgow, on Saturday night. Left to right are George Pepper, Rol Stobart, Billy Lamont, Maurice Stobart, Kid Curtis and Norman Hargreaves. Behind are Colin Watson, captain of the Glasgow team, and Phil Bishop". So this was the first speedway meeting at White City since the last one on 7th July 1931. A crowd of 15,000 watched Newcastle beating Glasgow 23-31 with Colin Watson unbeaten on 9 points. They must have  liked what they saw because 20,000 came the following Saturday!

1946 White City Programme

1946 Glasgow v Sheffield
Courtesy of Graham Gleave

The White City Workshop

Glasgow v Coventry
14th April 1954
Courtesy of Graham Gleave

Glasgow v Edinburgh
21st April 1954
Courtesy of Graham Gleave
Courtesy of Graham Gleave

Junior Bainbridge & Gordon McGregor
Courtesy of Graham Gleave

Joe Crowther (Left) &
Tommy Miller
Ken McKinlay (Left) &
Gordon McGregor

Terry Stone
(Left) &  
Lars Jansson

Bob Lovell
(Left) &
Peter Dykes 

Glasgow Team
(Probably 1966?)
Graham Gleave says: The Glasgow Team Jim McMillen, Charlie Monk, Manager Trevor Redmond, Unknown and another Unknown at the back.  Chris Julian  Maury Mattingley and Unknown at the front right hand side
George Sheridan says: missing riders are  Bruce Ovenden and Terry Stone at back and Jack 'Red' Monteith at front


Scotland v Russia 1966
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop
So how were Scotland allowed to use Australian rider Charlie Monk.  Did he have scottish blood in his veins!

1965 Glasgow v Sheffield


1966 Glasgow Team

1967 Glasgow Team

Glasgow v Prague 1968

If you can scan any pictures, programmes or badges send me an email John 

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