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Cec Warren's Scrapbook
John says: Every so often someone visits one of my websites with something to share with the speedway community via my website(s).  I occasionally hear from someone who isn't a speedway fan but has some speedway memorabilia handed to them by a friend or family member.  The Cec Warren Scrapbook is such an item, which has come to me from Australia.

Robyn Doble says: Hi John, I have inherited an exercise book with various newspaper clippings from British newspapers relating to motor bikes and speedway. Included is one original B & W photo showing a racing motorcyclist with ‘Paddy Dean’ written on reverse.  Also, but not in great condition, is a business card for ‘Sprouts’ Elder. There is also 3 pages of passes and tickets to the West Ham Stadium, all for 1928. The assorted clippings fill about 20 pages and I assume they are all from the 1928 era when the compiler of the book, Cec Warren, was in the UK.   Cec Warren, was an Australian from Melbourne. He had a later career in speedway and motor racing in Australia. He died in 1954. 
Robyn goes on to say: I could spend some time scanning it all but as it has no relevance to me I would be happy just to send the complete book to you via post and you can do what you see fit with it. What do you think? Regards Robyn Doble

John says: Thank you Robyn, the postman has just delivered your package.  On opening it, I was really pleased to see Cec's scrapbook.  I will do it justice on my website, you can bet that.  You haven't said if Cec was a relation or how the scrapbook came into your possession.

Scrapbook Page 1
John says:  The first page tells us that Cec was a fan of Scott Motorcycles.  I believe Scott were based in Yorkshire in the UK and Cec was also a fan of pioneer American racer Sprouts Elder.
Courtesy of John Spoor

The USA's Sprouts Elder aboard his 1927 Indian dirt track machine he quickly switched to Douglas, the only twin cylinder machine ever used competively in speedway.  Speedway engines are always single cylinder.


Scrapbook Page 2

Scrapbook Page 3

Scrapbook Page 4

Scrapbook Page 5

Scrapbook Page 6

Scrapbook Page 7

Scrapbook Page 8

Scrapbook Page 8a

Scrapbook Page 8b

Scrapbook Page 9

Scrapbook Page 10

Scrapbook Page 11

Scrapbook Page 12

Scrapbook Page 13

Scrapbook Page 14

Scrapbook Page 15

Scrapbook Page 16

Scrapbook Page 17

Scrapbook Page 18

Scrapbook Page 19

Scrapbook Page 20

Scrapbook Page 21

Scrapbook Page 22

Scrapbook Page 22a
Paddy  Dean
Graeme Frost says:  This photo of Paddy Dean in Cec Warren’s Scrapbook was taken at the Wayville Showground in Adelaide in January 1929. All the meetings were at night so this would have been a mid-week practice session for visiting riders.

Scrapbook Page 23

Scrapbook Page 24

Scrapbook Page 25

Scrapbook Page 26
Alec Pratt
This is Alec Pratt on his dirt track machine at Kilbirnie stadium (Wellington, New Zealand) in November 1930. The engine is a late 1920s OHV Norton.

Scrapbook Page 27

Scrapbook Page 28

Scrapbook Page 29

Scrapbook Page 30

Scrapbook Page 31

Scrapbook Page 32

Scrapbook Page 33

Scrapbook Page 34

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