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Card Set 23
John Levitt has sent this set which I am delighted to be able to display on the website

John Levitt says:  Hi John [Skinner]  I'm afraid that I don't have Photoshop only a program that was bundled with a previous printer so my attempts at scanning the cards maybe found wanting at times. I have tried the best I can but it has not been made any easier by the fact that the cards themselves have not been cut to a regular size and an exact rectangular shape. The set consists of 100 numbered cards with sizes varying between 65-68mm x 40-42mm. Each caricature is enclosed in a box 58mm x 35mm with the card edge up to 5mm from the box edge with some as little as 1mm.
Regarding the cards themselves there is no indication what so ever, when or who issued them. I acquired my set of 100 in an auction that listed them as anonymous. Similar cards were issued on Footballers and Cricketers and included Mickey Durling signed caricatures as well as others unsigned. The London Cigarette Card Company listed the Cricketers as being issued in the 1960's however I believe they were wrong. I believe all the cards were issued in the late 1980's and the issuer either produced or intended to produce a mixture of numbered, coloured, black lined, blue lined, signed and unsigned caricatures for all three sports.

The Full 100 Listing Is As Follows
1 Ron Johnston Belle Vue                                                                  
2 Allan Kidd Poole
3 Reg Reeves Yarmouth
4 Peter Clark Rayleigh
5 Brian Crutcher  Wembley
6 Maury Dunn Harringay
7 Howdy Byford  West Ham
8 Eric Boothroyd Birmingham
9 Eddie Rigg Odsal
10 Ron Swaine     Swindon
11 Geoff Mardon Wimbledon
12 Keith Gurtner Ashfield
13 Alan Smith Plymouth
14 Freddy Williams Wembley
15 Les Hewitt  Coventry
16 Billy Bales Norwich
17 Gordon McGregor Motherwell
18 Derek Braithwaite  Wolverhampton
19 Ken Sharples Belle Vue
20 Ernie Rawlins Southampton
21 Danny Malone Swindon
22 Dick Campbell Edinburgh
23 Bob Duckworth St Austell
24 Bob Sharp  Glasgow White City
25 Derrick Tailby Coventry
26 Titch Read Ipswich
27 Ron How Harringay
28 Fred Brand Yarmouth
29 Jim Lightfoot Coventry
30 Chris Boss Bristol
31 Johnnie Chamberlain Yarmouth
32 Norman Street St Austell
33 Harry Bastable Wolverhampton
34 Basil Harris Aldershot
35 Sid Clark Ipswich
36 Frank Boyle Oxford
37 Bob Mark Edinburgh
38 George Smith Belle Vue
39 Dick Bradley Bristol
40 Bill Codling Norwich
41 Bert Croucher Southampton
42 George Wilks Wembley
43 Arthur Forrest Bradford
44 Dan Forsberg Birmingham
45 Dennis Parker Leicester
46 Hugh Geddes Cardiff
47 Peter Dykes Glasgow White City
48 Pat Clark Oxford
49 Brian Hitchcock Plymouth
50 Reg Duval Coventry
51 Don Potter Stoke
52 Fred Rogers Norwich
53 Jack Unstead Rayleigh
54 Bob Leverenz Norwich
55 Arthur Wright Bradford
56 Barry Briggs Wimbledon
57 Ken McKinlay Glasgow White City
58 Ken Middleditch Poole
59 Split Waterman Harringay
60 Derek Close Motherwell
61 Jim Boyd Oxford
62 Olle Nygren Harringay
63 Merv Harding New Cross
64 Ian Williams Swindon
65 Jim Tolley Wolverhampton
66 Ken Adams Stoke
67 Graham Warren Birmingham
68 Maurice McDermott Rayleigh
69 Len Williams Leicester
70 Malcolm Craven West Ham
71 Alan Hunt Birmingham
72 Gerald Jackson Rayleigh
73 Goog Hoskin Exeter
74 Brian Shepherd Wolverhampton
75 Bert Spencer Norwich
76 Jack Parker Belle Vue
77 Eric Williams Wembley
78 Tommy Miller Glasgow White City
79 Bluey Scott Motherwell
80 Vic Duggan Harringay
81 Terry Small Poole
82 Bill Thatcher Plymouth
83 Bill Osborne Oxford
84 Jack Geran Exeter
85 Joe Bowkis Harringay
86 Ronnie Moore Wimbledon
87 Peter Moore Wimbledon
88 Ernie Brecknell Southampton
89 Jack Gates St Austell
90 Lionel Benson Leicester
91 Phil Clarke Norwich
92 Harold McNaughton Ipswich
93 Bill Griffiths Liverpool
94 Neil Street Exeter
95 Tommy Price Wembley
96 Dent Oliver  Belle Vue
97 Louis Lawson  Belle Vue
98 Bill Gilbert Wembley
99 Ron Johnson New Cross
100 Don Cuppleditch Edinburgh

John says I did not compile the above listing so I cannot confirm its accuracy. It is quite possible that some of the riders names are incorrect and/or their teams mentioned are wrong.


Mickey Durling's Cards
































John Levitt says: cards in which all the backs are not blank but have instead a motif which states "Speedway stars by Mickey Durling   No.   ………. RICHARDS COLLECTION". Again I have attached an image of this (see above). Again as in the first set I mentioned the cards are cut inconsistently and the printed backs vary in colour brightness which is blue as well as not being consistently centred.

A full set of 100 cards courtesy of John Levitt.  Thank you John for letting us see your cards.

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