Defunct Speedway Tracks

Card Set 7a

Senior Service
(J A Pattreiouex)

[A 1930 series of 54 Cigarette Cards]
The Pattreiouex Tobacco Company advertises their Trawler Critic Club Member cigarettes on these cards.
My thanks to David Pipes for supplying his set of cards from 1930.  Senior Service used an artist for their 1929 set but for 1930 they used photographs of the riders.  The photographs have fogged out all the backgrounds which although it scores for artistic merit it has lost us unique historical record of what was going on in the pits etc.

Card 1 British
Jack Barber
The bike picture shows the Douglas had a gear lever mounted on the fuel tank.  Speedway bikes in later years did not have gear boxes.  I understand Douglas riders selected 2nd gear and never changed gear at all in a race.  They must have been slower in starting a race than the Rudge but appear to have had more power around the bends

Card 2 British
Broncho Dixon

Card 3 British
George Greenwood

Card 4 British
Frank Charles

Card 5 British
Ham Burrill

Card 6 British
W E Platts

Card 7 British
Squib Burton

Card 8 British
Syd Jackson

Card 9 Australian
Syd Parsons

Card 10 British
Eric K Langton

Card 11 Australian
Jack Chapman

Card 12 British
Arthur Sherlock

Card 13 British
Joe P Abbott

Card 14 British
G B Crawshaw

Card 15 British
George Wigfield

Card 16 British
Arthur Atkinson

Card 17
 "Put Your Feet Up"!

Card 18
"Can You Do This"!

Card 19
"Laying Her Over"!

Card 20
"Down But Not Out"!

Card 21
"How Did That Happen"

Card 22 British
Jack Barnet

Card 23 Irish
Fay Taylour

Card 24 British
"Buster" Frogley
At 15 stone Buster would be too heavy in the modern sport.  I presume that as he was successful in 1930 that his Douglas had plenty low down torque to get him moving with the lighter riders

Card 25 British
Eva Askwith

Card 26 British
Roger Frogley

Card 27  British
Colin Watson

Card 28 British
Eric Spencer

Card 29 Australian
Billy Galloway

Card 30 Australian
Frank Arthur

Card 31 Australian
Cyclone Billy Lamont
Round The Fence Lamont would have been my kind of rider.  The card says he is usually mounted on an AJS.  AJS's were used in the mid 1920s in Australia but surely by 1930 the AJ had been pushed out by Douglas and Rudge machines in the UK.

Card 32 Australian
Vic Huxley

Card 33 Australian
Max Grosskreutz

Card 34 American
Lloyd "Sprouts" Elder

Card 35 British
Ivor Creek

Card 36 British
Billy Dallison

Card 37 British
Jim Kempster

Card 38 British
Skid Skinner
John Skinner says: My namesake Skid Skinner, although no-one has ever called me "Skid" ! I pushed a pen in the civil service whilst Skid also rode Wall of Death!

Card 39 British
Del Forster

Card 40 British
Tommy Hatch
Tommy was a devotee of Scott motorcycles.  You can see from his photocard the top half of his bike.  Scotts were water cooled two-strokes and a race between four of them would have been deafening

Card 41 Australian
Charlie Spinks

Card 42 New Zealander
"Stewie" St George

Card 43 British
Alec Jackson

Card 44
Jack Parker (British)
Ron Johnson

Card 45 British
"Ginger" Lees
Here we see Ginger modeling the best race wear available in 1930.  His Leathers looked stylish but wouldn't have protected him much in a crash and the pudding basin helmet wouldn't protect the face or back of the head.  This was before the age of plastics his helmet was made of cork.

Card 46 British
Arthur Franklin

Card 47 British
Eric & Oliver Langton
Argentina has been involved in speedway since the beginning and we still see the odd Argentinian rider in the UK today

Card 48 British
A W Jervis

Card 49 British
Dusty Haigh

Card 50 Australian
Dicky Wise

Card 51 British
Frank Varey
Another devotee of the water cooled two-stroke Scott.  Frank was a Scott "Works" rider before the term was coined.  The Scott was red and Frank rode in Argentina in a red jersey.  The Argentinian fans called him "el diablo rojo" the Red Devil

Card 52 British
Clem Beckett
Clem joined a fairly large group of UK nationals that in the later part of the 1930s volunteered their services to fight in the Spanish Civil War.  He was killed in action as if speedway wasn't dangerous enough for him.

Card 53 British
Walter Hackney Hull
The write up on Walter's card praised him but as often is the case a rider fails to achieve what he should have done.

Card 54 British
Chun Moore
An excellent set of 54 cards from 1930.  Some famous names and some not famous.  My thanks to David Pipes for sending me these scans.  I think cigarette cards like these are an excellent source of information from their era and I am really pleased that so many card owners have sent me their card sets for display on the website

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