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Barford Raceway

Barford Raceway, Streatlam, Barnard Castle, DL12 8UD

Courtesy of Neoms


In 2001, Barford staged "noise tests"at Barford Raceway, Barford Camp, Barnard Castle, Co Durham.  The circuit had long been used as a stock car circuit but Promoter Ken Marshall planned running speedway inside the stock car track which meant a speedway track of 270 yards.  The Barford Foxes would have entered a team in the 3rd tier Conference League.  The noise tests were successful but the rural venture was scuppered by the foot and mouth outbreak and council objections to the plans.  Another circuit lost to the sport where a prospective promoter was hit by spiraling costs of council charges etc.

Des Penny says: - I noted on your website that there seems to be some sort of record of speedway taking place at Barford in 2001. I’ve checked my photographs from 2001 and there are none of any speedway events at Barford that year and I doubt if the speedway lads appeared there at all at that time. The farm at the former Barford Camp site was quarantined all year because of the Foot and Mouth outbreak and no visitors could get to the track. Cyril Whitfield moved his stock car operations all the way down to Blyton for the whole of the 2001 season and I doubt if any motorsports of any kind would have had access to the track at Barford.


Courtesy of Neoms
Stocks racing where speedway could take place inside the car circuit.  Is there a future? who knows
Barford's Stock-car promoter Cyril Whitfield says:  We did run speedway on the Barford tarmac twice, the first time was 6th August 2006 and then 7th September 2008, we don't have any pictures available
Has anyone any memorabilia from Barford's speedway ventures of  2006 or 2008 ? John

Des Penny's Speedway Photographs
Des Penny says: In answer to your request for Barford speedway memorabilia I enclose the following photos I took of the speedway visitors to the stockcar venue.
Barford Pic1
7th September 2008
Steve Baker says: Scott Courtney
Barford Pic 2
7th September 2008
John says: Des' pictures, shown above, did not come with the names of the riders, so if you can name them, please send me an email John  The track appears to be tarmac so I assume the speedway surface would have been laid over the tarmac if the two wheeled sport was given the go ahead.
Steve Baker says: The rider in second is definitely Gary Flint, his kevlars are the same as the 2006 pics but the bike livery is different. I cannot name the rider leading the race but I don't think it is one of the above, so it would appear if the dates are correct then there have been two demonstrations at the track, two years apart, with the mystery rider part of the later show.  

Des Penny has been in touch again with the rest of his images of speedway at Barford.
Des says:  Here are my photos.  I remember we had to stand by with buckets of cold water so the riders could plunge their steel shoes into the water.
John says:  Yes cornering on tarmac would heat up the riders steel shoes.  A pity that the speedway was in daylight as the steel shoes would have all been been sparking like fireworks on the turns after dark but then you need floodlights to run meetings after dark.  Des' Photos continue below: -

Barford Programme Cover
6th August 2006
Courtesy of Des Penny
The programme cover from the meeting when the Speedway bikes were there for trials.  The programme contained the following: -
Courtesy of Des Penny
John says: The riders in pics 3 to 10 were Gary Flint, Scott Courtney, David Meldrum and Rob Grant snr but I don't know which is which, so help me please, by naming the riders.
Barford Pic 3
6th August 2006

Steve Baker says: Pic 3 Rob Grant.

Barford Pic 4
6th August 2006
Steve Baker says: Pic 4 & 5 Gary Flint and Rob Grant.
Barford Pic 5
6th August 2006
Steve Baker says: Pic 4 & 5 Gary Flint and Rob Grant.
Barford Pic 6
6th August 2006
Steve Baker says Pic 6 : Gary Flint and Scott Courtney.
Barford Pic 7
6th August 2006
Steve Baker says Pic 7 : David Meldrum and Rob Grant.
Barford Pic 8
6th August 2006
Steve Baker says Pic 8 : Scott Courtney.
Barford Pic 9
6th August 2006
Steve Baker says Pic 9 : Gary Flint.
I know the Barford promoters were very interested in staging speedway but were faced with difficulties so they reluctantly pulled out, perhaps Newcastle speedway could have helped them?  If you know the details please email me John

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